A group for all the ladies who have been on clomid or are about to start.We can share information about the drug and help and support each other along the way.

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I started Clomid earlier this month on days 3-7 50mg. I went and had my blood drawn and tested for progesterone yesterday and today my doctor called with the news that I did ovulate. When is the soonest I can test and find out if I am ...
leahrae8 | Last answer
Hi all! I am new to this site. hubby and I have been ttc for over 6 months now. Recently, someone recommended clomid, I am going to start clomid 50 mg with next period. And just have a couple of questions: Do I start on day 3 of my ac...
BethanyV | Last answer
could everyone please take 2 seconds to answer my poll on how long it took you to conceive on clomid. i would be very greatfull. baby dust to all..xx
sweetcheaks | Last answer
If you have PCOS, will your progesterone levels still show ovulation on day 21 blood work even if you have formed a cyst instead of releasing an egg?
bec0688 | Posted
Ok, I've been TTC for 6 months. My doctor has me on Provera to regulate my AF and its been working so far. Sunday night I started taking my first cycle of Clomid (3-7). Sunday was my 3rd day of my AF (which is was a very light AF). Now, ...
rmmtrott | Last answer
SO last month I did clomid round 1 50mg days 4-8, doctor recommended 5-9 but I was impatient lol. I did ovulate yay! (progesterone level 17) but no pregnancy. I am not sure what day I ovulated on since I only had about 7 opk tests and al...
TheCraftyManda | Last answer
Hi, So sorry if i am repeating question. Im 26 have had pcos since a young age Currently I dont have periods at all I take 850mg metformin x2 daily and just finished Metroxyprogesterone acetate 3 x 10mg daily for seven days to ...
Lil_Libertine | Last answer
does anyone know why an ultrasound has to be done before being perscribed clomid. and also is the ultrasound totally nessasary before i can get the clomid. the reason i ask is cuz i want to start straight away but my doc wants me to have...
sweetcheaks | Last answer
Hi everyone, I posted on monday after my day 11 scan and was slightly dissapointed that knowone replied. I have been for another scan ton thursday which was day 14. My 12.4 follicle on my left is now 17mm and was also so shocked to fin...
katyb1543 | Last answer
hi everyone i need some advice over the past couple of months my doc has been doing tests and has confirmed that i am not ovulating so has suggested i start taking clomid. I have to go for an ultrasound first to check everything is ok an...
sweetcheaks | Posted
Hey everyone, I am looking for clomid buddies, I start 50mg clomid today - (cycle day 5) and just want to hear some of your experiences :-) especially the good ones ;-) I ovulate on my own, but have pre menstrual spotting, so my ob s...
minilady | Last answer
Hi ladies, this is my 2nd dy taking the pill & not much out the ordinary. Curious what symptoms you all have experienced on Clomid or if any @ all ! !
Crystalgodess | Last answer
I finishe my clomid 50mg and its been abut 3 weeks now. this week I got a yeast infection. Did this happen to anyon else?? Will this interfere with TTC ?
babynumbertwo | Last answer
Hi all I'm will be starting clomid in about a week and was just wondering if there are any bad side effects or anything like that and how many times you have to go in and get blood labs and check-ups done? just a little worried about sta...
sweetie027 | Last answer
Hey Ladies, is anyone on Clomid and Estradiol?? Any success stories? Im in my tww after my first cycle. Good Luck to everyone and God Bless!!
samantharb | Posted
hey everyone ,,, im waiting to start my first cycle im so nervous ,, im praying this is going to finally get me my bfp !!! ,, can anyone tell me any success stories ???? and where do i get the robosittuen cough syrup to help with CM or t...
zonaxxx | Last answer
has anyone stared it without having a period? i had meds to onset a period and it still didn't work. i was advised to take it like it was cycle day five. i was wondering if this just gave you ladies a period or who got pregnant from clom...
elizabethtaylor13 | Last answer
Hi to cut a long story short i have irregular periods from around 32-35 days roughly each month however im on day 45 and still nothing! I have had 4 negative hpt and just dont understand why it hasnt come. I had a spot when i wiped but n...
missc372 | Posted
Does anyone know how i find out if there is a waiting list for iui and how long roughly i have to wait... I have just been referred from blackpool to manchester and have no idea what time span ill have to wait . So confused as they just ...
missc372 | Posted
This is my first time to take Clomid. I have read several success stories and it gives me great hope that we will be successfull also. My question is how long after I finish the Clomid should I be able to conceive and when should I take ...
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