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This patient support community is for discussions relating to ear, nose and throat issues, ear infections, nasal polyps, sore throats, and swollen glands.

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Madhu3dJul 11
Madhu3dJul 11
WaterbedJun 29
TalavarMar 17
By Jon82 Blank
Hi there, about 5 or 6 weeks ago I started getting a vibrating feeling in my right ear. I thought it would pass but ...
Avatar m tn
HauteMar 07
mehdi255Mar 14, 2014
LarryG5Jan 17, 2014
By badsmell Blank
Hello. I am currently in high school and have had a bad smell in my nose for two years now. I am a boy. This smell...
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By MGR11
4 plus years of seeing ENT doctors in the Pacific Northwest and no help --
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By darrenwei
Hi, I had an operation on my right ear 1year ago.. Reason: i got a pimple type grown near the ear canal entrance(is...
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By SoftwareEngineer
Hello, My age is 24 years. and i am software engineer student, mostly i feels that im unbalance or dizziness since ...
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Ellery999Apr 05
James231231Nov 07, 2015
By Rohai Blank
I am a 28 yr old male with no history of allergies or ear infections. I had been smoking cigarettes liberally for abo...
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Deemax52Jul 09
rettmaegJun 25
AmyAmyRMay 09
fujicaFeb 03
A.M..Oct 01, 2015
By bakerwoman25 Blank
Can the weather effect your balance and the feeling of pressure in your sinuses and in your head and ears ?
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By MEDLookUp
15 years of going to doctors and I still have the original problem; throat mucous so thick that I can not swallow pil...
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thediamondgirlAug 02, 2014
tripsy299Jun 22, 2013
MarcybrentApr 26, 2013
mamacs3Feb 22, 2013
By Julie177 Blank
Hi, I'm a 32 year old female and I've recently been diagnosed as having Meniere's disease. I have a roaring sound wi...
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Shash33Jul 09
Scott0237Jul 14, 2015
ClaireyB777Jan 24, 2015
EclipsemillAug 16, 2014
vertigowomanAug 07, 2014
By rickford66 Blank
For more than a year now, I have suffered from a mild vertigo. It was happening often throughout the day, but was th...
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spudsbgbJul 08
spudsbgbJul 06
Eirehill1976Aug 24, 2015
bod1403Aug 17, 2015
whyBsickAug 12, 2015
By steven65msp Blank
I had tympanostomy / ventilation / PE tubes put in both ears today and I now have significantly reduced hearing. Is ...
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By MalfunctioningDrum
Hello, I'm a male, 26. I have a very old perforation on left tympanum that I haven't closed off yet. I get some ear i...
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By spudsbgb
I am 62 years old an d 15 days ago I had earplugs put in. I am having trouble hearing very well, like my ears are clo...
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By kharmax
Hi, I'm nearly 4 weeks post septoplasty and turbinate reduction. I have had a throbbing headache in my forehead and w...
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6thmanJul 07
KTP2015Nov 10, 2015
PatTexSep 24, 2015
MinMomMay 30, 2015
By erom43 Blank
I recently developed a strange set of symptoms....at least for me. It started with a slight pain when swallowing, wh...
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RStasaJul 06
justynzApr 28, 2015
JJJ1432Oct 01, 2013
erom43Jun 09, 2013
Kenny58Sep 09, 2012
By pj42 Blank
Several days ago, I noticed the beginning of a sore throat, so I gargled with peroxide as I have done for years to st...
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Pants444Mar 28
ranger08Aug 29, 2015
ranger08Aug 29, 2015
By anklesbroken Blank
I've just started having this weird thumping sound in my ear. Just to describe it... (1) It is a muted sound, mu...
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mjpoirierJul 05
By Littlefishya
Hi I have been suffering from recurring vertigo attacks for the last 4 years with tinnitus andhave recently had a dec...
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By mjpoirier
I had a sleep study test and it showed that my oxygen levels was dropping to 72% at night. What can I do to improve t...
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By cscc4321
Two days ago when sleeping, I started to feel that my ear was sore. It felt as if inside it was bruised. I tried a cl...
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