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Before committing to testing, I am looking to get any information and guidance as I can. My daughter is 2.5 years old and I have a gut feeling that something is wrong and it is going undiagnosed. She has had a very distended tummy since ...
concernedmommy81 | Last answer
My son has Downs Syndrome and Autism and has had some major changes in the last few months which ended with hospitalisation and a discharge with constipation and gas!!! I felt sure it was thyroid related - but jsut had the all clear on ...
Whatawoman72 | Last answer
Dear All, I'm Samuel, 28 years old, 90 Kg. I have a problem with my muscles specially in my hands and foots. one month ago, I had a strong cough and I couldn't take my breath at nigh and after I took cough medicine and now I'm 95% rec...
emadsamuel | Posted
after eating I feel like I can not breath, then start gaging (gasping for air) and usually end up vomiting. The vomit consist of phlem (snotty looking stuff) and stomach contents. My nose will flow with snot at the same time. Some tim...
capman490 | Last answer
So I've eaten spinach wraps before. I usually add lettuce, lactose free cheese, and a gluten free, all natural dressing. This weekend I made a wrap at night and was sick 30 min later. I had terrible cramps, upper stomach area. I was also...
Rawerr | Posted
I am considering getting a tattoo as a medical alert, however I have Celiac and have had 1 tattoo artist tell me that the ink is not safe. Is that true? Is there safe inks for those of us with Celiac?
jadobson | Last answer
Hi I am a 28yr old female and I've recently had some issues with my digestion. Well, first of all if I eat something high in gluten such as pasta or bread within less than an hour of eating it I experience a range of painful cramps in...
Lotus266012 | Last answer
Hi: I was diagnosed with celiac disease a year ago. Since going gluten free, I have had occasions where meat, usually beef but sometimes pork, tastes rotten and smells rotten to me. Everyone else has tried it and says it tastes okay to...
Frootloopa | Posted
i have excess gas, pain in the right quadrant which changes from time to time: sometimes at minimum level, sometimes hard. i have hp ylori infection, for which i completed the treatment and will do a test in a few weeks to see if still ...
6man6 | Posted
Hi, I'm 21 and I have been having problems for about 3 months now and was wondering if these symptoms sound like celiac or gluten intolerance, and can symptoms be different? At the moment I'm not experiencing bloating/distension half as ...
sam9232 | Last answer
Does anybody have any idea how much sugar and especially the man made one effects the human body. After years Of being ill 22. I have found how bad it is ,gas bloating, feeding bacteria foggy brain stiff joints ex. It can appear to se...
Casso121 | Posted
I've learned, to my own personal satisfaction, that I am gluten-intolerant. I started eating a gluten-free diet about two months ago, with almost immediate improvement in symptoms. I went casein-free about one month ago and noticed eve...
skydnsr | Last answer
Does anyone know what a weak positive blood test means. I have had health problems for seven years doctors thought I had cystic fibrosis,but the gene wasn't present. The sweat test came back borderline though. Just looking for answers.if...
laylay19 | Last answer
I have celiac disease, past 2 years have had increasing severe back, hip and leg pain. Recent MRI showed mangioma in several different areas of my spine. What is mangioma? Can this cause the severe back pain?
30plus | Last answer
I've had cramping with greasy bowels for years and exhaustion and have low vitamin D, low calcium and NAFLD liver disease which are symptoms of CSD. is a blood test the best way to detect celiac sprue disease? does glutamine supplement...
ill13632 | Last answer
Hi I am being tested for coeliac disease, I have received some blood test results back but are unsure of what they mean Deamidated Gliadin IgA <1 u/ml (<15) Deamidated Gliadin IgG <1 u/ml (<15) Tissue Transglutaminase IgA <1 u/ml...
therese101 | Posted
My husband cut out eating all gluten in October. His IBS, GERD, and rheumatoid arthritis completely went away. In January, he snuck a piece of pizza and the next day he had gas like he ate 50 cans of beans, and diarrhea. Then a few days ...
threehappypenguins | Last answer
So I was diagnosed with Celiac at the age of 27 I have stayed away from gluten got rid of all gluten contains products in my home my children and my husband go out to eat if they want something with bread ( hamburgers etc. ) I just had a...
Leafy_eater | Last answer
I found out monday through a blood test that im gluten sensitive.... or celiac . i've got a bunch of food and am still learning.. my only problem before was just frequent bowel movements and or diarreah. i feel like going gluten free im...
jlhoney37 | Last answer
Okay I am 17 a female. I have been tested for Celiac disease and it was found negative. but i have severe stomach issues. And so do you think docs tested me wrong considering i basically have all the symptoms?
ethel9619 | Last answer
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