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My farther-in-law went in for rountine surgery to have his thyroid removed and the Dr. accidently removed his esophagus. Yes, you are reading correctly ACCIDENTLY removed his esophagus. He has undergone a number of surgeries at MUSC; how...
Vassa | Last answer
Hello everyone, new to the forums here and i joined so i could ask some questions and get advice. My aunt recently got diagnosed as having very early and minor barrets esophagus. I've done some research on the subject and am of the und...
MiamiStudent | Posted
I had an endoscopy last week and got my report yesterday but because of the holiday weekend cannot talk to my doctor until Tuesday. I would appreciate any help you can offer in making sense of the following notes on my report. -Proxim...
HutchiK | Posted
I was recently given a dx of eosinophilic esophagitis - after an ER visit and a visit with a GI doing a EGD with biopsy. My problem is a tried the Flovent and had increased symptoms to which the GI and Primary thought was a reaction. S...
4uCan | Last answer
I was told 4 years ago I have this, not cancer but could possible turn to cancer ,well I have been takin only anti acids medicines is the meds I was given.He last checked with scope said my tummy was at the point of bleeding .I have not ...
brighteyeslou | Last answer
My father was told this past October that he has esphogal cancer. It was in stage 4 and had spread to his stomach lungs and liver. He started Chemo right away and all of the cancer has went away EXCEPT the cancer of the liver. It is al...
HisSweets | Posted
My dad was diagnosed a while back with a disorder called "Accolasia". He has lost 86 lbs within the past year because of complications with eating food. As soon as he eats, he vomits the food back up and is basically dying slowly. Doctor...
bibigirl12_10 | Last answer
Hello Mostly I could use some support about 5 years ago I was scoped and my doctor told me that I didn't have cancer and to to aciphex and sent me on my way. Well 5 years later I go to my new doctor and she asked me why I'm taking this m...
alone117 | Last answer
What is considered medical negligence regarding an esophageal perforation during an EGD? Would it be just one perforation or multiple and what qualifies for multiple perforations? For example a bruise could be microscopic perforations ve...
israelside | Posted
i was wondering before they were diognosed with cancer did any one have muscle spasm or twitching in body? if not does any one know what would cause this?
68suezq | Posted
My mother's endoscopy test shows above UES in pyriform fossa a nodular mass lesion seen. I want to know about this disease and its treatments options????
SHAW786 | Posted
Hello. My boyfriend is experiencing choking most of the time he eats, even swallowing water. If I'm not mistaken it started last year. He is on his early 60s. But before that, that was long time ago now, that everytime we lie on bed he ...
deebam | Posted
Good Morning I am a 35 year old female. Non smoker, occasional drinker. In Sept 2009 I got a cold..with the virus I found my asthma which is usually very under contol became out of control I needed to use my inhalers every 4 hours...
Christinak74 | Posted
hi i am 33 years old girl -in one month later i swallow a dry braed and feel some scratch in my esouphage .after that when i swallonwing every thing i feel a pain in my upper back side.i go to digistive and stomach professor he do endosc...
hatamimariam | Posted
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