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My 5 year old toy poodle has.several small black spots under his skin in three different locations. what would cause This.
bonitaisgrig | Last answer
How quickly do these metastasize to other organs?
TessDobe | Last answer
my dog had a little lump on her witch she bits and makes it scab vet said it was ok as it comes and gose im worred about her can u give advise to what it could be tx,
151718 | Posted
I have a 10 year old Yorkshire terrier. About a month ago he started experiencing painful urination. I took him into the vet, they ran blood and urine tests. Nothing unusual in blood work but urine showed secondary infection and we treat...
Jesseca1 | Posted
What kind of cancer can a puppy get?
margienixon | Posted
I am absolutely confused. Back in 2011, my dog (a Golden Retriever), Galen, was operated on to remove what turned out to be a hemangioma. This is the info I received from the biopsy follow up.... "Multiple sections of skin in which ...
LouD85 | Posted
My family's dog is booked into the vets tomorrow, but I am very worried and thought I might post on here in case we need to get her in there as an emergency. My dog, Tilly, is an eight year old English Staffy. A few weeks ago, we n...
ashlee68781 | Last answer
my dog stopped eating 3 days ago,she is drinking water and licking ice cubes but is sleeping a lot .she has a growth on her nipple which is getting larger ..how can I get her to eat as she has me very worried
jc103 | Last answer
Last Dec. 22 I noticed my 12yr old Siamese wasn't eating. She had a complete senior physical 10 months prior, I took her in to our vet, he took CBC, urinalysis complete, and chemistry 17 clip. All they could find was a slightly elevat...
cleomia | Last answer
I am seeking some advice for my Dog. She is a 10 year old Golden Retriever mix. I notice a very large lump between her shoulder blades (grape fruit size). Took her to the vet and he put her on antibiotics. The lump went down consider...
rlhauschild | Last answer
I brought my dog to a cancer hospital in Mass. for a squamous cell carcinoma on her right lip. They performed a lymph node biopsy and chest x-rays as they said that would be the first 2 places for it to move to. They proved negative so...
jubet | Posted
Long ago, my cat's IBD was so severe my vet said he would end up with cancer in the colon. My cat's IBD consisted of frequent diarrhea (5-7 in one day) and bleeding. I just wanted to know, because I really have not researched on it, what...
PrettyKitty1 | Last answer
Long story semi-condensed: Two years ago I had a Retriever that had Lymphoma Cancer. Near the end of her life, the Vet put her on larger doses of Prednisone as well as put her on Enalapril to control heaving "heaving" episodes she ha...
gh30127 | Last answer
My recently deceased service dog had an inoperable mast cell tumor between the ulna and radius bones in his right front leg. It was discoved after he began limping without resolution. The fine Vets at the Oncology program at Tuft's...
Irene5353 | Last answer
Need Help !!!!!!Is there anyone who have the treatment of Canine Parovirus ?!! My friend's puppies were suffering with this disease .3 of them were died .We can do anything but just stay behind of them and watch them past away .My friend...
Adiaguan | Last answer
My dog is almost 16 she just started to wet in the house.I put her out to go she dose n when she comes back in she goes again .Is there anything i can do for her. she been good until now she never wet in the house before now. any help ...
Barbie40 | Posted
My dog has just been diagnosed with adenosquamous carcinoma. The vet found a small lump inside her mouth, on top of her upper teeth. They did a biopsy last week (with concerns she might have melamona at first) The results came back yest...
hummingyay | Last answer
About a month ago, we took our 9 year old aussie/border collie to the vet because we had noticed that he was having a hard time going poop. The vet did a rectal exam and I could tell immediatley something was wrong. He told us that Cody...
blackdog1965 | Posted
Hello- I am looking to see if anyone has been dealing with what my 8 year old dog has. He has been developing pericardial effusion and has had them drained and sometimes has fluid drained from ab and lung area. The Cardio Dr. suspects C...
BigonesHappy | Last answer
my dog has been having chemo for 2 years for lymphoma he is as bright as a button eats well no upset tummy and is always keen to go out, paying for chemo every month is very expensive how do we know if he has been wrongly diagnosed the v...
paulineflay | Posted
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