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My tilt table test results showed severe and chronic dysautonomia but the doctor didn't say which kind. From what I read MSA, PAF, and PD fall into the severe chronic category. I'm having only orthostatic hypotension with a drop in BP o...
Danago88 | Posted
Hi , I'm a 23 year old guy , Yesterday got diagnosed with dysautonomia ( Vasovegal Syncope , I have never have fainted yet ... ) I had a tilt table test and after 16 minutes of head-up position I developed classic haemodynamic profil...
LucasN77 | Posted
Heya guys, I was just wondering if any of you would be willing to do an interview over Skype or Facebook about what effects PoTS has on yours and your family's every day life? I am making a documentary for college and would greatly appre...
DrKrikFilms | Posted
I am 22 weeks pregnant with my son and I have been diagnosed with POTS/Hypotension for almost 4 years now. I have been researching POTS and Pregnancy because I want to be prepared for the worst. Originally my greatest worry was passing...
MyBabyLove2274 | Last answer
Hi everyone. Just got tested but my neuro not an autonomic neuro. During Vasalva, they noted a normal sympathetic increased AND a paradoxical parasympathetic function. On standing, "this patient showed a significant decrease in sy...
Pyr2 | Last answer
My 34-year-old son recently fainted -- not his first time, it has happened every so many years -- but it was concerning because he was just walking down a sidewalk, no triggers/warnings, was lucky he didn't mess up his face/head too badl...
RibbitMD | Last answer
I am 26 and newly diagnosed with POTS. It first hit me three months ago after a bad case of what I thought was food poisoning. Since then, I have had near fainting, dizziness, tremors, brain fog, unsteadiness, shortness of breath, etc. I...
AROD08 | Last answer
Does anyone on here have trouble with their legs being heavy or just down right hurt. Since I have been on midodrine I have been having this?
redbuell1203 | Last answer
Please help, has anyone seen severe mood swings in pots? My son is now 18 years old and was diagnosed 9 months ago with Hyperadrenergic Pots at the Mayo in Rochester. Pots is pretty rare in males and I'm wondering if it presents differ...
Caluso | Last answer
I posted this question in the Neurology forum before seeing this Dysautonomia forum. I was recently diagnosed with autonomic neuropathy based on my doctors "hunch" from my symptoms, not based on any official testing. I actually didn't ...
thyquestions | Last answer
I am a 34 year old with a history of chest pain, PVCs, lightheadedness, tremors, migraines, heat/cold intolerance. I was diagnosed with POTs after I failed a tilt test. I have had practically every test done, and I just had an angiogra...
potssyndrome1 | Last answer
Hello..My 26 y.o. daughter has been going through autonomic dysfunction or neuro storms as they have also been termed. She has a diagnosis of spastic, quadreplegic cerebral palsy, profound mental retardation, chronic UTIs, seizure diso...
mandysmom26 | Last comment
I would like to know if anyone out there has taken Cardizem for POTS also what side effects if any did you have after taking it? I did not handle it well and just wondering if I was the only sensitive person out there that had a problem...
gogetter7 | Posted
I really want to make this short & sweet, but that may be difficult because I've been through so much. It's been three years.. 3 miserable, long years. I'm 25, have three young children & am a full time college student (in the elemen...
mosley89 | Last answer
My daughter has just been diagnosed with dysautonomia. We have been going to a gastroenterologist for months and had endoscopy's and a colonoscopy with no answers for her chronic constipation and nausea, now we know it is caused by the d...
ezeden | Last answer
I have just been through a series of testing at Cleveland Clinic to rule out MS and then with the electrophysiology cardiovascular team for a tilt test, hemodynamic and blood volume testing. My tilt test was positive (I passed out) and ...
tmacho | Last comment
I have appts at Mayo in early December and have been reading about autonomic testing. One of the tests seems real simple - the deep breathing one where you record your heart rate. I have a pulse oximeter and have done this numerous tim...
rje11 | Posted
ive had dysautonomia since i had mitral valve repair 2 years ago . My symptoms were POTS and effort induced inappropriate tachycardia and from time to time a dizzy spell that was increasing in severity somehow... anyway about 6 month ago...
charbelnjeim | Posted
Hello, I was recently diagnosed with postural orthostatic techycardia syndrome and I need to find a Dr. Who knows about this condition in my area? Can anyone point me in the right direction please?
Afranco82 | Posted
Hi there, My Girlfriend was diagnosed with POTS in 2012 after beeing tested in a clinic for 2 weeks. Now we feel like some of the symptomes are getting a little worse. She suffers from migrane-like headaches and circulatory issues. I ...
AdanRi | Posted
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