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i was born with my pelvis an inch out of line, rotated and deformed. for the past 5 years suffered cronic back pain which also causes pain in my right leg. i have been told i have rotated disc,s nerve entrapment , nerve damage , spinal d...
flozz | Last answer
I have osteoarthritis in my neck moderate and mild in lower back. Can and adjusment help? will they even do an adjustment me? i seem to be losing sensativity in my legs but dont know if iy du to oa in back nad neck.any help would be gr...
slashpic | Last answer
I'm 20 years old... never seen a chiropractor in my life. i have a lot of pain all the time throughout my body(joints) but mostly my back, so i thought going for an adjustment would be beneficial, but im actually so scared. will it hurt ...
whootywhoo | Last answer
I had a neck manipulation six weeks ago. Within an hour, I began to feel a sort of dizzy, spacey feeling in my head that comes and goes, and a sort of weightless feeling in my left leg. I also had sharp pains in my neck and head when I...
123girl456 | Last answer
After years of dealing with shorter right leg, pelvic tilt along with a shorter tibia both right side. I want to treat it properly, with possibly both, it gets confusing. It has been difficult to distinguish which of these too issues is ...
LazyMoose | Last answer
When I rotate my right arm my collar bone visibly and suddenly juts out. Its not causing much pain, just aching and occasional shaking in my hand. I've been told it could be a rotor cuff injury but the symptoms I've read don't fit. I wou...
cookiecrum | Posted
I've had pain on my left side, from my neck, down through the shoulder, into the left arm for at least 3 years. Sometimes my arm will feel a little tingly. It can go a little on the right side but mostly on the left. I went to my family ...
April2 | Last answer
when I start walking my both knee lock after 3 to 5 steps and become normal after a crack sound, can u plz tel me what is reason behind?
vidhu130157 | Posted
I just began seeing a Chiropractor and they told me my Lower spine doesn't give at all when they tried to do an adjustment. I've been having severe pain in my hips, all the way down my legs to my ankles.I'm only 20 years-old, and when th...
Nintendo_Gamer | Last answer
I had Coronary Artery Bypass Graft Surgery on July 1. Immediately after surgery I experienced intense burning sensations in the same area of both thighs. Since that time my thighs have been numb. My cardiologist and surgeon could not off...
Xtracho | Posted
In 2003, i had Surgery that i got a piece of Bone from my hip put in to my nose because i wad born with a birth defect. Then in may of 2005, i was in an auto accident and when my knees hit the dashboard of the car my pelvic had shifted. ...
Bstubbs12 | Last answer
A few days ago I was practicing jujitsu and I got my neck bent in a very uncomfortable way. And now I find that if I sleep a certain way, I wake up with neck pain and I cant move my neck without a great deal of pain and effort. Once i ...
Tbyots | Posted
Recently, I was having back pains that mostly consisted of the lower area of my back. I would wake up in the mornings with cramping in my back and very little range of motion. I am an athlete and at first I just thought that it was relat...
ashley782 | Posted
I am a 56 year old male. I have a dislocated long head tendon in my right shoulder, a partial tear of the rotator cuff and take medication for high blood pressure. 3 months ago, I had a sudden onsight of pain in my right shoulder blade ...
Efraim | Posted
7 weeks ago I began to have pain in my right shoulder blade with radiation down to right hand. The pain in the shoulder blade and arm was excruciating when I sat, very strong when I walked and I could only lie down on my back. I could...
Efraim | Last answer
I have been having pain in my hips for 4 years now. Within the last 2 years the pain moved down thru my left leg all the way to foot. And it has been affecting my low back as well. Just within the last 6 months it has moved to my right h...
hotcupofchai | Last answer
In the summer while working on the farm I started to get on and off pain in my lower back whenever i took a step. Im telling you that this was on and off. Sometimes i stepped and it wasnt there. Sometimes i stepped and it was there. ...
campdude | Last answer
I have had an issue with my T4 rib for about 8 years now. It won't stay in place even after years of Chiro and massage treatments. The Chiro told me my tendon is worn down and can be fixed with surgery but doesn't recommend it.. so what ...
dreamher2 | Posted
I found out today from a recent KUB that I have 6 lumbarized vertebrae instead of 5. I have suffered from lower back pain most of my adult life. Could this extra vertebrae be the reason or no? If so, are there any treatment options avail...
bambamm | Last answer
Hello, In Feb. of this year I was in the ER 2x thinking I was having a heart attack. After all the tests and meds did nothing for me, I went to the Chiropractor and all the heart attack symptons were gone.So now we have moved and I have...
LynetteS | Last answer
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