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Cord Blood is the blood that remains in a baby’s umbilical cord after it has been cut and is considered particularly important as it is a rich source of stem cells. Banking cord blood can be used for medical procedures late in life. Discuss topics including cord blood banking and donating.

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Linzola1Sep 05, 2011
By ttcreality Blank
I know this is an odd question but I have to ask out of curiousity. When they take your umbilical cord and placenta ...
463897 tn?1448485050
By MH Community Mgr Blank
Hi, Please join me in welcoming Linzola1 as your new Community Leader! Linzola1 has experience and knowledge as i...
1330108 tn?1333680904
anwrightJan 17, 2011
SunWorshiper_26Nov 07, 2010
MajikatNov 04, 2010
SunWorshiper_26Nov 04, 2010
trh0819Nov 04, 2010
By SunWorshiper_26 Blank
Is anyone else doing cord blood banking? If so which company are you going with? I am doing it and I think I'm go...
393893 tn?1283554830
Ready_4_Baby_2Jul 01, 2009
jjsh44Jun 23, 2009
1stJun 23, 2009
1stJun 23, 2009
pookie1121Jun 22, 2009
By jjsh44 Blank
Have any of you heard of saving the blood cells from the umbilical cord? I read about it in a parents magazine. A w...
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baby2009474Feb 22, 2009
By baby2009474 Blank
I've recently been doing some research on donating cord blood of my baby so that it can be potentially be used to cur...
432779 tn?1364498475
durhamjk1Sep 09, 2008
By feather2e Blank
I have been seriously thinking about the cord blood collection and I think I am going to do it. I know it is expensiv...
432779 tn?1364498475
ladytilithSep 08, 2008
GrandmatobeSep 08, 2008
By feather2e Blank
I have been thinking about doing this and was wondering if anyone has any stories or knows of anyone who has used th...
Avatar n tn
luv_babiesAug 24, 2007
tatorbug40Aug 24, 2007
ashortAug 24, 2007
Mother of baileyAug 24, 2007
cordplanAug 24, 2007
By casey's mom Blank
Anyone planning on banking their cord blood? It doesn't seem to be an issue my OB/GYN has even talked about with me, ...
Avatar n tn
cutiemamaApr 07, 2007
Me2mommy2bApr 06, 2007
tiredbuthappyApr 06, 2007
kris123Apr 06, 2007
By 5preg2B Blank
how many of you are saving your babys cord blood?? I am almost 19 weeks pregnant and woudl like to save the babys co...
Avatar n tn
Me2mommy2bJan 05, 2007
emilyrose3Jan 05, 2007
jenstamJan 05, 2007
lawgirl17Jan 05, 2007
By emilyrose3 Blank
Has anyone kept their newborns cord blood? My husband and I are pregnant with your last child and looking at the opt...
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LvdByGodApr 04, 2004
cuteusApr 04, 2004
GwithHepCApr 04, 2004
IndianaApr 04, 2004
XenigmaApr 04, 2004
By alex22_ru Blank
Hi, everyone, We are expecting a baby and are planning to bank cord blood stem cells. However, mom-to-be has hepa...
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