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Not sure where to post this, but I'm getting worse with this problem. I get severe low back pain after standing or walking. It's been like this for a few years, but lately, I can't stand more than a couple minutes without feeling the n...
Patti66 | Last comment
HI there For the past year and a half I have felt my joint areas degenerating - there is a lot of cracking in all my joints at all time at this stage. All day every day and night. It started in my shoulders and has moved all over my bo...
Sebastiandelacroix | Last answer
Hello, I am 41 and female. In December, I had surgery to fuse my c 5 . I am diagnosed to have ddd. the surgery was suppose to help get rid of the pain in my neck , back, arms, etc... my pain is still here ...what else can...
bbear42 | Last answer
I had cervical fusion on C4-C5 & C5-C6 in 2001. My plate now has flatten C6-C7 and is digging into my spinal cord. Seen my NS in March says I need to have surgery remove plate and put bone in for C6 -C7 and replace plate. My left arm ...
wnc | Last answer
I was recently told by MRI results that I have gliosis of the right parietal lobe white matter. Also, a prominent perivascular space. I have been suffering for a little over 2 years with horrible head pain in this same location. My neu...
Jemarie71 | Last answer
Recently I had an injection to the piriformis muscle with a Botox injection and it seemed to help. How come there is not more information about this and what is the current treatment for problems with the piriformis muscle? Can anyone pl...
TheMadMan | Last answer
I am wondering why no one has taken on a class action suit for scoliosis patients with failed back surgery.
Janosuave | Posted
Hi. Am 41 female, in good health. Had scoliosis all my life, and had harrington rods placed in 2002. My curves were 67* by 56*, approximately, with a spiral.Now that surgery has failed and we're going to have posterior laminectomy L 4-5...
krissee35 | Last answer
I am a 49 year old female. I recently have blood work done to and they informed me that my RF was 88. I was told the normal range is 10-15. Is this cause for concern? I have scheduled an appointment with a Rheumatologist to follow up ...
MeShellD | Posted
MRI Results on Cervical Spine: There is disc space narrowing and particularly at the C5-6 level with associated spurring at the end plate margins. C5-C6: there is a diffuse and somewhat bilobed disc-osteophyte complex causing anter...
CrazyIndyGirL | Last answer
is anyone out there that has had a fusion and isn't better? im going through hell trying to defend myself to attorney's and dr's.they tell me its all in my head and im faking it! I was struck by a fork lift while grocery shoppin and frac...
rednkgrl5 | Last answer
Three years ago I had a 2 level lumbar/sacral spinal fusion. I had suffered with several lumbar back pain, spinal stenosis, degenerative disc disease and spondylothesis for 20 years prior to my spinal fusion. After surgery, I had no re...
neeniebennett | Last answer
Hi i just had a mri and i really dont know what it means but i do know the words are allot different,then the MRI in 2013..Does anyone have a insight on this..I know we are not doctors..The Neuroligist just called me back and said everyt...
kikibuddy | Posted
HI All, I have been feeling pain in left buttock from last 6-7 years when I was walking more than 30 minutes . But I never had and idea that I could have degenerative disease. It was diagnosed in march 2014 for the first time. I am male...
neeli56 | Last answer
am a 51 male with some concerns on what my mri shows. Afater looking up some of the wording surgery is that next option and that scares me to death .Can anyone who understands mri wording please reply with some insight C2-3: Sugges...
ghost51 | Last answer
I have had back pain for years but then i had a spinal block done 8 years ago and ever since sometimes when im standing or walking i get a sharp pain shoot up my spine. I can't pick up a lot of stuff. When I do have to pick up a box or s...
KayceArnold | Last answer
I have been searching for help as well as hundreds of other people suffering from failure, and worsen condition due to the old Harrington Rod has caused. I have to wear Depends, I walk with a cane due to the pain. My surgery was in 1979,...
Jackee1 | Last answer
My 'Medical Purgatory' This letter is for anyone interested in how the enormous complexities of Intervertebral Disk Disease and the current standard of care can leave a severe chronic pain patient stuck in 'medical purgatory': ...
TwinsMommma | Posted
I was diagnosed with degenerative disc disease and osteoporosis after experiencing intense pain that I assumed am was a pinched nerve. I did physical therapy which made it worse and had an MRI. I have now been referred to a spine surgeo...
Sararian26 | Posted
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