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rjc10112 minutes
PrcameinMay 14
mparisianAug 11, 2015
LyllieMar 15, 2015
JocdocJan 12, 2014
By neeniebennett Blank
Three years ago I had a 2 level lumbar/sacral spinal fusion. I had suffered with several lumbar back pain, spinal st...
290592 tn?1205775276
rick1453Apr 29
inpainalsoAug 12, 2015
nascar1fanMay 04, 2015
By rednkgrl5 Blank
is anyone out there that has had a fusion and isn't better? im going through hell trying to defend myself to attorney...
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AthrillMay 13
AmoteMay 08
JharmaeApr 04
IngreaMar 12
By Sebastiandelacroix Blank
HI there For the past year and a half I have felt my joint areas degenerating - there is a lot of cracking in all m...
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By Darryl1996
I need help I am only 19 soon to be 20 and my whole body cracks all day everyday to the point where even my jaw crack...
1719609 tn?1309196672
By thunderseed
Obviously the spinal cord is connected to the entire body, so if something was wrong with it, could it not cause pain...
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Stacey143Apr 14
Kel1luvMar 08
SjwhitJan 31
KylepinkDec 01, 2015
HVACNov 18, 2015
By Patti66 Blank
Not sure where to post this, but I'm getting worse with this problem. I get severe low back pain after standing or w...
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By kenman716
I have had 2 fusions (1) c56 and c2. now im going in for more surgery on my lumbar disc. Can all of these put me on ...
292728 tn?1263240733
RyanAmmJan 15
JanosuaveSep 25, 2015
ChrisBoyceSep 24, 2015
By krissee35 Blank
Hi. Am 41 female, in good health. Had scoliosis all my life, and had harrington rods placed in 2002. My curves were ...
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By Brokebacknurse
I was doing well after surgery having had PLIF 2 level fusion. L4,L5, L5,S1. Now I'm 9 weeks out and if I increase ac...
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By CatNtheHat1
Hi my husband has had his cervical spine fused C2 -C7 T1-T2 The Neurosurgeon did a laminectomy without replacing the...
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By CHER0520
Have severe pinching pain lower back left side above butt when I walk, stand too long. I get approx. 1/2 to 1 hr on m...
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By larissa67 Blank
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Dianejf7Nov 13, 2015
By bbear42 Blank
Hello, I am 41 and female. In December, I had surgery to fuse my c 5 . I am diagnosed to have ddd. the surgery was su...
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Dianejf7Nov 12, 2015
pfehrmanDec 07, 2011
IsabelM60Nov 18, 2011
IsabelM60Nov 18, 2011
kitara02Nov 06, 2011
By wnc Blank
I had cervical fusion on C4-C5 & C5-C6 in 2001. My plate now has flatten C6-C7 and is digging into my spinal cord. ...
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JuADOct 28, 2015
Radhe572Feb 09, 2015
asheesh11Nov 21, 2014
ThemmyMar 10, 2014
ramtough30Sep 17, 2011
By Jemarie71 Blank
I was recently told by MRI results that I have gliosis of the right parietal lobe white matter. Also, a prominent pe...
3112530 tn?1434035633
TheMadManOct 23, 2015
TheMadManOct 06, 2015
SanllianOct 05, 2015
TheMadManAug 27, 2014
TheMadManAug 27, 2014
By TheMadMan Blank
Recently I had an injection to the piriformis muscle with a Botox injection and it seemed to help. How come there is ...
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By Janosuave Blank
I am wondering why no one has taken on a class action suit for scoliosis patients with failed back surgery.
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Alexis1197Aug 26, 2015
Alexis1197Aug 26, 2015
By CrazyIndyGirL Blank
MRI Results on Cervical Spine: There is disc space narrowing and particularly at the C5-6 level with associated spu...
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By kikibuddy Blank
Hi i just had a mri and i really dont know what it means but i do know the words are allot different,then the MRI in ...
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philnoirJun 25, 2015
By neeli56 Blank
HI All, I have been feeling pain in left buttock from last 6-7 years when I was walking more than 30 minutes . But I...
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