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Burns are damage to any body tissue that is caused by chemicals, electricity, flammable liquids, flammable gases, fire, heat, hot liquids, fire, radiation, steam or sunlight. Discuss topics including sunburns, rug burns, varying degrees of burns and how to treat them.

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my wife got second degree burn on her crest from hot water 4 months ago. right now she completely heal. But she have the red scar on her crest. the doctor told her she will need to do laser surgery. Is their any product or cream to remov...
jimmytimmy | Last answer
what is the first aid for burns?
marie4u | Last answer
Yesterday I was playing with my dog outside. It was nice and warm but then my boot came off in the snow I didn't tie it tight. Then my dog thought it was a game to dig and run and make my boot go in the snow more. (we live in Alaska) I f...
AKDanger | Last answer
I have 3rd degree burn to about 70% of my body (entire lower body, abd, bilateral finger tips to elbows). I was 13 months old when this happened and have had 20+ surgeries. The older I get the more pain I have, mostly in my hands, feet...
j_sister | Last answer
.Hi, I have what looks to be either scar tissue or a callous on the ball of my foot as a result of a burn in that area when I was a child (I am now 33). The scar extends across the entire length of the ball of my foot with a little ...
Stringfellowe | Last answer
How serious is it to have pain shooting up your leg months after you had a burn on your ankle from a firework. The burn took weeks to heal and was not treated by a doctor, no ins. at time, and was pretty bad.
chickenhead41 | Last answer
A friend had a kitchen accident and boiling oil was spilled on front third of scalp - will it scar badly / hair grow back? So what I would like to know is, what kind of burn would this be, 1st, 2nd or 3rd degree, apparently the cookin...
easystreet172 | Last answer
So I burned the back of my left hand with a cigarette. I left the cigarette on for a while. Sad thing about this is that i was sober. The next day I had a blister which I popped with a sterile needle. Yup I later found out I shouldn't ha...
Burgundy14 | Last answer
Was camping at the weekend and made a camp fire but unfortunately a stone popped and I was hit in the face with a hot fragment. I was fortunate enough to be able to close my eye in time but I now have a burned eyelid. I would say t...
thomasbill | Last answer
Hi - I burnt my arm pretty badly on the oven door. It was several days ago and I have been treating it by alternating Aloe and ZincOxide ointment. I clean it 2 xs daily with soap and keep it covered most of the day because otherwise I ...
Kiamha | Last answer
About 3 weeks ago I was at the beach all day got a pretty bad sunburn. About a week later I went out on a boat half the day got another pretty bad sunburn. I had blisters on my shoulders and face. But on my lower back a few days later wh...
Katie0727 | Last answer
Two days ago I had a wreck on my dirtbike and the muffler was on my leg for several seconds, making a eight inch burn down my leg. When I was getting up, the top of the burn snagged and tore an inch wide by two inch long strip of the dea...
carson228 | Last answer
I burnt myself on July 4th. I was cooking at chicken broth splashed my abdomen. I didn't go to the doctor at first because I didn't think it was that bad. Well after 5 hours I had blisters. I went to the doctor the next day (didn't want ...
MRSRIOS103112 | Last answer
I've had a burning sensation and it won't go away. I went to the doctor and got checked for std and yeast everything came back negative. What could this be?
shantelove | Last answer
I went out in our boat last sat. and was out on the river for over 8 hours without sunscreen.... I knew better !! Well I ended up with a 2 degree burn on my face, chest, arms, back & legs.... 2 days later on my bday had to go to the ER b...
MaryLeadda | Last answer
I burned my leg not maybe an hour or two ago. I was trying to park a new drag bike we got and it was in to high of a gear so It didn't wanna stop and I couldn't get it shift so I laid it down. I tried to pick it back up and stand it up r...
hobojo | Last answer
Hi there, First off, I'd like to state I've been diagnosed with and am undergoing treatment and physical therapy for vulvadynia. It's been going extremely well, but now I'm afraid I've made things worse down there :( I also suspect...
AllTheMistakes | Last answer
I have genital warts, and i put hydrogen peroxide on my penis, i doused a band aid and wrapped it round for an hours or so. I took it off yesterday, and now it has swollen and some of the skin has clearly been burnt.... its agony to pull...
freddro | Last answer
kay i put some hair remover and it burn my skin off and im wonering what will help it i should of probly tested it before i put it on but it burnt my upper lip bad i didnt know im senstive to hair remover any suggestions thank u very much
jenea34 | Last answer
I had a pimple and I used salicylic acid (garnier spot treatment) to try to get rid of it. It was a gel and it formed a layer of dead skin on the pimple and then when I gently cleansed my skin, that layer of dead skin came off exposing t...
destiny88 | Last answer
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