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By rdsouza Blank
My peahen can not stand up , don't know why
Avatar f tn
By niabx23 Blank
I just bought a Love Bird last weekend, about 3 months old , male(or so I was told, but I do think he is a boy.) I ha...
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GarfasMar 14, 2015
ireneoNov 14, 2013
By HudsonJuan Blank
Hi, I am Hudson and i am new to this forum!!! This discussion is related to Two of my cockatiels have recently...
12383682 tn?1424983962
By segundo2 Blank
we have a finch couple with 5 new babies. the nest is very dirty and stinky. Is it ok to change the nest? Will the mo...
Avatar f tn
By margo1942 Blank
my 20 yr old tiel suffered a cockatoos attack at the sitter. his leg was so mangled the vet had to amputate it comple...
Avatar f tn
lolafiloJan 17, 2015
ireneoOct 01, 2009
By Jhbuda47 Blank
My parakeet is about 8 or 9 years old. In the last six months, he has had what I guess are spasms. Usually, they oc...
Avatar f tn
morrestarreJan 03, 2015
evewisewomanAug 04, 2014
RBDavisAug 04, 2014
evewisewomanAug 02, 2014
By RBDavis Blank
Why isn't my 22 month female lutino cockatiel not laying eggs? I know that cockatiels are supposed to at minimum be 1...
Avatar m tn
By anonymous_825 Blank
My kids (early teens) have been begging for a bird. One of their school friends have one and they love it. I don't ...
2996663 tn?1374172676
EkkiemomOct 28, 2014
auntevieMar 31, 2014
By witheredrose Blank
Hi! We have just introduced a 3 year old male umbrella cockatoo into our family, and need to know how to teach him...
10175413 tn?1427173851
By Ekkiemom Blank
Does anyone on this forum own any Ekkies?
Avatar f tn
By jennlds Blank
Our 14 yr old Cockatiel, Luke, lost his friend Drac recently due to old age. Now Luke is very distraught going from r...
Avatar n tn
bird_helper01Oct 18, 2014
ireneoJan 03, 2014
animalover217Jan 02, 2014
ireneoOct 02, 2013
Marshi3569Oct 01, 2013
By Hamzybob Blank
My next door nieghbour has found a baby magpie and it won't eat or do anything besides just lie down, what does she d...
1215491 tn?1282762740
ekiana123Oct 02, 2014
ireneoAug 24, 2010
AHP84Aug 24, 2010
By Lynne2 Blank
Our little Yorkie had fleas and we have treated him and our 4 cats with Frontline. We wonder if our Cockateil can ge...
Avatar f tn
evewisewomanSep 19, 2014
evewisewomanSep 16, 2014
By shaz_weewallace43 Blank
I just bought a 10 week old cockatiel from a breeder on Wednesday 10th sept 2014. He stayed on the top perch till las...
Avatar m tn
sunflowers32Sep 15, 2014
CrazyBirdLady67Aug 28, 2013
evewisewomanAug 28, 2013
By enwayne Blank
My newest lovebird, Chico, seems to enjoy getting up on top of my head lately. At first, I assumed he was preening m...
Avatar f tn
evewisewomanSep 08, 2014
By Laikyn111 Blank
I have a peach faced lovebird and it has been opening its mouth for 2 days now. he has been acting like he is hurt on...
Avatar f tn
evewisewomanAug 25, 2014
ireneoAug 25, 2014
By kyra44532 Blank
hello I my dad saved a magie from a house and i knew that the mother would reject the baby because it was touch by pe...
Avatar n tn
ireneoAug 23, 2014
booboosmideAug 22, 2014
ireneoMay 15, 2011
skittlebabyMay 14, 2011
BurdGirlApr 01, 2008
By RamDar Blank
We awoke this morning to find blood in our female tiels cage, she shares it with a young male currently experiencing ...
Avatar n tn
By Brelipka02 Blank
My Quaker (Pedra) is 19 yrs old. She has only laid maybe 3 eggs since we got her at 3 yrs old. Recently she laid an e...
Avatar m tn
ireneoJul 07, 2014
By Muhammad_Raza Blank
A crow has picked my small chick so,I just pointed a toy gun at him and he just left chick from a height and flew awa...
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