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JanisM1320 minutes
UnsureMSAug 25
By Dougie2016
My Springer Spaniel is 17 years old and has deteriorated over the last 3 months and I don't know if I am doing the ri...
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JanisM1310 hours
By Dorisxo
I have an 8 year old Yorkshire and this morning we woke up she was totally different. Every morning she would come in...
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BB1972Mar 29
MoaneyNov 08, 2015
By susanann123 Blank
My 8 year old pug is having gagging/coughing due to mucus in her throat. She tries to cough it up but doesn't and ha...
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Abbee34Aug 25
Abbee34Aug 25
KalimatiJan 27
By mishhd Blank
My dogs stomach has swollen and is filled with fluid, i have been to the vets who thought it might be to do with her ...
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TechgrlAug 24
whitedog192Feb 14, 2010
FemmeFugaziFeb 08, 2010
ginger899BlankFeb 07, 2010
By FemmeFugazi Blank
Hi ! I am having a bit of a problem getting my little dog firmly on the road to recovery. She was recently diagnosed ...
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tonyb286Aug 23
tonyb286Aug 21
Elisa0119Aug 02
By jtrosen Blank
My dog (shepherd/husky mix, 73 pounds, 12 years old) began to have grand mal seizures last week. He had two seizures,...
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SteveGoodAug 23
Margot49Aug 22
By SteveGood
Hello. I recently had a small bite from a friend dog (9yrs old, female, shiz tzu) about 7 days ago. It was my firs...
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By Nanalisa1
My 12 yr old schnauzer fell from the bed this morning and had a seizure that lasted several minutes and 8 hours later...
Avatar m tn
By LovesDogs500
My friend's dog died after falling off her bed. This is not the first time he fell, but it is the first time he faile...
1767171 tn?1328022442
reneelimAug 22
GhillyBlankJan 31, 2012
ginger899BlankJan 31, 2012
tonyb286Jan 31, 2012
DrkffyreJan 31, 2012
By Drkffyre Blank
Normally I am against docking the tails and ears of animals unless theyre going to be shown to breed. In this situat...
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By mspip
given me for dog bite with allergy to several other meds. have consumed small amounts of dairy. there is 5 more day...
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tonyb286Aug 21
LolajustAug 19
tonyb286Jul 19
RobriosJul 07
tonyb286Jun 13
By aggieone Blank
I have a nine year old lab "Sandy Grace". She is in fourth stage renal failure-Of course she has seen her regular v...
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By backwoodsrocker Blank
My family and I just lost our dog out of the blue around 6pm on August 22nd. He was 8 years of age, approximately ...
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My dog has allergy and now she developed a black/dark brown thick and rough crust just superficially attached to the ...
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Dot60Jan 23
lakearrowheadDec 23, 2015
By Fonzie5 Blank
Please tell me what the average cost for bladder stone surgery is for a 22 lb shitzu?
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By Monica0541
My 13 year old Lab was just diagnosed with CHF. Prior to that, our vet put her on Pronin for a bladder issue that wor...
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pennyjazzSep 15, 2014
onecent121Feb 17, 2014
onecent121Feb 17, 2014
xavier888Jul 02, 2013
By neverpromised Blank
My dog has a potential disc injury in her back. Last Saturday, she was in a lot of pain. Gave her a Rimadyl and i...
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By Twonkette
Hi .. I have found so much information on here and stories I want to share mine. Kia is 13 1/5 now and a Flattie Cro...
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GhillyBlankAug 17
RalphRMAug 13
Daisy_aemMay 13
By adam2101 Blank
Of course, a million things run through your mind when something like this happens. For me, it helps to understand w...
203342 tn?1328740807
jsbcm5Feb 13
dgorgy1Oct 21, 2015
bumbo2015Sep 13, 2015
By April2 Blank
Hello. I have a maltese mix who was diagnosed with Cushings Disease several months ago. The vet said there's medicati...
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