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My 9yr old son as been suffering with fatigue, weight loss, chronic cough, night sweats, and nausea for last 6 mths. Have been under the care of a paediatrician for nearly 3 months. Has had various blood tests completed. Eosinophil coun...
ginster | Last answer
My 6 year old has had a constant hack for over a month now. Nothing is working, have tried allergy meds, inhalers, and oral steroids. Doctor wants to send him for allergy testing. He has a dry constant hack from the time he wakes up u...
Alumbaugh | Last answer
Anyone else have a baby with food allergies that outgrew them? My dd is 16 months and allergic to soy, wheat, peanut, egg and dairy. Hoping she may someday outgrow them.
SunWorshiper_26 | Last answer
Hello all, My 5 years old daughter has this ear itchiness for many years. Seen many specialist and doctors and doesn't seems to help. She has her wax removed by doctor, and another doctor had pump warm water to remove wax too. She app...
RedbeanDaddy | Last answer
My four year old daughter three years ago never had a symptom of breathing issues. It wasn't until her mother introduced two cats and two dogs that she began to have difficulties and allergies. It was later confirmed, after I request sh...
conleyge | Last answer
my son, 12 year old has problem of itching on skin on arms, legs, stomach regions. the skin first thickens, then small spots are formed, blackish, with red center. occasionally, blood comes out of these spots due to itching. please advise.
vsn1964 | Last answer
My 6 year old has always had food allergies but yesterday he was diagnosed with severe environmental allergies. He is allergic to everything! Still trying to figure it all out. I know what to do with his food allergies, just avoid th...
llayton2010 | Last answer
I have a 5 month old son and I want to know what foods are a no no for him. Are there any ways I could test him and be safe at the same time?
Gabriel_Charlie | Last answer
Hi, I really hope somebody can help me as I'm freaking out about this. A few weeks ago I slightly opened up a tin can of tomato soup but then decided not to have it so put it back in the cupboard and forgot all about it. I found the can ...
My baby is 9 months old, I was advised to give egg yolks since it is not allergic and very nutritious. The first two times I gave her egg yolk she was fine (less than half a yolk). But then for the past two times she started vomiting a...
ahaanama | Last answer
My 3 year old has seasonal allergies and eczema. We recently got a dog. A few days later I had to rush him to the hospital cause he was having a hard time breathing. They said he had croup. My question is could he have gotten sick from t...
angie09511 | Last answer
My son has been coughing to vomitting. He uses a albuterol neb machanie, but never has threw up before when he has used it. I know that it is a side effect, but why this time is he throwing up he has never done it before when use n it?
sunshine575 | Last answer
Hi, I'm an allergy mom and I've created a site with ideas and inspiration for allergy friendly bento lunches. School lunches can be hard when you have restriction and it's even harder to make them cute, fun, and healthy. Please check...
allergy_mom | Last answer
My four year old is having a night cough problem. It really worries me as it almost sounds like she is choking when she does it. Its usually same time every night, around 2am, and lasts about five minutes. I've taken her to the doctor, a...
naryashadow | Last answer
my 4 yr old is deathly allergic to alahist or anything like it. she can take triaminic cold and allergy just fine but my problem now is it is unavailable indefinitely. I need something that is identical to the triaminic cold and allergy...
heathrhickey | Last answer
My son who is 6 started with hacking cough for about 2 weeks then ran fever of 103.5 for 2 days then cough got worse with gasping for air very similar to whooping cough. He was tested for whooping cough it was negative. He then began cou...
bmbear | Last answer
Hi, Please join us in welcoming Conhall as your new Community Leader! We look forward to working with your entire community, as it continues to grow. Best, Cheryl MH Community Mgr
MH Community Mgr | Last answer
Do you think that a six year old boy can has allergie? It has suddenly happened and we took him to see his pedestrians and she said is not serious but to me, the mom is very bad due to he coughs at night so he could not get rest and I...
TwosonsMom6688 | Last answer
My 6 year old granddaughter was tested for allergies when she was 2 years old and was told that she was allergic to something in suntan lotion. She can therefore not use any lotion on her face, even if it is hypo-allregenic. However even...
janjan1952 | Last answer
My daughter is 7 years old and was bit twice on the head and twice on her back by what we think are carpenter ants. We noticed they were coming in the bedroom and are currently working on getting rid of the ant problem in the house. Thes...
someonehelpme916 | Posted
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