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This patient support community is for anyone with a loved one that suffers from depression, Bipolar Disorder, panic attacks, generalized anxiety, or any other mental health issues or mood disorders.

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I met my ex fiancé when I was 17 yrs old. In 2007 We dated for three months before I went off to college. He had a 4 yr old son I was devistated leaving from. We broke up and I left for college. Once a month in would come visit with him...
cewilcox | Last answer
Does depression run in families? My father was an alcoholic. Was he self medicating for depression ? In previous decades mental health or lack of, created real problems. Most people didn't want to admit it. There was more negative sti...
CRSeaside | Last answer
Hi. Has anyone out there lived with a cyclomithic partner/relative who can give me any advice? Please help me Shelley
indie2257 | Posted
Hi, I am 26 year old boy and really confused whether I am depressed or not. I used to enjoy being in a group chit chatting, having good time in the class etc. Since last 3 and half year I am changed don't know what to do. I no more enjoy...
himalayan691 | Last answer
Hi, I'm 16 and lately I've been in a very bad mood. I take everything as an insult. I get irritated very easily and I've been really moody. I'm not eating breakfast and I rarely eat my lunch and dinner. I eat only when I'm out at a rest...
mekasa | Last answer
My sister just committed suicide. She was on 450 mg Effexot + 4 mg Clonepin a day. I believe she was over medicated and miss diagnosed. I need to know if those doses are even legal to prescribe sine I read the FDA recommendations for Eff...
Cris0212 | Last answer
We had a tragic thing happen in our family. We lost a young child, age 4, last year. Her name was Annie. She died to a disease that's most common in young children, but it's not a disease that is most heard of. She died of HLH. It's been...
Hisrose16 | Last answer
Well for the last month i have felt so alone . My boyfriend/hubby (we have a son together) have been together for 5years. Lately things have changed, he's always in the garage with his brother literally locked in there all day. We hardly...
crrrash | Last answer
Ok...so I am going through alot with my husband. He has always had a low self esteem and been depressed. He has his really high loving moments and then his just really mean selfish moments. At times he acts so unlike himself and not ther...
UnsureMS | Last answer
I have a very difficult mother. I KNOW she has some sort of mental disorder, my guess is bipolar and she is the type that doesn't believe in psychological help/medication/etc but she NEEDS help. She needs to talk to a doctor, she needs t...
arlandonbloom | Last answer
My cousin is 24. He has never worked and is on a Disability Pension for depression and anxiety. I have for some years been skeptical that anything is much wrong with him. However ever time there is any issue he immediately advocated t...
Modafinil | Last answer
Hi everyone. I have only recently discovered this board and feel the need to purge my story to hopefully get some helpful advice and support. This might take a while so please bear with me. I've never put my story in print before but...I...
stayathomemom75 | Last answer
This is not really a question just needed to vent. I am currently expecting my second child in a few weeks. This was not a planned pregnancy so i was surprised when I found out. On top of that the father had no plans of sticking around...
Anonymously_32 | Posted
Hello everybody, i would like to know more about this empty nest syndrome, i think for me has been taking to long or maybe is more depresion that other thing. My older dughter moved out like 2 years ago and married,then my middle daughte...
rana64 | Posted
Hello, I myself have been through depression, and have ended up getting over the majority of it by myself, because I realise that it is all about you and how how your brain works. I do also realise depression changes between each person ...
anonymous0796 | Last answer
My niece has been diagnosed with conversion disorder, she can no longer walk - is in a wheelchair - and now is having trouble with her speech. She needs an in patient treatment facility and a doc that specializes in conversion disorder-...
bbj27 | Last answer
This is not a question. It is an odyssey of anxiety and depression. My hope is that maybe something in ths will help someone in need of something that actually worked for me. My childhood was perfect, I was the baby of the family, wit...
BluCrystal | Last answer
I use to suffer from horrible depression and im starting to feel that way again due to all of my circumstances and the worst part is that im pregnant and i just want to be strong and happy for me and my babyboy (18w pregnant), i just don...
krizmart | Last answer
Over the last ten years I've been supporting emotionally and economically my best friend; however in all this time he hasn't been able to find a proper job or get himself a good life. He has lost two flats and now he lives in a very smal...
c05m0v4rt | Last answer
My 15 year old son was diagonsed with major depressive disorder. About an hour ago he came home from a friends house with icy hot. He put some on his hands and cuffed them then inhaled it a couple times. Is this something he could get...
jxredd | Last answer
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