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This patient support community is for discussions relating to child behavior, discipline (behavior management), parent-child communications, and social development.

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By nicole_H1027 Blank
I am 14 years old and i have been battling lice for almost a year. A YEAR. My mom can't find anything that works. I h...
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By KeriMichelle1984
So, my abuse started when I was 6 and ended when I was about abuser was 12 when it started and about 15 when...
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Tnmom411Jun 09
SteveRLMay 17
LindMMay 16
Sandman2BlankApr 19
By smith020208
My wife and I have a 6 year old daughter and last week she began crying on the way to school and confessing to my wif...
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Sandman2BlankJun 09
MommaHof3Jun 08
SteveRLFeb 15
Lisa397Feb 03
Sandman2BlankJul 31, 2015
By debz1111 Blank
is it normal for 8 year old girls not to clean after going to the toilet? My 8 year old will not wipe properly and h...
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EpsonTVJun 06
EpsonTVJun 06
LiliBirdMar 29
24meJan 01, 2008
savikDec 31, 2007
By LaurenRose Blank
My Boyfriends sister-in-law gives her daughter baby wipes & allows her to eat them when she trys.. what are the dange...
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Sandman2BlankJun 06
By JLBwbamc
How can I help him deal with the anger issues before seeking professional help?
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JLBwbamcJun 06
Sandman2BlankNov 07, 2015
Mamatinker27Nov 07, 2015
Sandman2BlankSep 11, 2015
By Mommaoffour Blank
I have been having quite a time with my 5 year old son. He is the youngest of my four children and has been displayi...
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Sandman2BlankJun 05
Sandman2BlankMay 30
Sandman2BlankMay 30
By msneu23
I am new but curious as to others opinions. My step son is 9. His father and I have been together and married going o...
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By jamjam2016
We have a preschooler who threatens to kill, burn, etc, hurts other kids, hit, spits, bites, head butts, and will sti...
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TawniSJun 02
Sandman2BlankSep 03, 2015
Flip27Sep 01, 2015
annmanooJun 23, 2015
Sandman2BlankNov 07, 2014
By Victor547 Blank
My nephew is 11 years old. He is always pooping his pants and he smells all the time. His parents have taken him to...
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By Breeze73190
I was just pulled into the office aylt my four year olds school because he was talking about sexual things. She would...
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By 7mompa Blank
I am looking for opinions and help. I have calls into counselors for my daughter - so she will be getting one. My d...
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By Florient16
I walked in to see why my 8 year old daughters door was closed to find her best friend with her shirt off and my daug...
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el_em_en_ohMar 19, 2014
RockRoseMar 18, 2014
RockRoseMar 18, 2014
el_em_en_ohMar 18, 2014
By el_em_en_oh Blank
9 y/o little girl co-sleeping with her mother (and my girlfriend), and will absolutely not settle for her mother not ...
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By natesmom616 Blank
I hope that I'm in the correct forum for this. I have a 6 year old (7) in June of this year who does not like to poo...
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emma7075May 30
nightwolf11949Jul 11, 2012
dariana89Jul 11, 2012
nightwolf11949Mar 05, 2012
answers1122May 18, 2010
By BLH525 Blank
My son is 5 yrs old & he likes to touch & smell ladies' feet. He doesn't do it to me & he always hides when he does ...
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Sandman2BlankAug 07, 2014
bigpapa12Aug 07, 2014
nj15804Dec 06, 2013
By JPJonz Blank
My spouse and I are having tremendous problems with our 4 year old son's aggressive / violent behavior towards both o...
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RockRoseMay 29
By jadeofeye
This 7 year old girl (and her infant brother) are going home every day to a woman who tells them never to speak to me...
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Sandman2BlankMay 26
AbsqueenMar 22, 2014
Mmarkey19695Mar 18, 2014
By Swirlharmony Blank
Hi. I just walked in in my two so s who are 7 and 8, one was sucking his brothers penis in bed. They both hid under...
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Ldavis19Feb 18, 2015
rionolMay 29, 2012
thebombmom0528Jul 16, 2011
adhd3Oct 21, 2010
By Alexasmommy Blank
i have worked really hard to raise my daughter to be a kind, thoughtful person who is well mannered and respectful. A...
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