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Hi all: I'm here for some recommendations. I have a 10 YO male cat, super healthy. Last Sunday (five days ago), I noticed one pupil was dilated. He often explores in the basement, so it's likely that he got into some dusty areas. He's al...
BlueEyedGemini | Last comment
My Daughter has a cat, 11 years old that has Ocular sarcoma. The prognosis does not look good. He has been on Neoplasene with no results and the Doctor went in this morning and tried to remove some of the cancer since it was bulging in ...
candylkeme | Last answer
my girl venus, has been acting stranger than usual the past few days. granted she's an odd girl. but lately she's been acting like she's in heat. she is spayed. i've had other female cats (all spayed) that have never acted like this. she...
heatherlynn22 | Last answer
The love of my life Bella, a 7 year old grey tabby has this weird scab-like substance under her chin and around her neck. She has been scratching constantly for nearly 3 days now. When I examine it, she doesn't seem to mind or act like s...
gia3747 | Last answer
Hi, Coco is 19 now. I have had her since she's been about 4 weeks old. I seen she was pawing at her mouth about 3 months ago and took her to the vet. Vet said she had a chipped fang tooth but no infection. Her bladder was a little ...
satori14u | Last answer
Hello everyone, I would like to ask if i am still protected from the anti rabies vaccine, I had may vaccine shot last may 5 and last vaccine is june 4, and i have another shot last august 11, I had exposure to cat today, the ...
Rabrabiescared | Last answer
As some of you already knows, after her bladder surgery and e - collar time and stress she never returned to her normal routine, being outside by itself during the day. She nows spend all the time she's alone inside the house. But thi...
AppleBr | Last answer
I have a 13 year old tabby cat, whenever he eats anything he will throw it up within the next couple of mins. He does not like to eat out of his bowl and has to be hand fed for about a year now. He mostly eats different kids of dried cat...
Binki123 | Last answer
I have a cat that is almost 3 yrs old. When he was 8 weeks old, he got into an ant bed. I bathed him and got him all cleaned up. Within a day he lost one of his front teeth, which made his main "fang" tooth grow straight out. Other t...
Susan_W | Last answer
My family has recently had a new member to the family. We have a 3 or 4 month old kitten (L.B.) from a family that's cat had a litter. Everything was going ok for the first bit. She slept in my room and had a liter and food there too. So...
Diablo3998 | Last comment
adopted a new kitty yesterday.....woke this morning to find her drooling like crazy and kinda standoffish. Idk what to do.
spider6 | Last comment
We have 2 cats and 2 dogs. All of our pets have been with us since babies. They get along great. My boy cat is now 7 years old. He recently had a check up and blood test all was normal. I just don't understand why he goes on our bed ...
crazybeats | Last answer
My cat has started dry heafing when we let him sniff our food just like your basic dinners .. Even from a few feet away he does this just by us pointing the fork in his direction .. Strange
Mikeyczz | Last answer
I use magnesium chloride spray on my skin and notices that my cat loves to lick it off my arms. I'm wondering if this could mean he's deficient in magnesium and if it could be beneficial to him? Or could it be harmful because of struvite...
Bula56 | Last answer
Hi all, I finally decided to adopt an awesome 2 year old! I love him already, but he has shown the ability to be quite adventurous which has me a bit worried. I am leaning towards getting one of these devices so I am not as paranoid h...
LarryYT | Last answer
She has not acted normal since. She has been throwing up, had blood in her stool and wont eat or drink. Been back to the vet 3 times and she is currently there being watched. We are baffled....xrays shows no intestinal blockage. My poor...
ellie1361 | Last answer
My cat will continue to poop in one spot even with me putting him around it and spanking him. After I put the litter box in that spot he picks a new spot! How do I get him to stop doing this?!
Tamera16swafford | Last comment
our cat has a blister on her lower lip....is it something that we should be worried about. can our dog gey it....we bleached all the dog and cat bowls and her litter box please gst back to me thank oyu, nancy davis
nancy400 | Last answer
Blue Buffalo Company, Ltd. Voluntarily Recalls Limited Production of Kitty Yums Chicken Recipe Cat Treats Due to the Presence of Propylene Glycol http://www.fda.gov/Safety/Recalls/ucm471748.htm?source=govdelivery&utm_medium=email&utm_...
MH Community Mgr | Last answer
Hello, I am in need of some knowledgeable advice. Nearly 5 years ago we adopted a rescue maine ****. The people we got her from were not honest with us when we took her. They told us she had been rehomed many, many times and but did n...
furryangel | Last answer
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