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I have 8 rescues when I moved to this neighborhood I had no cats and no intention of it. That was 5 yrs ago and in that time my heart would just break for all the unwanted litters of kittens ,pets that are abandoned or just took for a wa...
Avagail | Last answer
I was playing with my cat and her claw got caught in her toy. She freaked out and pulled her claw right out. I know cats shed claws, this is not the case. She has a small bump around half the size of a pea on top of her paw where the cla...
FrankZappa | Last answer
Our cat has been avoiding the use of his back left foot for the past 2 days. I tried to look at it, but he was very cautious in letting me get close, and pulled it away several times. I wasn't able to see any visible cuts or blood or an...
pdxberry | Last answer
5 years ago today, Teia sat in Anita's lap for the first time. She had been with us just over 19 months. Here's the link to the picture: http://www.medhelp.org/user_photos/show/654204?personal_page_id=40606
Piparskeggr | Last answer
My cat is 10 years old, she was spayed at 2 and ever since then her belly has been a large round shape, she is 9 pounds and always has been (she was the runt of the litter). Ever since yesterday she has sort of been hiding (not necessari...
Lonna_a | Last answer
My cat is two years old and was hit by a car and fractured her lower jaw in two. It is a closed fracture and was wired together four days ago. She eats when I feed her with a syringe orally but what worries me is that she constantly keep...
gringalina | Last answer
Please help. Last night, my cat started vomiting up her. She vomited in rounds usually in three different spots at a time. This continued into the morning. I woke up this morning to find out that she seems to have had diarrhea once and t...
jazzlynh | Last comment
My cat will not eat or drink and hes dehydrated but is refusing to drink or eat. His nose is dry and he wont move. he also will not use the bathroom even if he tries he cant. please help
ReaRea4456 | Last answer
I feed a lot of strays at my door and i have captured most of them and had them needled and neutered even though it was hard as they are kind of wild. Now one of them is sick and has gooey eyes. He eats but I can tell he is sick. None of...
catsandninetails | Last answer
My cat was put on Mirtazapine today because he's not eating. He will take a couple of bites of food then stop eating. I gave him his first 7 mg dose at about 3:00 and stil nothing. I've tried everything, Fancy Feast, baby food, tuna, chi...
Ldymorgn | Last comment
I just had my 7 month old spayed yesterday. She was out of it the entire night. She peed herself. This morning I went to check on her and she is definitely moving way more than she did yesterday. But her eyes just look different and she ...
ExpectingaRedhead | Last answer
My kittens are just now 6 months of age. Two boys and one girl. They ALL are suckling on one another. Actually, one boy attempts to suckle on his brother, mom, auntie and sister...Brother sleeps through it, sister loves it and auntie all...
Violetkat | Posted
My kitten got a severe head trauma 2 days ago and ive been told she is brain damaged and has swelling on the brain. The vet has let me bring her home because she does know when you're there and still purs and responds to touch but her h...
TaraBryan | Last answer
Does anyone know the dosage of powdered acyclovir for a 7lb cat? My little one, "Leroy Jethro Gibbs" is having a pretty tough time of it and I want to help him get better soon!
jannicat | Last answer
I have a six-year old female domestic short hair oriental mix who started limping about a year ago. Her right front leg seemed to be injured. She has been seen by my vet, who treated her for a short time with steroids, with no improvem...
millej | Last comment
Hello Everyone. Melinda here. My almost 11-year-old dark calico Sookie has a concentrated small area of scabs on her back a couple of inches above her tail. They are healing but not completely yet. I noticed her bathing herse...
slaytheday | Last comment
Hello, About 2 weeks ago I got a new female kitten and she is about 3 months old, while I already had an 8 year old female cat. The kitten when i got her was in a room full of other kittens so she's used to other cats. Before the kitten...
reineeday | Last answer
Since surgery yesterday, she isn't eating or drinking very much and NOT using the litter box. I called the vet but she isn't concerned. Should I be worried ??
ReggieKirk | Last answer
His 4 paws are puffy and spongy and the right front pad bleeds intermittently. The vet is leaning toward plasma cell pododermatitis and may want to do a biopsy. Can the diagnosis be made without a biopsy and start a treatment empirica...
johnandbruce | Last comment
I recently adopted a kitten from a local animal shelter, he is a gray/brown tabby about 13 weeks old now, I got him last week. 3 weeks prior to adopting Gideon my last cat passed away from Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia at only 3 years old,...
Gideon313 | Last answer
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