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My 12 year old son was totally healthy, athletic until 8 weeks ago when a bout of diarrhea started a 8 week long battle with severe abdominal pain, fever, hives, leg aches, numbness and more. He tested positive for the gluten antibody a...
Brandan42001 | Last answer
I Had 4 Miscarriages Before I Had My Daughter 9 Months Ago. Then Another Miscarriage In December And Now Started Having My 6Th Miscarriage last week At 7 Weeks, I have hoshimotos thyroiditis and take thyroid meds and vitamin d but my en...
feather180 | Last answer
Hi, I feel a little silly being in the Celiac forum without a real confirmation, but here it goes: -My mom has refractory Celiac. I've had extreme stomach issues on and off and have had every test known to human kind, it feels like! ...
7pumpkin | Last answer
Hello everyone! I am a 24 year old women, BMI of 20 (so you know I'm not under or overweight). I've had digestion and other health problems my whole life; went gluten free about 4 years ago after restricting gluten seemed to help some...
ashwhoas | Last answer
I have had stomach issues since I was a child. I am now 26. My GP that I just started seeing a year ago now thinks I have celiac disease after losing 13 pounds in a month and being really sick with the nausea,diarrhea and vomiting. I als...
mama23babies | Last answer
I'm a 24 year old female & I've always felt 'iffy' after eating bread (especially white) & pasta - I get bloated & acid reflux. But over the last few weeks I've never felt so sickly! I stupidly ate pasta 3 days in a row & I've never f...
laydeechaz | Last answer
I have celiacs disease but one weekend i ate recklessly .pizza .pasta.Two cheeseburgers from McDonalds.alcohol ..i woke up a day or two after and threw up yellow soo discustingly tasty stuff. bile ?? Now I'm on day two of a very i am blo...
sweetroxy | Last answer
Since May of 2009 I have had 7 surgeries. I have been in and out of the Hospital more than 15 times. I have had part of my small bowel removed twice. I have constant nausea daily, 24/7. I have been to more than 7 doctors and no one c...
jillstras | Last answer
I had a colonoscopy last wk..Everything came out normal, but now I am getting a watery blood residu in my clothes and a discharge when I go to the bathroom..Is this serious or just a side effect?
mykids03 | Posted
My 4 year old daughter was just diagnosed with gastroparesis, duodenitis and celiac disease and also gas bloat syndrome. Will going gluten free and getting the celiac disease under control help or even eliminate gastroparesis? She is cur...
pistol0802 | Last answer
my blood test showed my lipase was at 611..what could this mean?
cheryl2116 | Last answer
My daughter started getting constant nausea, stomach pain and headache last easter , gradually got worse for 3 months - tested for lots of standard stuff (Inc coeliacs and ultrasound) - all negative. After she was taken off Gluten gradua...
msleonard | Last answer
When i was a child i was diagnosed with celiac, im 21 years old now, and not eating gluten free, havn for a long time, Feel pretty crappy most f the time.. (mostly depressed and high anxietys) but back to the point, for the past 5 months...
Zachariah11 | Last answer
How are you diagnosed with Celiac's?
jduvall80 | Last answer
I have Celiac, but worse is my constipation. I am finally getting a Gastrografin enema study since they can't get a colonoscope through, but the nurse at the ordering doctor's office inadvertently gave me a UTI by wiping back to front (...
Caryopteris | Last answer
I have celiac disease and am suffering from stomach pain every time I eat at all. My stomach swells and is more pronounced on the right side
Eruth46 | Last answer
Dear Ms *********, my daughter's cord blood screening came back homocygous for DQA1*0501 and DQB1*0201 which is associated to an early onset and a severe clinical course of coeliac disease. Our paediatrician suggested to keep her ...
leillani | Posted
I have had celiac for about five years now, and recently just started using this app. I was wondering what a good amount of carbohydrates, fats, and proteins is for a women my size. Height 5'0 and weigh 107? I see my summaries at the end...
Lillinds1023 | Posted
I've been having foul smelling burps for the last three days
grandmabev | Posted
I am newly diagnosed Celiac. It has officially been just one week on my gluten-free diet, and I am already frustrated. I'm hungry, which doesn't make the process of finding appropriate snacks or meals any easier. I hate cooking, love sna...
veenss01 | Last answer
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