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Bipolar Disorder is also known as "Manic Depressive Disorder". This forum is for questions and support for people with, or for loved ones of people with Bipolar Disorder. The forum covers topics ranging from Aggressive Behavior, Affect on friends and Family, Alcohol and Drug Abuse, Appetite Changes, Chronic Pain, Denial, Depression, Difficulty Concentrating, Euphoria, Guilt, Manic Depression, Medications, Mood Swings, Poor Judgment, and Sleep Disorders
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I didn't realize this, but apparently it's been a known fact that thyroid disorders and mood disorders tend to go hand in hand, however, ...
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Hi everyone! :) I am quitting seroquel, and I was wondering if you could help me. I was put on 1200 mg's nightly dose; for about a ye...
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HELP?! I'm hurting. I have had major depressive disorder as well as, generalized anxiety and attention deficit disorder for the past 4...
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I have been on a range of doses of seroquel for about 3 months after being diagnosed with bipolar 1 with psychosis and terrible insomnia....
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i have been bipolar for over five years now. i have been experiencing jealousy since my diagnosis. i wasn't like this before. i am jealou...
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Hello everybody, First time I post something here and I hope I understood all the rules. I just wanna ask a few question about bipolar ...
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Hi everybody i would like to know if any one uses antihistamine meds such as(Claritine) for eye allergy or any other form of allergy. ...
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I am an Egyptian with Bipolar Disorder ..... currently going through a severe mixed affective episodes. If there are any Egyptians - o...
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Hello my fellow bipolars. I have had this strange habit for most of my life, in fact, I think since early childhood. I have this consta...
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Anybody out there experienced sever neurological pains on zyprexa withdrawal? Burning, skin sensitivity, pain in hands and feet? If so...
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I've noticed that I have a really hard time adjusting when I change from Depressive to Manic... specifically having to do with getting th...
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What are some good medications for bipolar other than topamax (what I am on now) that still make you lose weight? I have been on this med...
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Now i only took risperidone(2mg) for about 25 days and recently stopped taking it one day ago now i was wondering how long does it stay i...
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I feel like a robot. I can not cry. I have not cried in years. I am sick of living like this. I feel damaged. Everyone treats me like ...
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I've noticed with pictures of my family members I can tell by the look in their eyes regardless of their facial expression which pictures...
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HI there. I have a long history of "stuff". Taken several SSRIs in the past for anxiety. Adderall XR for ADD, Wellbutrin too. I have been...
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I am Type 1, rapid cycling, bipolar. I currently am taking Symbyax, Lamictal, and Adderall. I take ativan as needed, but I find it doesn'...
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I just started latuda 80mg. I got akathisia from it so my doctor put me on cogentin. I am not sure the cogentin is working though. Does i...
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My 3 year old daughter is due to switch from Risperdol to Abilify this week (has autism and possible schizophrenia or bipolar with halluc...
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