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Today marks 7 1/2 years since Miss Teia joined out family. Anita said she spent much of the afternoon with Teia in her lap. Missy T had ...
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What she came home with the shelter was originally thought to be a bad ear infection actually is a lower-canal ear polyp .. poor little k...
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Hey my cat people. Our boy Spike died almost a month ago. His sister Sookie was with him from wombmates to the day we had to help h...
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I have a 10 year-old, orange, shorthair, indoor (though we could have tracked anything indoors on our shoes), female cat. Approximate...
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Our 15 year old female cat has developed a solid mass in the last 7 months. In January our vet did not feel it and last week when we took...
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My two cats are 16 year old neutered males, brothers from the same litter. A few times recently, I've caught one going through the motion...
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My cat usually lies next to me and purrs. We have a very high bed and he was not jumping up on it any more. I noticed a limp in his back ...
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Oh my poor baby boy! Its been a while since I've been on here and I can't get into my old profile,,,but my poor Beener. What's going on w...
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For the past couple of months I have been feeding my cat dry food until recently I discovered a dry food diet is not the healthiest for c...
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She has been lethargic for two days. I've been feeding her some kitty formula and water through an eye dropper. Cheek just swelled up tod...
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He isn't running a temperature and isn't lethargic. I had decided it was his cat food after I ran out of Hairball Control food and repl...
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We just adopted a little sweet kitten from a shelter (she was in a foster home) and we've been feeding her science diet for kittens. She'...
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My cat is an indoor cat and has been treated for fleas recently, but I don't understand why as she never goes out. She has taken the fur...
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I am at a loss for what is happening to one of my cats. A little history.. Kodiak is a 12 year old all black domestic female cat. She h...
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Miss Teia has had a several good patrols Outside this week, one out Front lasted over half an hour. She even sat and watched as people a...
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My cat's name is Kitty and is 3 years old. We have nerf guns in our house and he likes to chew on them. One day, he started vomiting a lo...
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The love of my life Bella, a 7 year old grey tabby has this weird scab-like substance under her chin and around her neck. She has been sc...
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I am having some issues with my 3 1/2 year old cat. She is pooping on the basement floor every so often. daily as of lately. Litter has r...
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My boyfriend has a cat that comes by his house everyday and it has a massive oozing cut next to its ear and the ear has hair loss and loo...
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I posted about a week ago about my cat rubbing her face in things after her teeth extraction (24 teeth out, jaw was slightly fractured fr...
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