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hi there, i have had a salty and metallic taste in my mouth for quite a while now and it's driving me mad! I sware it's coming from my back top (and possibly bottom) teeth and gums. my dentist says there's no infection and took an xray...
LetsSortThis | Last answer
I had 27 teeth pulled four days ago and a full set of dentures put in. My teeth were all badly infected at the time of extraction. Now I have this foul smell/taste in my mouth and when I remove my dentures for cleaning I noticed that the...
lexintyler | Last answer
I washed my mouth out with peroxide. Now I have a soreness in my mouth. Especially one tooth. Can this cause an abcess. It IS REALLY SORE
Rex51 | Last answer
Hi. I have removed two of my top wisdom teeth about 4 days ago. I asked my dentist to give me the teeth. And at home, I saw that one of them (which its empty socket is now very painful) had some thing like bone tightly clinging on it. Th...
Mitra1 | Last answer
I had a root canal in a lower molar a week ago. The dentist said that there was infection deep below the root which left a large pocket. He filled it with extra filling material. Since the root canal I have intense pain where this was...
Wenthia | Last answer
sir, my mom has got her upper wisdom tooth extracted.the tooth was infected and it had only its root embedded in gum tissue.the crown of tooth had broken Broken bone Broken or knocked out tooth earlier. once the infected tooth cause...
ainny | Last answer
Hello Everyone, I had my wisdom teeth removed last July - 7 months ago. Two were impacted, and two were not. The two impacted ones were sewn up and healed well. An upper, nonimpacted empty cavity healed a few months later. However, a ...
ktwallis | Last answer
I am experiencing numbness in my top front teeth after a fall. There was no bleeding inside my mouth but I scraped the outside of my upper lip. Do I need to see a doctor or a dentist or is it likely that the feeling will return?
kuh | Last answer
I have numbness in my top front teeth after a fall. There was no bleeding in my mouth but I scraped the exterior of my upper lip. Do I need to see a dentist or a doctor or will the feeling return on its own?
kuh | Posted
ok i feel a very small bump under my tounge when i either stretch my tounge an stick it out or i yawn i can feel it giving me a slight sensation but not painful after a few days that sensation goes away and and the bump slowly goes away ...
kewl2play | Posted
I just had my wisdom teeth pulled yesterday at about 2:00pm. It is now 7:30am in the following day. When can I drink coffee????? My head is pounding and nothing will feel better, but I really really don't want to risk anything!
JanaBanana612 | Posted
I have had Ulcerative Colitis for approximately 8 years and have been on a bunch of different medication over that time. I have noticed over the last year that the top, front four teeth in my mouth are becoming see through. I went to my ...
I had tooth #19 that needed a root canal about 6 months ago and went through with it and all seemed ok, except at the end after the crown was placed the tooth seemed still slightly sensitive to pressure and just didn't feel right. Fo...
fosterp | Last answer
i have a deep bite and my teeth are very small - you cant really see them when i smile - will a brace fix this or will i need veneers - my teeth are in good condition and i am reluctant to get veneers? thanks mren
mren | Last answer
About 4 years ago I started experiencing pain in my left upper first molar when eating anything (not heat-related at this time). I was told it was due to a wisdom tooth that was still in the gum, so I had it removed. Then, when the pain ...
adamantium | Last answer
Hello, I am 45 years old. I had a root canal done about 10 years ago that started to give me problems a couple years ago, namely infections. I went to a oral surgeon who tried to correct the problem. During this period we found a c...
TheBumble | Last answer
I have two broken wisdom teeth that I have had for a few years now both on the same side of the mouth one on top and one on bottom. The tissue on the cheek that is right beside the teeth has a scarred look to it. almost as if its indente...
i_am_who_i_am | Last answer
i have a high lip line and as a result of this i have a gummy smile im curious about how this is fixed and is there any risk in the procedure
faz783 | Last answer
Hi , i developed pain in my left lower molar 2 days back. That was followed by swollen gums around the tooth. I have a pending Root Canal treatment which i have been ignoring for a while due to my continuous travelling. After the swelli...
anantbhasu | Posted
I go to the dentist every 6 months for a cleaning and brush and floss on a daily basis. I also have seen a physician and periodonist. My physician did not find anything wrong. He did put me on allegra for my allergies. When I went to the...
mdimples17 | Last answer
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