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By cathyus_susie
My vet prescribed SMZ's for my dog Susie for a leg sore and said to continue until the leg was healed. Three weeks l...
Avatar f tn
By 1530_suja
My dog who is 16 years old sleeps well in the day time but during the nights he is awake and because of his weak legs...
18649008 tn?1466623483
By Bichons91
As a HCP and having experienced my own need to have wounds heal by granulation..I have never heard of "Sugar-betadine...
Avatar n tn
By Gucci1963
My Chihuahua has started to growl when i rub his back, down his spinal cord. He is about 12 years old now maybe olde...
Avatar f tn
By Bammbamm79
My dog was run over by a car two years ago. It ended driving right over his private area. Rushed him to vet and they ...
1832268 tn?1326819610
bamakiJun 21
tonyb286Jun 17
SadieLaJun 17
tonyb286Apr 18
carr32Apr 16
By TwoBitsMom Blank
When a person is told that their dog has kidney failure, the biggest question is, How much more time can I reasonably...
Avatar f tn
By NanRand
My 15 yr. old Shi Tzu with Leukemia (in remission) now has bladder stones and needs surgery after trying special food...
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tonyb286Jun 20
dante100Jun 18
tonyb286Sep 04, 2014
mfjasSep 03, 2014
ginger899BlankJan 19, 2012
By Miksom Blank
My dog, a 10 year old female bichon frise, Daisy, was diagnosed with a kidney problem about 8 weeks ago. After having...
Avatar f tn
By Marelyn010012
I have a small 5 year old mutt. At a young age he was ran over due to climbing the fence. Leaving him with his left a...
Avatar m tn
By GingerDanMason
We have a 4 year old Blue Heeler, we live in town.....Hank spent half his time outside in a pen (when we are gone) an...
2186126 tn?1384961026
By SpartacusGeorge Blank
My 14.5 yr old beagle was diagnosed with Cushing's Disease a few months ago. He is nearly blind and deaf already - we...
Avatar n tn
MBZ2016Jun 18
PEBLESSep 30, 2014
PEBLESSep 30, 2014
GhillyBlankMar 01, 2012
hayleytreasurerMar 01, 2012
By labmama Blank
Our chocolate lab was diagnosed with diabetes four years ago. He was a very large lab and comes from a family of lar...
Avatar f tn
Margot49Jun 17
By hunter_harley
hi! i have a 1week old shih tzu he's healthy but my little brother accidentally stepped on its head :( after that i c...
Avatar n tn
ginger899BlankJun 17
have 2 kidsOct 08, 2008
dhookOct 08, 2008
have 2 kidsOct 08, 2008
By cbo0485 Blank
I have a year old shihtzu who just recently had a puppy. She was bred on accident, but anyways, the birth went great...
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tonyb286Jun 17
tonyb286May 16
tonyb286Feb 13
By PHolsten522 Blank
Hi Everyone..... This is one of the most difficult things I've ever had to deal with. My beloved Gypsy is dying of ki...
Avatar n tn
By jakeandred Blank
My dog has congestive heart failure. I believe he is the final stage. How do I know if he is in pain and if it is t...
Avatar f tn
Mel_89Jun 17
1PeeweeJul 18, 2015
skydnsrMay 31, 2014
RibeyeRobMay 31, 2014
christina642May 21, 2013
By bearsmomma Blank
I always thought white dog poo was old poo that has turned white after sitting. Yesterday I found out that isn't the...
Avatar n tn
kljFeb 19
Trixie777Jun 21, 2015
ugoboxerMay 25, 2015
Andel82May 22, 2015
By Sylvester17 Blank
My 5 year old dachshund has swollen glands in his neck. I checked in other areas and I don't feel anything swollen,ju...
Avatar f tn
ginger899BlankJun 16
Zobo_40Jun 16
By Zobo_40
My 8 year old lab just had pyometra surgery yesterday and is really drowsy and down. I understand because she just ha...
Avatar n tn
Dot60Jan 23
lakearrowheadDec 23, 2015
PupMomSFSep 15, 2015
By Fonzie5 Blank
Please tell me what the average cost for bladder stone surgery is for a 22 lb shitzu?
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