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Hi I have a baby squirrel. Our cat caught him so we saved the little guy. He has been fne eating and everything. 2 weeks ago he started to get a bald spot , it just keeps getting bigger and bigger Idk what it is. The vets around here wo...
Hi we have a 3 month old citrus bearded dragon and while my partner was feeding him our two year old cat jumped in the vivarium and and snatched him we managed to get him out of her mouth he played dead until she let go of him and played...
rioamylyla042611 | Last answer
I gave my ferret Advantage flea treatment ~3months ago and he is balding at the application site, his nape, and it's spreading. He's been treated before without incident, but this time I dosed him with a little too much. He might have re...
DannyJE | Last answer
Hi all. I'm currently caring for a young Rainbow Boa and after much research I have decided to make her a moist hide/moisture box seeing as they have very particular humidity requirements. I have everything I need and will put it in t...
swabes | Last answer
I just got a mini lop rabbit from the pet store 3 days ago. I don't think he was ready to leave his mom much less be in a pet store. They got him two days before we did. He is a mini lop. He only weighed 9.5 ounces when we got him. ...
Tamara551 | Posted
thank u aleda, i had stopped giving my turtle milk chocolates ,he hardly ate his turtle food,he use to become restless,he didnt eat for 6 days ,i then gave him milk chocolate he was so hungry that he ate the whole chocolate......what foo...
siddhi20 | Last answer
I found a baby deer mouse in my garage 8 weeks ago. Eyes closed, ears flat, little fur. I fed him and he survived. I have him as a pet now. Can he have the Hanta virus and is there a way to find out? Two days after I found him I found a ...
4baxter | Last answer
my rabbit is 4 yrs old female and she cannot poop I have her on meds from the vet but what else can I do to help her ?
bootsmom39 | Last answer
Hi. I have a chinchilla about 4 years old. Recently he's become uninterested in his food, and has stopped being active. I finally pulled him out of his cage to investigate and I found blood caked all over his paws and teeth. He won't eat...
Shademar | Last answer
When I let both of my chinchillas out to play, I heard one of my chins, Bandit, make a loud noise I haven't heard before. When I went to check on him, I found a very large brown spider that had legs over half as long as my finger, that w...
mmm412 | Last answer
since i got my bearded dragon nearly 4yr ago she has a slight problem with using on of her back legs , since she has been having unfertile eggs i have noticed that her leg become worse. she uses it but it floppy and while walking ...
sammi2k12 | Posted
Ya I have owned reptiles my hole life and finally got a baby savanna I'll it does is sleep I've had it for a few days now it ate 3 crickets the first day the second day it drank some watter but between it sleeps I am worried I herd that ...
Jeff1990 | Posted
I have a four year old overweight dwarf rabbit. Last and this week he's been on a strict diet 1/4 cup of pellets a day. Timothy hay, spinach, and a carrot a day. He has white stuff coming out of his nose for about three two months. I tho...
Psychobillyqueen | Last answer
I found a carpenter bee hole in the wood under one of my rabbit cages about 3 weeks ago and I filled the holes and they drilled through that, so then I covered it with a some metal and tape ! I found one of my rabbits dead a week ago and...
leadda | Last answer
how much does it normally cost to have it fixed? and is there a special diet that i might try since people think its related to heart conditions?
cobalt170 | Last answer
What is wrong with my guinea pig? For the past month he has been sneezing and has a runny nose. At first I thought it was an allergy to the sawdust, so I gave him hyper-allergeic bedding. He still hasn't improved. He is eating, drinking,...
funkyfairyartist | Last answer
I have two prairie dogs, one 8 and the other 7 years old. Today I noticed that one had a large white spot in the center of his eye. I looked at it with a light and discovered it covers his entire pupil. I feel it may be a cataract but I ...
supernik87 | Last answer
Our family has had all sorts of animals. We taught the children how to care for them and to be kind to then. As a result all of our pets have been very gentle. (This even includes the geese.) So our home has always had its fill of dogs, ...
allmymarbles | Last answer
I'm new to MedHelp and am wondering if any other members have Sugar Gliders? I have a family of 8. The parents are almost 5 years old - Freddie & Molly, and had 6 beautiful children.
CarriePossum | Last answer
I have a 4 year old rabbit (dwarf lop). She is 3.2 pounds. I can feel all of her bones and she's so frail and fragile. Should I be free feeding her pellets? I have been giving her pumpkin through a syringe 2x a day (about 2 tbsp each sy...
kellysantina | Last answer
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