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Hi I have a son he is 8 months old his teeht is not growing yet. I dont understand why? Many children of this age are quick in having teeths plz tell me about it i m so worried.Do you have some good advice which i can follow. Sin...
shahx | Last answer
i discovered while i'm looking in the miror that my back of my tongue has 2 small red dots and little white arround i wonder what could be. and what should i do, i'm so nervous now.
kingano | Last answer
i am having a problem with a bad breath. i don't know actually if the bad odor is come from my mouth or from inside my nose. every time i exhale, it releases unpleasant odor. but i don't feel anything inside my nose. would you please h...
garfgarf | Last answer
Need advice. Had orthognathic surgery (lower jaw moved back 2mm) on Dec 7 surgery seemed like a success but after about 2 weeks my OS noticed that the wounds weren't healing. I was prescribed: Clindamycin (1 week 4 300mg daily), then Bac...
Iamheretolearn | Posted
I went to my dentist for some consultation on having fixed bridge but hesitant to undergo the procedure on the thing that: wont it destroy my other healthy teeth that will be used as a support since it needs to be trimmed down?Also sugge...
enna_08 | Last answer
I have had a crooked jaw. My jaw kind of curves up and right. I cant really tell unless you pay attention to my lower teeth or in pictures. I have had many doctors look at it and because i also have an over bite, as well as my lower tee...
JohnnyCornbread | Posted
First i'd like to say i havent been to the dentist in about 3 years. I know its been awhile but in my defence i have had alot going on. I had my wisdom teeth come in around the age of 19 (I am now almost 24.) I recently had them push ou...
AjaJade | Posted
In the last year and a half, I have had trouble with my fillings falling out, my dental caps coming off and overall, my teeth have gone from good to really bad. I can not afford a dentist to get the help that I need. I am 65 and retire...
rivy7144 | Posted
Does Medicare cover Dental Cleanings? Do they cover any other services? I am disabled and would like my teeth to be treated for dental work. Please Advise
minniepearl480 | Posted
Hi, I had an horizontal impacted lower right wisdom tooth that was just extracted along with 2 teeth in front of it. I've had dental problems my whole life but finally able to start getting everything taken care of. Anyway, teeth were su...
kmil | Posted
TMJD/Osteoarthritis In Face - Extream Pain RT SIDE - Partial anterior disc displacement with reduction. The displacement is confined to the medial portion of the joint and there is a medial component of the displacement. LFT SIDE - A...
BOOPADOOP14 | Posted
Hi Doc, I had 4 wisdom tooth pulled 6 days ago. I still have numbness in left lower lip. the left bottom wisdom tooth gave dentist a problem and he has to drill almost 5 or 6 times to get the tooth in pieces. I have throbbing frontal ...
pandu2010 | Last answer
My bottoms gums seem sore. When I open mouth wide, it hurts. I looked inside and it seemed like their is some redness in the back. I do brush my teeth hard. I always have, but it is sore on both sides.
cat172 | Posted
I have implants where the dentures are attached by screws going through the denture and attaaching to the implants. To remove them, I have to go to the dentist to have them unscrewed. My problem is that teeth keep breaking off the dentur...
rjd9837 | Last answer
Ok I have had a tiny lump in the middle of my tongue for about 2 weeks and now its the size of a Scittle. The lump is from top to bottom of my tongue. it is only achy when I put pressure on it, I cant see it but I can feel it. What can i...
AdrienneM | Last answer
I am a 27 yr old married, female, with an 18 month old. I have had these symptoms for over three months and have seen three doctors. In the beginning I had a burning sensation in the middle of my tongue,with swelling the doctor prescr...
help825 | Last answer
I wrote before about a sore tongue it feeling like sandpaper and it being pale. well the soreness has gone away but my tongue is still pale(white) and sandpaper texture. My doctor has told me that I have a low vitamin d level and given...
help825 | Posted
20 days after root canal is performed on the # 2 tooth i still have the same pain as before the treatmenand. i still keeping the temporary cap until the pain is treated.. The endodonist has conducted several different tests in order to i...
dheere | Last answer
I had a new crown placed on tooth #4 in late december due to a cracked tooth. I went back the day after to get the bite adjusted as it was to high. A few weeks later the bite was still off so I went back becuase I was having sensitivi...
jason12676 | Last answer
Can a partially impacted tooth that is in a normal postion but not totally out and partially covered with gum be filled when it has a very tiny cavity or does it have to be pulled. I am not having any pain. The tooth is visible where t...
inditaly | Last answer
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