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18883338 tn?1469256237
By crazy4critters1111
My mother in law fed her off of her plate and now she ONLY wants human food mostly nasty ole lunchmeat ~ I tried tuna...
Avatar f tn
By Dandelionn
My cat is about 15 years old, he's a little over weight but not enough so that the vet is worried about it. He's neve...
Avatar m tn
By AstarJb
I recently got a 5 month old kitten and i notice he has alot of black dirt/flea eggs?? in his fur and itching alot. S...
514349 tn?1272805233
debodunJul 21
By debodun
Two weeks ago, I had one of my 16 year old cats to the vet. She palpated a mass in his abdomen and couldn't tell if i...
Avatar n tn
CML2014Jul 21
OragummiJun 22, 2013
FurballsMomMar 29, 2011
japanpaulMar 28, 2011
By FeMerican Blank
I've had my 5-month-old kitten, Koali, since he was 5 weeks old. when his mother started rejecting him. He was the on...
5886089 tn?1376166477
CML2014Jul 21
CML2014Jun 17, 2014
PiparskeggrJun 17, 2014
SamXDJun 16, 2014
By msmouseee Blank
Hi there! I’m fostering a kitten for my local animal shelter named Boo. I received her, 3 other kittens (boys) an...
Avatar f tn
By Thekittenladynikki
I have a very young kitten about 10 to 11 weeks old he was thrown against a wall very hard by a three yr old now he h...
Avatar n tn
SanchezkittyOct 20, 2015
opus88BlankJul 10, 2013
catlover331Jul 10, 2013
bridget869Apr 23, 2013
By angelle321 Blank
If a 5 week old, 1.6 lb. kitten had some sort of head injury that was causing seizures, what would be the most likely...
Avatar n tn
AppleBrJul 12
Jade59BlankJul 11
By mtmbres
Is this site for animals or humans
18754404 tn?1468667960
By MissingMyMotts
About six months ago I lost the most important thing in my life, my black cat Motley. She was only about seven years ...
Avatar n tn
opus88BlankApr 30
Cathleen5Apr 30
Vail76Sep 22, 2015
opus88BlankSep 10, 2015
By Leanne0702 Blank
I am at a loss for what is happening to one of my cats. A little history.. Kodiak is a 12 year old all black domesti...
168348 tn?1379360675
By ChitChatNine
At what point do I transition my 10 week old kitten to 2 times a day feeding? I've been feeding AM/PM with kitten moi...
Avatar m tn
CML2014Jul 10
CML2014Jul 07
Jade59BlankJul 06
By Amerson
I took my cat Betsy to the Vet because she had a terrible Ragged cough that would literally take her breathe and I co...
874521 tn?1424120397
opus88BlankJul 09
CML2014Jul 09
Jade59BlankJul 07
AppleBrJul 07
By opus88Blank
Many birthdays Sami turns 12, my baby Abby turns one...and my daughter...well I won't say lol. I know bo...
Avatar f tn
Dee1956Jul 02
Jade59BlankJul 01
Dee1956Jul 01
Jade59BlankJun 29
By angiesmom Blank
Hello Everyone, I was asked to post my information and video about Convenia here. This drug isn't safe due to how...
5755920 tn?1373671588
CML2014Aug 13, 2014
Jada72Aug 12, 2014
Liddy10Apr2014Apr 10, 2014
By ZeroJelly Blank
About a week Ago, My Cat(about 5 years) Stopped Eating and drinking completely, She no longer uses her litter box and...
7469840 tn?1409849436
CML2014Jul 07
AppleBrJul 04
Jade59BlankJul 03
By hepc4Sandi
I had posted here about my 8 year old Siamese having a fat lip, which turned out to be eosinophilic granuloma complex...
Avatar m tn
opus88BlankJul 05
By Catorsis
My cat has constipation, I believe. She hasn't passed any stool since morning as per her routine to do so every morni...
506791 tn?1439846583
Jade59BlankJun 23
opus88BlankJun 20
By Piparskeggr
Our sweetie has made it another half a year anniversary of her birth, under our care. From what we know of her ear...
506791 tn?1439846583
opus88BlankJul 01
AppleBrJul 01
Jade59BlankJun 29
By Piparskeggr
Today is the second anniversary of the rescue by a small group of dedicated volunteers of Buff, Cooper and 3 siblings...
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