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It's been over a year and my daughter (12) still has a constant headache and we haven't been able to find dr.'s that agree on a diagnosis. It's a pituitary tumor, then it's not, it's cyclic cushings then it's not...Basically, her blood t...
speakup4kids | Last answer
So for 3 years now, It isn't every time but once in a while when I turn my head to the left it feels like something pinches and I get this tingling sensation that feels like blood is rushing through that part of my brain. It does hurt an...
Ashley49 | Posted
I have a sensitive spot on the upper right side of my forehead. Day to day it doesn't hurt unless i scratch it or touch it. Then it feels sensitive and kind of painful and the pain stays there until i forget about it. Just wondering if I...
cra123 | Last answer
It is 4 month that I heard a noise like a UV lamp noise in my head.no body can help me. What is your advise.I have gone to meny doctors and use meny drug.
sararad | Last answer
I feel like I have many brain tumour symptoms such as: - headaches for 10 years - clicking in ears when I swallow - dull ear pains - sharp head pains that go in seconds - twitching in eyelids, arms and legs - sometimes a hot o...
Jenn283 | Last answer
I'm hoping to get some answers. I noticed two small indentations (similar to an infant's soft spot) on the top of my head. My husband believed that it may be caused from me resting my sunglasses there. I agreed and started placing them i...
Birmingham82 | Last answer
MRI IMPRESSION: 1. Enlarged pituitary gland measuring 11 mm in diameter. A dedicated MRI of the sella without and with contrast is recommended for further characterization.2. In the subcortical and periventricular white matter are sever...
Nascarangel70 | Last answer
Am 55 male, my latest MRI shows done due to critical low growth hormones as shown in Insuline tolerance test- Pituitary Gland show mild asymmetry within its bony fossa with greater right side pituitary tissue. Does these are reasons for...
AGGCAN | Last answer
I have just been diagnosed by MRI with 7mm meningioma. The MRI says a 7mm meningioma arising from the anterior aspect of the right middle cranial fossa. I have constant ear ringing that never goes away in my right ear and numbness in my ...
chelsea77 | Last answer
4 years ago i visited my GP with tingling in my right leg, hands and fatigue that had been present for about 10 weeks and not subsided. in addition to this i was feeling very odd mentally, like i was undergoing some major changes. I was ...
amsf | Posted
my son 2 6mnts. he had a lump on his head. doc called itz fat deposite. is it deanger for my kid.
aymn | Last answer
I have had severe, frequent, headaches all my life. I have had CT scans and MRI's more than once. Results normal. I sometimes have "stare seizures" with the headaches. New symptoms: hard, pea size, tender, knot, at right side base of sku...
deemlittles | Last answer
Hi! I get head pains from impacts like walking to hard on my heels, punching a bag, driving over a bump in the road. I also get severe pain from jumping or shaking my head. It feels like my brain is rattling around inside the skull. ...
Ball123 | Last answer
i have been told my mri was normal that read mal but in small letters in the test was this little sentence that read that ,there is a venous angioma on left of thalamus ive had seizers start back in 2007-8 for no reson and they went aw...
flipperpaslay | Last answer
on Aug 22, 2011 I underwent brain surgery, a left pterinal craniotomy with removal of intradural tumor. I than spend aprox 6 weeks in the hospital. Than on On Oct. 6, 2011,“The MRI scan of the brain today reveals total extirpation of tum...
jeannettevan | Last answer
Hi, I was recently diagnosed with a 2.4x1.3x1.0cm left sphenoid wing meningioma found by MRI, accidentally as I was being scanned for headaches which turned out to be left sphenoid sinus infection. I was told by surgeon and ENT that wa...
xszip | Last answer
I am a 26 years old patient who is being diagnosed with a large meningioma tumor identified anterior to the cervicomedullary junction at the C1-C2 level. It is intradural/extra-medullary measuring approximately 3.2 cm superior to inferi...
Egrojian | Last answer
Help! Help! Help! I have got to find a qualified endocrinologist in SC or GA ASAP! I have been fighting an uphill battle with doctors in Augusta area for almost 10 years and my body is about to shut down. I have journals and notebooks fu...
nealtwinsmom | Last answer
Hello, I'm really worried there is something wrong with me. First of all I have to mention that I went through a great amount of stress last month because I was thinking I had a heart problem ( went to the doctor 3 times, had several ult...
RTH2401 | Last answer
For the past 6 months I had sinus issues but the last 2 months I've also had a garbage smell. Only I can smell it and it's off and on. I had a nasal scope done in the doctors office with no seen issues except I seem to have slightly more...
cyates7744 | Last answer
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