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sir , my baby girl is 20 months and she has 9.5kg weight. Since birth time she is gaining weight very slowly. After one year she attacked first conversion. After Five months she gets second. When she gets conversion her eye ba...
pbevinahal | Posted
I have a girl who just turned 2. She is scheduled for an evaluation through First Steps next week, and I am not sure if they can diagnose autistic behavior (not sure if she has it, but a concern). Also wondering if the evaluation says ...
Anya_Mom | Last answer
I have a daughter that is 11 years old is diagnosed with MR. She like to take and pull out her poop at night and also cause her self to bleed from you anus. I have taken her to many doctors and it seems no one has answer on what to do. ...
mcole70 | Posted
My daughter is 26 and still lives with me. She has ADHD and is bipolar. She can't keep a job and hasn't worked in over 8 months. I am stressed out because I come home after a 10 - 14 hour work day and she is still in bed. She is very...
MotherSuperior929 | Last answer
Hi My daughter is 5 she can't sit walk talk stand on her own she is fed by tube she has had lots and lots of test over 5 years but still don't know what's wrong with her I just need someone who can help me or now of a doctor who can tell...
carly991 | Last answer
I have concerns with my children.has anyone been in a similar situation or had a child/children with any of these problems please??!!
mumto4_9432 | Last answer
My beautiful baby was born at 36wk and 3 days. She has come on wonderfully but we cant help but worry that the development she displays is a bit behind the "norm". Being our first baby, we are not sure what to think and we question what ...
emmvee | Last answer
As a newborn my son was diagnosed with a variante form of Galactosemia (Duarte). I immediaty stopped breast feeding and then put him on soy formula. We had his levels etc. tested until he was 3 years old and all looke good. We then intro...
cmblake | Last answer
'm at a loss here! I need some advice! My 6 year old daughter was diagnosed with ADHD and OCD a couple years ago. I was raised in a time when those disorders were considered to be just an excuse for rotten kids. I never wanted to go agai...
batman_iswatchn | Last answer
Hello all, Plz I'm looking for a good center for children of special needs in the states. Any idea? & it can accept children who're not from the US. My brother's case as a special need child is getting worse. THANKS _
HiGoal | Last answer
my son has downs, adhd and autistic, he is 26yrs old and over the the past few years has become violent and aggresive towards me,I need help please
fuzzhead | Last answer
Hi, I am new to this forum. I have a thirteen year old with aspergers (high functioning). He was in a great program in our old town but we had to move because of financial reasons and the new school he has been placed in is awful. We are...
inga511 | Last answer
Yesterday, my 5 year old son and my 3 year old girl cousin were playing in the playroom, I went to check on them and she was on top of him and he had his pepe showing. When I confronted him about this he admitted to letting her touch his...
jamm23 | Last answer
My little son will be 18 months old this weekend. He is making amazing strides with his gross motor skills, cruising and testing himself, gaining balance between two pieces of furniture, making more sounds orally, and is very tall for hi...
dndwydnn | Last answer
I am a father 3 and youngest daughter is 19months old and has problems since birth we just recently had an mri of her spine done and just got a phone call from the doctor and said that noticed that there is two spots on her spine they ca...
Jimmy86 | Last answer
what are the general signs to look for in a toddler with special needs?!
cHiNa_dOlli3 | Last answer
Hi doc! My daughter is 9y/o who is experiencing on and off high fever with complaints of headache, fatigue and vomiting. She just had urinalysis which was hazy in transparency,ph 6, pus cells of 0-3hpf, rbc is 0-2, epithelial cells is fe...
Mochacin69 | Posted
Need to know, My 11 yrs brother was given 'Piracetam' & I should give it to him twice a day for six months. That's after MRI test showed that he has less oxygen in brain.. and as I told the doctor that my brother becomes so naughty...
HiGoal | Posted
My son was in a quad accident and suffered a mild brain trama, but for the past year he had shown signs of brain injury. We have been to all the specialist. My problem Medication! The doctors put him on 20 mg of Adderall during school...
Angelina Jillian | Last answer
Can they see if anything is wrong with the baby with a sonagram like mentally and are they saposed to tell you
sanantokat | Last answer
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