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Hi, My wife has been on Levora for 5 years now. But looks like sometime in Dec 2013, she missed a few days and today we learnt that she (we?) got pregnant sometime around then. Unfortunately, we did not know and she continued taking ...
caret1219 | Last answer
I had a terrible lapse in judgement a few months ago. Me and another woman stepped out on our partners together. I just found out that she is pregnant for about 20 weeks. I had a vasectomy done a year ago. Negative on two sperm tests. I...
messedup2331 | Last answer
hi this is probably a really stupid question but i havent been taking my pill(rigevidon 150) regularly for a while now as i was supposed to be off them but took them for a week last week to stop my period coming for a party. i havent tak...
linzlu84 | Last answer
Long story short. I had unprotected sex with a 40 year old woman that was ~14-16 days from her last period which would mean she was ovulating (or possibly just past). I did not ejaculate in her. (Withdrawal) Approximately 40 hour...
madatself07 | Last answer
I started taking the depo back in 2009 I stop using it around 2012 .I was spotting on & off before I actually Had a regular period on December 25,2013 . I had sex in the being of January 2014. && I didn't have a period its now February ...
jaaymonae | Last answer
I was on birth control in November but I was taking it irregularly had my period at the beginning of the month and then I had sex on the 12th of November and got my period on the 13th so i stoped the birth control peroid ended the 17th t...
braee | Last answer
So I was on the Depo shot for 4 years and recently I have decided to stop taking it. My fiance and I want to try for a baby within the next year. I have heard many problems people have had when stopping the Depo. Can you just tell me wha...
medicalmystery765 | Last answer
I and my bf have done unprotected sex last Jan. 25, and I take 3 Trust pills (Ferrous Fumarate) after 3 days, Jan. 27.. Is it safe that I take 3 pills a day? Pls help me, i dont want to get pregnant coz im not ready.. Is there any possib...
kwaknet | Last answer
im 24 yrs old. 16th of november 2013, i had my period and i have unprotected sex on the 27th, last december of 21st i had my period. and now its january 31st 2014 i dont have my period. am i pregnant?
malandiako | Last answer
Last night my boyfriend and i were fooling around, we did not have sex, but he was brushing his penis in my vagina with a condom that was big for his penis. He didnt ejaculate but there was a lot of some liquid coming out from the bottom...
Luisaisworried | Last answer
I have been taking a low dosage of birth control for my heavy periods for about a year now everyday. Everyonce and a while my boyfriend and I will have sex briefly for about 5 seconds and then I freak out and stop because I'm worried abo...
ashleybear88 | Last answer
My boyfriend and I are sexually active And we always use a condom. I've been wanting to get on birth control so I can further prevent myself from pregnancy. The only thing is I don't want my parents to know. We are in college but I know ...
mary_58 | Last answer
I took one doses of the depo shot last year on this month... my question is how long does it take for it to be completely out of your system???
LaCherries16 | Last answer
What is the likelyhood of getting pregnant from pre c u m on your fingers if you were ovulating? I was seeing this new guy and we were messing around. He fingered me and he had pre c u m on his penis. We never had sex at all his penis wa...
Sarah101010 | Last answer
Hi there, I have been on a hormonal birth control pill for two years now. I used to be a very positive person until I was on the pill for about three months or so. Ever since, I've had anxiety at least three times a week. I recently hear...
laqwerty22 | Last answer
If you plan to make this your regular form of contraception, I recommend you follow this advice: In order to have total confidence in the effectiveness of the shot, ALWAYS make an appointment to get the shot within the time frame your d...
AngelKee22 | Last answer
I haven't had my third depo shot I've only had two one shot in July and one in September . I am 4 months behind I used to bleed irregularly and out of nowhere it stopped . Could my body being trying to return back it's self ? Such as me ...
JhannaH1 | Last answer
I've been on the ortho tri cyclen since September but on the 14th I had sex and the condom broke we stopped are there any chance I could get pregnant even though he didn't not ejaculate .. I usually get my cycle on the 3rd placebo and I'...
Britdabrat | Last answer
Let me start by saying my cycle usually is 27-30 days. Unfortunately, I had an accident with my husband a two days before my period. I immediately took plan B 4 hours after the accident. It has now been 7 days since I took the EC and 5 d...
21sy_xtine | Last answer
I am currently taking birth control.I missed my period an had sex even had on the days I was suppose to start back taking my actual birth control pills,I took a pregnancy test 1 week later (exactly 7 days) an it gave me a negative. My qu...
caseylynn1 | Last answer
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