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Ok, first off, I am extremely worried about this. I am either way going to ask my doctor, but hopefully someone or others have had the same experience. I have noticed that every time I have sex with my boyfriend, I begin to bleed. this...
Extrmly_Worried | Last answer
I am 55 years old with family history of breast cancer. I've had a lot of scares in the past several years and have multiple MRIs, breast ultrasounds, and diagnostic mammograms. Something new has shown up on my mammograms each year fo...
svanhoo1 | Last answer
I had cervical cancer (2009) . I was over radiated. Since, after slow deteriation, I had to have most of my intestines removed and a colostomy. The doctor (different then my cancer doctors thru er) made it so I could have it reversed. Th...
Tsferrets | Last answer
32, not pregnant, not on birth control. Any other causes for daily watery/bloody/small clots discharge? Discharge was daily watery yellow/brown before it turned into watery/bloody/pink. Please tell me any other reasons for this other ...
Katie35801 | Last answer
Hi I had a colposcopy and LLETZ Friday at 1.40pm, the abnormal cells was high risk dyskaryosis and it was more widespread, I had brownish discharge as I was told for over 24hrs then at about 7.30-8.00 pm last night(Saturday) 30hrs later ...
shaz39 | Last answer
Hi..awhile back I had a abnormal pap and I found out that I have per cancerous cells growing on my cervix which was in stage 1.last month my period came on a week early. I didn't think anything of it because I figured its a new year,new ...
missdale2012 | Last answer
I had PAP test done last week and my gyno called me yesterday and told me that I have some changes and that the PAP test showed CIN2, some virus infection he said. He suggested that I do one more PAP after one month and biopsy and he sai...
Sagittarius | Last answer
I have a had a normal pap smear two years in a row, and have been found to be hpv positive twice in a row. I'm 35 years old. I have only recently become sexually active again (in the last 2 years). I've now been referred for a colposcopy...
KUDBEME | Last answer
Had my tubes tied in 2003 but bit feels like i have something moving in stomach feel it under ribs an the lower part o abdomen rite now I feel it on both ribs and under belly button I have nodes in belly button an along ribs I also get s...
notstagenumberplz | Last answer
Hi, I've been stressing out lately because of my abnormal light bleeding although it is not my period. I consulted a doctor and was diagnosed with bacterial vaginosis, pap smear also indicated that result is negative for intraepithelial ...
JLo_24 | Last answer
While pregnant with my last child I got diagnosed with what I believe is called stage four or phase four( the last phase before cancer?) Cervical dysplasia. Two years prior I had a clean and clear pap. I had the leep procedure done but h...
crzybartender | Last answer
I had a leep procedure done a week and 2 days ago and I took a pregnacy test yesterday 3x and they all came back positive. I calculated how far long I am .. 4w 4d. Has anyone had a leep procedure done and not know they were pregnant, ...
chey22 | Last answer
My partner accidentally penetrated my urethra instead of my vagina during intercourse. It wasn't painful but it was slightly uncomfortable and i didn't realise it was my urethra until after sex. And it feels a little weird when i pee. ...
Sherryfair1 | Last answer
I'm 23 years old and for the past 5 years I've had to get a pap at least every 6 months, sometimes it would only be 3 months in between. At 13 I had the HPV vaccine but I have NEVER had a pap come back normal and don't have any clue as t...
worried_mama4 | Last answer
I'm a 43 yrlod woman I have had a test on ovaries I have a garrapefruit size first on my left one n its been four yrs what are the sings
channon43 | Last answer
I recently had a pap that came back bad. I had a biopsy done this past week and have an apt. in 2 weeks for the results. I'm at high risk for cancer since it runs on my mom's side of the family and I have the "high risk" virus. This is d...
tommygrl | Last answer
my wife was dx with endometriosis two years ago. 6 months after hysterectomy for stage 1 1/2 tumor, she had a small spot on her vagina. Dr said, we will treat it with radiation. 25 external and 3 internal sessions. the only side...
ppmguy | Last answer
I am 41 years old and have started spotting between my period. (dark brown discharges) Definitely not pregnant and last thyroid check and cancer markers was fine. very stressed last few months. any ideas? Gynaes not really available wher...
debscutting | Last answer
I am 33 mother of to natural births 14 and 6 I was doing a cervical check which I do from time to time and found a hard pea size lump on my cervical wall I have had 2 irregular pap smears when I was pregnant with my 6 year old and 1 when...
worriedmother33 | Last answer
how did I get cervical cancer
AnthonyCashman | Last answer
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