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This forum is an un-mediated, patient-to-patient forum for questions and support regarding Crohn’s Disease and Ulcerative Colitis issues such as: Abdominal Pain, Arthritis, Bleeding (Rectal), Blockage (Intestinal), Delayed Development (Children), Diagnosis, Diarrhea, Fissures, Gall Stones, Growth - Stunted (Children), Kidney Stones, Living With and Managing Crohn’s, Malnutrition, Medications – Drugs, Nutrition, Pregnancy, Protein Deficiency, Research, Skin Problems, Stress, Surgery, Symptoms, Tests, Treatments, Ulcerations – Sores, Weight Loss

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By lola200677 Blank
This may not be the right forum but I'm trying several in search for some desperately needed advice on prednisolone. ...
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By gymdandee Blank
Inflammatory Bowel Disease
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nancymckSep 02, 2015
viellecarcasseApr 09, 2015
MegadodgerBlankJan 24, 2015
By Workbook Blank
If you have Crohn’s Disease or Ulcerative Colitis, you are invited to participate in a research study doing an initia...
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BurchscAug 26, 2015
CoolteaSep 30, 2012
utilamanJun 19, 2012
Karma34690Jun 19, 2012
utilamanJun 18, 2012
By PinkPlaydoh Blank
For the past month now, I have had chronic diarreah. Everything I eat, gives me diarreah. It is extremely painfull. I...
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By Hairos Blank
In March, I had food poison, acute stomach pain with diarrhea. My GP trated it with some medicines and injections. ...
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By shylovesyou11 Blank
I have been having trouble going to the bathroom for aboutlalittle over a month now.. It has been getting alittle b...
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By Hyal Blank
Why do my feet(bellow my feet or my heels) hurt but when I use the bathroom the pains ease?
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krchelleJul 17, 2015
By rs2333 Blank
I recently found out that my girlfriend has Crohn's disease. The discussion came up when she mentioned that she was u...
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thrulineJul 15, 2015
kellycoleJul 01, 2015
PrincessKatieOct 23, 2009
jflx60dOct 21, 2009
By Cam812 Blank
I am at work at the moment and all of a sudden my foot started stinging. After about 30 seconds the stinging was quit...
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By unimportant08 Blank
My Doctor doesn't believe me, I can tell. I've had Crohns for 21yrs now. My pain is frequently dull and that inflam...
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By phelyne Blank
Hello. I had a barium mall bowel follow through and a barium enema because since a hysterectomy in April I've been ha...
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By glitterscrapper Blank
I started getting a stomach ache and right side pain the end of April. I went to the ER because it became unbearable....
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By Sickabnsick Blank
Hey There! I'm just Joining this site. I was diagnosed with Crohns about a year ago. Probably had it for at least ten...
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SVT44Jun 16, 2015
By joe33352 Blank
How can the same pathology report say two different things? If under the microscope granulomas couldn't be confirmed ...
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By JohnMatthew_Conn Blank
I had a belly pain yesterday morning and it felt like my intestines are trembling inside. I have no diarrhea, fever, ...
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KrumudgenJun 03, 2015
Jax23Dec 11, 2009
lizzieceeJun 19, 2008
citygirl259Jun 19, 2008
lizzieceeJun 18, 2008
By snoozies43 Blank
Seems i can't eat much of anything and get tired easy. I have had a colonoscopy, and ultra sounds.All normal. I also ...
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By Chanasky Blank
I've recently been diagnosed with nonspecific colitis throughout most of my colon and also a diagnosis of chronic ero...
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lashlypooMay 29, 2015
darkangelbeautyApr 20, 2011
MscowladyJun 18, 2010
TrudieCMar 18, 2010
TrudieCMar 18, 2010
By only1marcee Blank
A little over 3 years ago, I had to have my large intestine removed due to a hernia and becoming septec as a result. ...
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MissincoloradoMay 25, 2015
alymeaApr 30, 2015
Queen4hartSep 01, 2014
Queen4hartSep 01, 2014
jade111Sep 14, 2012
By Lalasoto Blank
I have had Crohn's disease for about 3 years and I am having problems with vomiting and I don't know what to do!! If...
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I have a peg feeding tube how can I help my colitis
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