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This patient support community is for discussions relating to child behavior, discipline (behavior management), parent-child communications, and social development.

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SteveRLMar 16
Myblom28Mar 07
snail83Jan 28, 2014
IrwinStoneOct 14, 2010
margypopsOct 14, 2010
By concerned1112 Blank
Family from out of town visited our home for about a week. The evening they left, my 3 1/2 year old daughter told me...
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AntwillJan 11
ThrillySep 25, 2015
AgentXXXMay 16, 2015
Yo_Mama1234Jun 09, 2014
By gamer_parent Blank
my son has been in his room more often scince i got him a laptop. That was when he was ten now i have security cams i...
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DbtbladesDec 23, 2015
Charley28Oct 14, 2015
Sandman2BlankJul 04, 2015
ChicapeeJul 04, 2015
By maoneal1s Blank
My son is 5 years old. He has been making repetitive noises throughout the day for about a week now. The sounds are a...
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momma007Mar 12
Sandman2BlankSep 10, 2012
experienced1978Sep 10, 2012
noname1971Dec 19, 2011
margypopsFeb 23, 2011
By trulystumped Blank
My husband and I have a daughter together that just turned 3 a week ago. I have 4 step-children from my husband. He...
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Pr7Mar 09
Nirka1101Nov 14, 2014
mistylarsFeb 25, 2014
mike358Oct 10, 2013
A_SanteMar 08, 2013
By sierra1 Blank
My 7 year old son is shaking his head every couple on second. We thought it is because he needed a hear cut. we took ...
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Sandman2BlankMar 08
By Hollieb1991
My son bit his teacher and he said the bad angels told me to do it and no one can see or hear them except me he also ...
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Sandman2BlankMar 08
Sandman2BlankFeb 24
LilaTFeb 27, 2015
By gally1 Blank
I had a very intense conversation with my 5 year old daughter today. She told me that she wants to be a boy, this is...
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Sandman2BlankMar 05
RockRoseMar 04
By Teegee8180
Our 8 year old daughter has given us trouble since pre-k. All her teachers have come to us expressing serious concern...
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Sandman2BlankMar 05
getiMar 04
PapaMUSep 21, 2011
DMCT1126Jun 01, 2009
JOJO1914May 31, 2009
By DMCT1126 Blank
I recently walked in on my 5 year old son and my 3 year old grandaughter with their clothing off (instigated by my 5 ...
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Sandman2BlankMar 03
RiefqahMar 03
momneedshelp0414Oct 05, 2010
jdtmMay 09, 2008
althepal39May 09, 2008
By 5redroses Blank
I have a daughter that is struggling to complete task at home and at school in a timely manner. If you call her name ...
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Hotmom808Mar 02
Sandman2BlankJan 06
RockRoseJan 06
By Jyellybean
I am a divorced mother and my two daughters live with me. They visit their dad every other weekend. However, this Ch...
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Hotmom808Mar 02
RockRoseFeb 15
By ryeryexo
Hi, everyone. I have a 5yo daughter who is pretty well behaved but started crying for 30 mins because she says her br...
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RockRoseFeb 29
BeeLove80Feb 29
By BeeLove80
I've been searching for a way to define or label my situation because im fed up and dont know what do. I happened up...
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Sandman2BlankFeb 24
By frustrated473727
I don't know what to do. My 3 year old about to be 4 is just out of control. I'm losing my patience more and more eve...
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jmahonFeb 24
yukonmumJun 14, 2011
margypopsJun 02, 2011
AHP84Jun 02, 2011
yukonmumJun 01, 2011
By yukonmum Blank
My daughter will be six in a couple weeks and she still pees her pants almost daily and wets her bed still I had aske...
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Sandman2BlankFeb 24
MommamizFeb 23
jdtmAug 19, 2009
specialmomAug 19, 2009
By c00kie2006 Blank
My son is 9 years old (soon to be 10.) He was diagnosed with ADHD at age 5 and was recently diagnosed with OCD/Anxiet...
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RockRoseFeb 22
April2Oct 04, 2007
April2Oct 04, 2007
By April2 Blank
I wish they had a forum just for parents of teens! I'm just so frustrated right now. And I feel so alone. Most of my ...
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By JanieRN555
I dont know what i should do about my 17yr old son. He is my youngest. I have 3sons. 2 from first marriage. 24, 26. O...
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w98o23Feb 22
Dannib23Aug 22, 2015
pas20Mar 12, 2015
EruyayaOct 28, 2014
EruyayaOct 28, 2014
By mfhmsilva Blank
Hi, I have noticed that my 2 year old son when he is excited he tenses up and flexes his arms out. Sometimes he cur...
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PinkPhoenix2003Jun 06, 2015
caringmom33Mar 19, 2015
caringmom33Mar 19, 2015
Impala67Jan 16, 2015
By KAM006 Blank
My eleven year old son is afraid to sleep by himself. Up until last month he slept with us, his parents. Since school...
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