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It has been a week since I have had my reduction. I was a 38DDD and I don't know what I am now. I asked my surgeon to try for a 38C+, I am well aware that there are no guarantees. I haven't done any measuring but I stand next to my teen ...
Mercy777 | Last answer
I'm trying to be as supportive as I can with this, she's had the surgery, I told her before that she's doing this only for herself, not because I had any complaints about her breasts. I like the new ones ok, but liked the old ones bette...
concernedhusband4203 | Last comment
I am Thai. In my country, surgery is very popular among teenagers especially nose job so I want to know that in America, Europe or your country do surgery popular? PS. sorry for my bad English
NattPuii | Posted
Hi.. I am planning to do my rhinoplasty in Toronto next week and booked an appointment with the surgeon Dr. Philip Solomon. I had done a facial cosmetic surgery 3 months ago. Should I postpone my surgery? How long should I wait for a nos...
Museltook1976 | Posted
ips scarred, cracked, dry, darkened I believe my lips came into contact with a contaminated lotion, and from then on, there was gradual break down in the outer tissue of the lower lip. It is no longer hydrating itself, and lip skin ...
Hard2Luv | Posted
Hi, I had a tummy-tuck, and I am 4 days away from a month ago, of getting it. My question's are, why and how long does it take for the swelling to leave my body? I can see where it actually is moving downward, but...for about a week n...
desirewanted | Last answer
I know it's been 4 years, but I have the same problem after a neck lift and wanted to know if you were ever able to get rid of the scar tissue under your chin. If so, what fixed it? I had a seroma and the doctor couldn't get all of the l...
joyid | Posted
Two years ago I got injury to the nose that has made it asymmetrical and bump on the nasal bridge that is visible, also suffering with breathing problem, then my brother suggest me for rhinoplasty, it's solved my breathing problem as wel...
AllenStew | Last answer
Finally I'm going to have my tummy tuck surgery on October 29th from Dr. McLean's cosmetic surgery clinic in Mississauga. I'm very excited and nervous as well. Has anyone else scheduled their surgery on October?
govergoes | Posted
Improve Your Facial Profile With Nose Reshaping Or Rhinoplasty Surgery at Marmm klinik in Indore by TOI Awarded Best Surgeon with Gurnteed Result and Affordable Price. This discussion is related to nose job.
soniyam | Posted
I want to know the reviews, Is it worth a visit?? My wife is looking for package of cosmetic surgeries, One of the surgeon suggested to Travel India where we can find best facilities at low and affordable cost.
neelrayen | Last answer
Im so depressed! Can somebody help me with my problem? Im loosing because of the skin tag on my ear
kaikang | Posted
I had a labiaplasty in may 2011 and a week into the healing process I noticed the sutures had come undone the right side. I immediately went back to the hospital where I had it done but the surgeon wasn't there so I had to see a nurse. U...
Veryupset2012 | Last answer
I had a Rhinoplasty surgery 2 years before and I'm very unhappy with the results. Sometimes I feel so depressed, regret undergoing it. Now I think of getting a Revision Rhinoplasty ( I switched my surgeon) and booked an appointment with ...
MinhGreen | Last answer
I had a BR in Dec 2009. My right breast is perfect. But my left experienced severe necrosis and I lost the entire nipple & areola. I had to look at a golf ball size hole, straight into my breast, for months before it grew and closed, fin...
apremo001 | Posted
I had a rhinoplasty performed almost 40 years ago. Had a bump on my nose removed. About 2 years ago I noticed what I thought to be sinus congestion so I started using Afrin which cleared up the problem. I still continue to have difficult...
Orfgy | Last answer
I’m 30 years old and a mother of 3 years. I had perfect boobs before my delivery. After delivery my boob became shapeless and saggy. I’m not able to wear my old party dresses as I look weird in them. I’m unhappy with my boobs so one of m...
annellotz | Posted
It has been almost a year since I had my tummy tuck. I wore a compression garment for several months and I now have indentions in my skin where my lower ribs start. My ribs keep popping out of place. I go and have them put back in and a ...
tiara_madarra | Last answer
I’m 45 years old and now lives in Montreal. I have sagging skin underside of the upper arm from the armpit to the elbow. It is due to aging, so I’m planning on to reshape it. I have already made an appointment with Dr. Omar Fouda next we...
emmizzfree | Posted
I want to know about the skin cream "Cebate-GM". One of my friends suggested me to apply this on whole face to avoid dullness. I applied for 2 weeks in face. It gave some brightness. Shall I continue this cream? Will it give any side eff...
swathi55 | Last answer
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