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This patient support community is for discussions relating to ear, nose and throat issues, ear infections, nasal polyps, sore throats, and swollen glands.

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Anm1234May 30
CraigseanDec 12, 2014
cassidy143Aug 12, 2013
Paderla Anitha, DNB  Aug 12, 2013
By cassidy143 Blank
Hi, just last night, I was laying in bed, and rolled to my right side, and as I turned my head over on my pillow, I n...
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By me_just34
I have pain around the left lymph node. I feel cold. it seems that there is some mass movable. What is my problem?
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Suziequzie56Oct 20, 2015
Suziequzie56Oct 20, 2015
DreqsOct 08, 2015
DreqsOct 08, 2015
By 24-7SinusPressure Blank
I'm a 26 year old male and since October 2006 have been experiencing 24-7 sinus pressure in the upper corners of my n...
18383999 tn?1464450276
By johnpaul1968z
Hi, I am a 29 year old male and for the last 6 - 7 weeks, I have had a slight hearing loss in my right ear. The he...
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GhadamesFeb 11, 2015
SiuhokNov 04, 2014
limedcherrySep 29, 2014
By mummyto2joys Blank
My son is 5 yrs old and has had 3 operations on a preauricular pit. His last operation was when he was 1.5 yrs old. ...
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bepperMay 27
HoloreqFeb 13
ElaizaGJan 31
Kayla48Oct 21, 2015
By JustAnotherHypocondriac Blank
I'm just sitting here on the computer and a small bug, I think it was a moth or gnat or fly or something, flew up my ...
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LB1326Apr 23, 2009
By ok33 Blank
I don't know what this is or have no clue at all. I brush my teeth everyday, even the tongue, and top of gum. But whe...
1939607 tn?1324292900
CRG6515May 26
Paderla Anitha, DNB  Apr 14, 2012
tschockBlankApr 06, 2012
By nefeli1986 Blank
Hello! I am 25 years old, female. I am generally healthy and I never smoke or drink. On the 10th of March (abou...
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Ramsayj07May 26
SumitaSofatDec 09, 2015
rebelrider659Dec 08, 2015
mselvakumaranJan 18, 2015
buffalobirdieJun 05, 2013
By dell111 Blank
Hey, Every-time when I drink, I wake up the next morning with sinus pain. Does this have any correlation or answer to...
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By kitkase
Crossing my fingers that ANYONE that has had relief and has my, well basically, 2 symptoms out of the ones discussed...
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kitkaseMay 26
TkaopuaNov 06, 2015
TkaopuaNov 06, 2015
TkaopuaNov 06, 2015
TkaopuaNov 06, 2015
By melamommy Blank
I've had eczema in my ears for 15 yrs. It is very cyclical, starting w/intense uncontrollable itching, then clear flu...
Avatar m tn
MelaloseApr 29
SwissiApr 14
violetafnApr 12
By hyperj Blank
Here is the story, I have had a sore in my left nostril for years now towards the cartilage. No, its not from co...
Avatar n tn
By justmekim Blank
I’m a 50 yr old healthy female, no meds of any kind except occasional ibuprofen, but within the last 2 years I’ve had...
Avatar m tn
Ellery999Apr 05
James231231Nov 07, 2015
iquitandyoucantooNov 02, 2015
JohnD11Sep 11, 2015
By Rohai Blank
I am a 28 yr old male with no history of allergies or ear infections. I had been smoking cigarettes liberally for abo...
Avatar n tn
FaithMcMay 23
MelgecoNov 08, 2015
ob7darthFeb 19, 2011
ob7darthFeb 18, 2011
OHNS2010Jul 16, 2010
By kathaleen553 Blank
The area between my nostrils hurts really bad when rubbing my nose. It started about a week ago and hasn't gotten an...
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fos624May 22
omgtFeb 20, 2015
Boomer51Jan 27, 2015
summvickJan 04, 2015
By PCknowitall Blank
I'm a 26 year old male and it seems when I am hungry, I get a noise in my head that sounds like a crackling or sand f...
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By naidop
Hello, I've been struggling with a situation and try to understand what the solution is to heal. About 1 year ago ...
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TswizleMay 22
TswizleMay 22
Jayson10Mar 15
karens574Oct 09, 2012
tweetiebird380Apr 05, 2012
By Shadow in the light Blank
Hey, just like ten minuets ago I took a shower and after getting out I had that ear wax feeling like something was mo...
Avatar f tn
By Josh_jordan23
Hello, I've noticed these 2 swollen red lumps in my nasal passages for the past few months, and it makes me feel cong...
356929 tn?1246393356
scully1969Nov 09, 2015
M2014DSep 12, 2014
brethodgeAug 20, 2014
By Sandymac Blank
Hi, I thought I'd start a new thread since the original one was getting a little long. I can't believe the number ...
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