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This patient support community is for discussions relating to child behavior, discipline (behavior management), parent-child communications, and social development.

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LiliBirdMar 29
24meJan 01, 2008
savikDec 31, 2007
savikDec 31, 2007
redneckmomDec 31, 2007
By LaurenRose Blank
My Boyfriends sister-in-law gives her daughter baby wipes & allows her to eat them when she trys.. what are the dange...
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Sandman2BlankMar 27
lmoe1211Mar 21
MadlaaFeb 23
By sandra5263 Blank
Our 10 year old son is exceptionally rude, grumpy and disrespectful and defiant at home. This tends to peak at half ...
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sadmollyMar 26
Cari23Jan 10, 2008
redneckmomJan 09, 2008
RockRoseJan 09, 2008
ericnjen1113Jan 09, 2008
By ericnjen1113 Blank
Our 8 year old son has been vomiting after every meal. This is not like vomiting with the flu-it just stays in his m...
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kikaibearJun 24, 2011
pjcontrerasJul 09, 2007
Cleveland MomJul 08, 2007
starmommy2Jul 08, 2007
By starmommy2 Blank
My family just came for a visit and my almost 4 year old nephew has Sensory Integration Disorder. The whole time he w...
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Sandman2BlankMar 25
By michele223 Blank
We are on Risperdal for my 8 yr old son's anger. He also takes tenex for his tics and attention and prozac for his an...
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cmropenMar 24
Sandman2BlankMar 23
By swebber07
We are looking for resources for a 9 year old who has been tentatively diagnosed with Conversion Disorder. I have cal...
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Sandman2BlankMar 24
Sandman2BlankMar 23
SteveRLMar 21
By Momofdom1
My son is five, he refuses to poo in the toilet. We went to a specialist who said hes pooping himself because he is ...
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margypopsSep 06, 2011
arizonacrystalSep 06, 2011
margypopsSep 06, 2011
teddybears4ever2Sep 06, 2011
By arizonacrystal Blank
I potty trained my son at 2 1/2 he did very well for the first few months. But after a few month he started to pee hi...
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Sandman2BlankMar 23
By tiffinTN
I am new to this, but have ran out of options. I am happily married for 5 years now. Between my husband and I we ha...
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emi995Sep 06, 2013
ginny60May 17, 2012
savikDec 21, 2007
athugDec 21, 2007
By ::taylor-A-:: Blank
My 14 year old daughter has 2 older sisters, me (her mom) and a dog. We live in a 2 story house, she and her other s...
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jamreuMar 21
donnadpApr 24, 2015
Tanner29Oct 11, 2014
awhsApr 04, 2013
sisbbbbMar 28, 2008
By mwi Blank
My seven year old has been licking his hands/ fingers for several weeks. It appears to be very compulsive with a lac...
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RockRoseMar 20
RockRoseMar 20
By pearl2233
So I just gave birth to my newborn baby a month ago and recently confessed to my spouse whom I have a child with alre...
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sweetheartmaryMar 12, 2012
specialmomAug 15, 2009
dggroomAug 15, 2009
By dggroom Blank
I have 3 step children from my marriage of 4 years. Since my husband and I begin dating his kids have had issues with...
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SmorleyFeb 29
jamonicaJan 31
herbymomof2Apr 23, 2015
bseverino85Apr 11, 2012
By nalla Blank
Hi, my daughter is 3 (will be 4 next month) and every night she gets out of her bed and will sleep on the floor. She ...
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Sel0814Mar 16
lhughesMay 19, 2008
rilbrianneMay 19, 2008
lhughesMay 19, 2008
lhughesMay 19, 2008
By rilbrianne Blank
My daughter is 16 months old, I'm going to list the issues I have with her behavior... because some have been since b...
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SteveRLMar 16
Myblom28Mar 07
snail83Jan 28, 2014
IrwinStoneOct 14, 2010
margypopsOct 14, 2010
By concerned1112 Blank
Family from out of town visited our home for about a week. The evening they left, my 3 1/2 year old daughter told me...
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AntwillJan 11
ThrillySep 25, 2015
AgentXXXMay 16, 2015
Yo_Mama1234Jun 09, 2014
By gamer_parent Blank
my son has been in his room more often scince i got him a laptop. That was when he was ten now i have security cams i...
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DbtbladesDec 23, 2015
Charley28Oct 14, 2015
Sandman2BlankJul 04, 2015
ChicapeeJul 04, 2015
By maoneal1s Blank
My son is 5 years old. He has been making repetitive noises throughout the day for about a week now. The sounds are a...
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momma007Mar 12
Sandman2BlankSep 10, 2012
experienced1978Sep 10, 2012
noname1971Dec 19, 2011
margypopsFeb 23, 2011
By trulystumped Blank
My husband and I have a daughter together that just turned 3 a week ago. I have 4 step-children from my husband. He...
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Pr7Mar 09
Nirka1101Nov 14, 2014
mistylarsFeb 25, 2014
mike358Oct 10, 2013
A_SanteMar 08, 2013
By sierra1 Blank
My 7 year old son is shaking his head every couple on second. We thought it is because he needed a hear cut. we took ...
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