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This patient support community is for anyone with a loved one that suffers from depression, Bipolar Disorder, panic attacks, generalized anxiety, or any other mental health issues or mood disorders.

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My husband and I are parents to a 17 year old girl who is a senior in high school. In August of 2013, she started to show some odd behavior and we chalked it up to typical teenage girl stuff. However; since August 2013, these are some ...
katha41 | Last answer
I am in need of help. I suspect my wife has depression, because she has suffered with it before in the form of pnd. Earlier in the year approx April 2014, she had a Merina coil fitted for contraception and at first things seemed ok. ...
pimms1985 | Last answer
I am in desperate need of help. My sister got an eye condition around a year ago now, at first it wasn't too bad, then in around March her eyes became red and sore. She stopped going to work and started to work from home more. In the mor...
needhelp190909 | Last answer
is it safe for someone to stop taking Prestiq and switch to Celexa or Lexapro? The prestiq is not working. Any and all answers will be much appreciated.
Gladyskravitz1 | Last answer
My son is 26 recently married. Growing up he did have anger issues toward me, he didn't say tonight on the phone but I got the impression that kinda transfered over to the wife now. He did say the were fighting a lot so he went to seek...
kleigh1968 | Last answer
Briefly - my husband had a severe depressive episode 5 months ago. We were on a cruise & we were put off in Cozumel and I had to find our own way home. When we got home he got worse - 911 was called and he was hospitalized. He then di...
Wildewoman | Last answer
Hello all. I am a usual poster in the prostate cancer forum as I am a caregiver for my dad who was diagnosed last November. Let me provide brief overview. Diagnosed with local prostate cancer in November 2013. Did radiation through F...
needadvice1911 | Last answer
My husband has been suffering with depression for over a year now. He lost a friend in a tragic motorbike accident 2 year ago. He ran a kungfu club with him and immediately took over the running of it alone along with workin long hours a...
sybro | Last answer
I have a younger brother who recently started behaving weird and saying irrelevant things which do not concern a normal person. he feel everybody is planning against him to do him some harm. He has stopped going out of home from past one...
g786 | Last answer
I no that depression is an illness as i have had slight depression myself on a couple of occassions and no i would not wish it on anyone. My fella has had depression since i met him apart from he was a happy go larry chap wen i met hi...
missyghostgirl | Last answer
I just recently lost my sister in July 2013 in a car accident. I was in the car with her, she was driving. I am having serious difficulties accepting/dealing with it.
Csrlovee | Last answer
I just finished a conversation over the phone with my niece who is in South America and she started asking questions about a friend who suppose to be cutting herself. After asking and asking, she finally said that it was her, that she ha...
connie0001 | Last answer
Hi, Before my wife and I got married, she has always thought that she is having some serious illness whenever she felt unwell or discomfort at certain parts of her body. As my wife is an occupation therapist, I felt that her study and...
KAIJESTER | Last answer
Hello all. Id like to first thank each and everyone of you for this service it is appreciated. I think I am posting in the right section however if I am not I can repost it in another at a diff. time. This is the situation I am in. I hav...
bd3240 | Last answer
I am concerned. I have a family member that stopped taking their antidepressant medications. He feels that he is okay without them, and that he can manage with some OTC herbs. He is not doing well with the herbs. He is clearly having i...
rumpled | Last answer
I have has the worst year this year. It started with my stepdad always being just so rude and hateful to me, then my best friend turned her back on me for no reason. I went into the hospital a few months ago for attempt of suicide. Now m...
Sagelove | Last answer
started taking 10mg of Lexapro 2 days ago and its like I have Jelly Arms and Legs. Is this a common side effect?
JeffMitchell | Posted
I am a single mom of two teens. I struggle with a severe form of spinal arthritis. Feeling a bit better. Still depressed with another medical procedure looming. I'm worried. My son is 18 now but frequently says he will kill himself or he...
moonmom801 | Last answer
Hi I don't want to come off sounding like a wreck, but... A little about me - my name is Jo and I was diagnosed with Hashimoto's Thyroiditis in January this year. I have had trouble coming to terms with the illness and I'm also unempl...
Mynx537 | Last answer
Hey yall, so I've got a situation I'm in, and its kind of hard to explain. So here's some back story: I'm 22, and have a 3 month old daughter (born in January). I live at home with my parents because my ex is a jerk and was verbally a...
Liz_zoey | Posted
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