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Dear All I am writing to find out if there is any help for my mother. Her Age now is 63 She had Breast Cancer about 10 years ago , which was reduced and she did not have to have any breast removed. 2 years ago she started feelin...
Rajdhir | Last answer
someone said that if you have pain in your left ovary, this could mean cancer. i am 16 years old and have not had my period in months. and have been suffering a sharp pain in my left ovary for a couple days. suggestions??
sarahjane548 | Last answer
Hi, I am 27 years old, male and very active these days. 2 months ago I got shingles. I got the rush and my right armpit lymph node was enlarge. I did not took any medicine and the rush went away after 2-3 weeks but my lymph node stayed...
iapesd | Last answer
My name is Tina, I am 47 years old and I was recently diagnosed with extensive High Grade DCIS in my left breast along with a small amount of LCIS in my right breast. The left breast was so extensive 12 cm in lower quadrant and more DC...
tina7 | Last answer
My father was diagnosed and had surgery for esophageal cancer 5 years ago. Ever sine the surgery, ever time he eats he gets sick. He has went through two rounds of antibiotics, he has tried everything that the doctor has asked him...
bdsar460 | Last answer
I'm 15 years old and i just got a sports physical and my doctor noticed that my right testicle was very large and hard, but my left one was smaller then normal. I feel no pain in that area and barely even notice it. And i was wondering w...
Soccerkidrr | Last answer
I am driving myself nuts. I have an upcomming Derm appointment but I looked online first, and scared myself silly about nodular melanoma. I am 28 yrs old. I am a picker. I get acne a lot on my arms and I pop them. I have one red sp...
OuchStomach | Last answer
In Feburary the results of my mammogram and ultrasound; right breast calcification and left breast has a nodule. I was told by the technician the reason the doctor did not preform a biopsy on the nodule was because the doctor prefers to ...
wordh | Last answer
I am posting for my 79 year old mother. Generally good health, non-smoker or drinker, obese, some shortness of breath over 2-3 years and some coughing in nights or morning. She had been out of energy for awhile and the doctor did a f...
kbconv | Last answer
got the urine Metanephrines back they were: Total Urine Volume- 1500 (ML) Normetanephrine,UR- 200 (undefined UG/L) Normetanephrine,U,24H- 300 (110-1050 UG/24HR) Metanephrine,UR- 81 (Undefined UG/L) Metanaphrine,U,24HR-122(35-...
iris986 | Last answer
hi, im 17 years of age and just noticed two red/brown patches on my scalp. They were both close to each other but not touching. one was bigger than the other however they were both quite small - less than 1cm. My scalp has been flaky for...
ronny70 | Last answer
HELP! I am 14 years old an dhave got this porb with my nipples. They are like a greeny colour and are hard and cracked, although they look awful I am in no pain. I am really worried, what is it? Is it cancer? Please help olivia
olivia5 | Last answer
my little boy hit his head on the tolet about a mounth ago trying to pop a ballon well just yesterday i discover a knot on the back of his neck were the skull lines up on his right side rigth below his ear he is 4 can you give me advise ...
shane327 | Last answer
My grandfather is 89. He is very frail, and he lives in Shanghai, China. Doctors there feel he has cancer and wants do a biopsy of his stomach. His CEA reading is high: 245.69 versus <10 for normal. CA72-4 is abnormal. CA50, CA199 are no...
AlphaPower | Last answer
It's rather embarressing, but for about a year now I have had a lump in the right side of my vulva. It has not changed in size since I discovered it, and it is not painful. I think it might be a benign tumor, but I'm not certain. I doubt...
Svajone | Last answer
I am 40 years old. I just had a myomectomy on 3 months ago to remove fibroid tumor, endometrious, 1 cyst, and to clamp left fallopian tube. In the past 8 days been having sharp pain in left and right ovaries. Went to OBGYN today he did a...
spitlmc | Last answer
Last evening I bent over and felt an immediate severe pain in my left breast just above the nipple. I started to rub the area and it was super sensative to the touch I noitced it was very hard and felt like a lump. The lump was not ther...
hey I am 17 years old and I recently noticed that my right testicle began to not really hurt but to just feel kinda weird and I'm kinda scared to go to the doctor but I do tend to over worry about stuff so any recommendations?? My testi...
leew88 | Last answer
By breast swelled largely and till the last moment I could not realize it. It had become harder and I was suspected for having breast cancer. Doctors said the cancer might have spread to the lungs also (Xray).But the biopsy report detail...
gayangmann | Last answer
On a recent smear test my doctor told me that they detected cin1 cells, I have to wait another 6months to repeat and see are they gone. About 2months ago my partner of two years started getin what looks like whiteheads or spots on his pe...
tatha | Last answer
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