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This community is for questions and support regarding cancer for your pets.

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By Lauriepooh
My male cat got a little mole like bump on his side near his ribs 3 or 4 years ago, then it grew gradually. About 6...
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caregiver222Aug 27, 2014
MarinefoxAug 27, 2014
caregiver222Aug 26, 2014
By Marinefox Blank
Im stressing ALOT. I'm getting 2 ferrets and I've done as much studying as a I could. I've had cats, dogs, hamsters, ...
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By kristenpickel Blank
my puggle suddenly has bumps on her bottom lip and chin , i went away for two days she was left at home with her mast...
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By Hofcat Blank
Hi. I have a question about the type of subcutaneous fluids to use in a cat with cancer. My 16 year old cat was recen...
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By Catsandpurplepants Blank
My four year old cat was just diagnosed with fibrosarcoma. We found a lump about three weeks ago but waited 2 weeks b...
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sgley1Jun 06, 2015
profree123Jan 18, 2015
bwm441Jun 17, 2010
BluciJun 16, 2010
bwm441Jun 15, 2010
By Bluci Blank
I have an 8 year old border/corgi mix. She recently threw up her breakfast one morning this week and I thought I sho...
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By MeAndMyGSD Blank
I just received my service dog in January and I noticed a black spot on her belly. Now there are several more. They a...
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By Levismom3 Blank
A little over a month ago my Levi , an 11 year old Beagle/Russell Mix , was diagnosed with Lymphoma he is not eating ...
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By Mylowsmom Blank
My 12 year old rescue beagle Mylow which I have had for 9 years as kidney cancer that has spread to liver and stomach...
Avatar m tn
By mandelaura Blank
We recently discovered our 11 yr old beagle had several mammary tumors. The doctor estimated the smaller, internal o...
Avatar m tn
By JewelHarvey Blank
my friends 3 year old American pit bull had swollen lymph nodes in neck the size of golf balls, they are smaller now ...
880900 tn?1467273741
dobeloveJun 08, 2014
By mindlink Blank
I posted this in the Dogs section, but thought it would be worth posting here too: Just a reminder to those who ha...
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ErikaBeilMay 15, 2014
By Squirt1234 Blank
My dog has a large (1/2 inch by 3 inch) tumor in his lower jaw which seems to be growing quite rapidly. The Vet does...
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By Anneannnabell Blank
So I am not sure is anyone will respond but I am hoping for guidance. Our little girl is now 12... We had a lot of h...
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By KingBender Blank
My 9yr gsd has swollen lymph nodes under his jaw and left leg. Also sores on his lower lip aswell as his inner leg. H...
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KingBenderDec 19, 2013
mat42Oct 09, 2010
JasminesMom2010Apr 29, 2010
By maidie Blank
My miniature schnauzer, male, 9 years old. Three days before, I found 3 enlarged lymph node around his neck on and...
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jamie595Dec 03, 2013
By jakie14 Blank
my dog had a bad liver and i had him on a lower protein diet and he did great for 2 1/2 years. too much protein is ha...
6446591 tn?1381366079
kelbell2Oct 16, 2013
MookyjoeOct 15, 2013
shannon781Oct 14, 2013
By Mookyjoe Blank
My cat is super old and she has had cancer for at least 5 years now. I am baffled as to what has kept her alive all ...
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caregiver222Sep 22, 2013
By carriebeth1968 Blank
My boxer was diagnosed with Lymphoma about 6 months ago. The tumor was removed, along with the affected lymph node. ...
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By rioamylyla Blank
My vets said my 2 year old rat has cancer and to bring her back when she is lifeless and they will put her to sleep s...
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