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Hi I have a pet bulldog who gets vaccinated regularly. He stays indoors because he's too lazy and we only have him as a pet. While feedin...
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Dear Vets, I am really hoping to get some solid advice on what I should do about my coughing puppy. Sammie came to me at 8 weeks old J...
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My beautiful 12 year old beagle has been having extreme thirst, excessive hunger and she is urinating in the house. I've read so much on ...
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Hello, my name is Ross. My Dog is about 6-8 years old. (I don't know exactly because we didn't know how old she was when we got her.) She...
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My toy poodle is 2 and half years old and has been having seizure like episodes every few months, but they don't really fit the "normal" ...
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I have a little Chihuahua around 5 yeas old and is 4 pounds. She started acting different about 5 days ago when she stopped playing, maki...
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  Linda581,    Linda581
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My dog died suddenly​ yesterday, he was around 7 months old.. A week ago we started moving and we had the original owners babysit him unt...
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  Margot49,    Margot49,    dominosarah,    AndiMichelle7315
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Missy is part Chihuahua and part Pomeranian and was 4 years old in March.
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My pet is a 14 year old retriever. Somehow he developed a wound on his underside that we got stitched up. But stitches did not stay and ...
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Hello. I have a maltese mix who was diagnosed with Cushings Disease several months ago. The vet said there's medication but that it's ver...
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  RobertoF1974,    Elianelise,    Sgal71
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My dog, a 9 year old Border Collie/Aussie Shepard mix passed away suddenly today. I was told she was outside all day and my family coul...
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  chasha33,    ginger899
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My spayed shih tzu was 16.5 yrs old. She was the light of my life. She was on medicine for cushing's disease. Then had a tumor in her bl...
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  chasha33,    cookie426430,    tonyb286
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This is similar to other posts but slightly detailed so I'll post it: Two weeks ago the day after Xmas, I came home and my 12yo Shepherd...
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  Gideonwilson,    Eeyore215004,    Becc26,    Becc26,    myhusky
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MY cocker spaniel has managed to rip her nail off of her last toe on her left front foot. The outside hard shell of the nail is complete...
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I have a 15 yr old female Pekeapoo who was diagnosed with congestive heart failure 8 yrs ago. She has been on Digoxin (sp?) 3 X a day, F...
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  susanjMN,    susanjMN,    susanjMN,    Willznana
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I just recently changed the brand of puppy shots that I used, at the advice of a representative from Revival Animal Health, where I have ...
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  MotherBear69,    MotherBear69,    MotherBear69,    Mariselat
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hi my dog is 5 years old he was neutered about two month ago. initially in the days after his operation he became tired, lifeless and had...
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All, I need encouragement. Our 12-yr dog got teeth cleaned a month ago, on antibiotics, she slowed eating Iams dry, then wasn't eating ...
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over the last few days my dog has eaten very little. she usually gets 3 cups of purina one turkey/venison. She has nothing else. A few da...
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My schnauzer/ golden retr. Mix dog is happy, loving, playful, he plays with our smaller schnauzer and wrestles all day long. Eating the...
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  harley1388,    Byedude
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