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Savino63Feb 15
harley1993riderMar 21, 2010
HollyC1029Jan 11, 2010
fowlerNov 08, 2002
jjoniSep 23, 2002
By Purpleraes Blank
For the past week I have noticed a burning sensation in my right breast. It starts directly under my armpit on the si...
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123aimeeFeb 10
Cleveland Clinic Jul 02, 2009
By OfficeDiva Blank
I recently have been having some discharge from my nipples. Some times the discharge is white, and sometimes its a da...
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babs519Sep 03, 2011
cmh1135Feb 01, 2010
Lucy33Mar 14, 2008
jonoeApr 29, 2005
By steton Blank
Back in august i started to have breast and underarm pain on the right side. The doctor that i had went to went throu...
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vicki53Aug 30, 2008
vicki53Aug 30, 2008
sable9707Jul 08, 2008
gram7Jun 28, 2008
By Deb95NJ Blank
I am 37 years old. My family has a history of Breast Cancer. I had my baseline mamogram at 35. Calcifications were ...
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Julessanch410Nov 30, 2015
Maya1710Aug 11, 2008
ChevereJul 28, 2008
Cleveland Clinic Jul 29, 2008
By Chevere Blank
I found a lump in my breast over two years ago. Had a mammogram and ultrasound, but they were negative. It began both...
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skbuckbeeJul 06, 2015
newquestionsJun 05, 2008
CCF-RN,MSN-rfJun 02, 2003
By becky in pa Blank
could you please explain what breast crystals are? dose it mean i have cancer?
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majielenJul 05, 2015
CCF-RN,MSN-JSJun 04, 2001
By babygtwin Blank
Last year I had a Mammogram and they found two masses in my left breast. After looking at them closer they said for n...
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donovaniMay 13, 2015
Karen MSN NNPJul 07, 2003
CCF-RN,MSN-JSJul 07, 2003
By Jo2 Blank
I have invasive lobular cancer, with a 5 cm tumor. I am having pre-surgical chemo. It has been almost three weeks s...
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hughlyfavoredApr 10, 2015
GruenJan 18, 2015
PamigJul 26, 2010
Cleveland Clinic Jul 26, 2010
By Pamig Blank
I was just informed that my mammogram showed that I have microcalcifications but they are indeterminate as they are h...
1069633 tn?1255246589
sanaya1234567Apr 08, 2015
Indranil Ghosh, MD Sep 07, 2011
By cocomadam Blank
Hello, I'm 26 years old with a past history of thyroid cancer. 3 months ago I found a lump in my right breast and...
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Hope99999Feb 26, 2015
Laurie216Dec 30, 2008
Cleveland Clinic Oct 11, 2007
By bd728 Blank
My niece found a lump in her right breast - was scheduled to have disection & now turned into removal of a "cluster o...
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justicelibettyFeb 16, 2015
Cleveland Clinic Oct 06, 2008
By BAilli Blank
I am extremely worried that i have breast cancer, even though I am only 16. Two nights ago i was coming out of the sh...
Avatar n tn
AmyLouBelleJan 30, 2015
CCF-RN,MSN-JSSep 16, 2002
By happie2 Blank
I have been getting sharp pains under my breast. Mostly under my left side. Sometimes it feels like a shooting pain...
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showkatwaniJan 27, 2015
meis1Jan 07, 2011
JBallardJun 07, 2007
cratzeJun 06, 2007
JBallardJun 06, 2007
By JBallard Blank
Hi, I am a 26 year old male with a breast lump in my left breast. I have had this condition since I was about ...
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Exsousia1Jan 21, 2015
CCF-RN,MSN-JSJan 28, 2002
By nekoneko Blank
hi, i would like to get some information if possible about what can be done about high ferritin levels due to multip...
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Fortworth444Jan 20, 2015
roxy13Dec 02, 2005
healthcareguerillaNov 17, 2005
carmeNov 14, 2005
carmeNov 14, 2005
By roxy13 Blank
I am 45 yrs old and have severe fybrocyst deasease. My breast are 75% to 100% cysts. The pain has gotten unbareable.I...
Avatar m tn
HanamiDec 27, 2014
Cleveland Clinic Mar 03, 2010
By Hanami Blank
i just turn 18 this year and i have a pea size lump under my left has been there for a year already.but th...
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JdonnabndtDec 04, 2014
labhuskySep 30, 2007
JoyGirlSep 30, 2007
maa64Sep 30, 2007
snowtreeSep 30, 2007
By miztp Blank
I'm 47 years old needing a breast biopsy. I had a routine mammogram that showed a spot (no lump is felt)and then I ha...
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gypsybenOct 04, 2014
dunkinJul 09, 2006
dunkinJul 08, 2006
CCF-RN,MSN-rfMay 08, 2006
By birdd Blank
I am having a hard time getting my doctor (especially the Radiology Department) to believe the pain I continue to hav...
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MtnmusiclvrSep 28, 2014
mackeysmomFeb 27, 2009
kraeDec 22, 2002
JemimahNov 26, 2002
CCF-RN,MSN-rfNov 27, 2002
By catskew Blank
Since a biospy on Nov.7,2002 I have had a dull ache in the breast. There is no redness, swelling,ect. just and ache ...
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