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ChrystalheartJun 17, 2015
revelAug 26, 2011
vitazoeOct 22, 2010
Nancy TJul 01, 2008
fredfranceJun 29, 2008
By larshy Blank
I have been experiencing a number of symptoms associated with my eyes as well as other areas of my body but more rece...
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rosea1Jun 08, 2015
masterjedi747May 07, 2008
danny87May 06, 2008
masterjedi747May 03, 2008
danny87May 03, 2008
By masterjedi747 Blank
20 yrs old, having trouble with allergic conjunctivitis (just started having trouble with that this year, for whateve...
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yjadhavMay 28, 2015
yjadhavMay 28, 2015
Houman Vosoghi, MD Jun 17, 2011
gigi29768Jun 17, 2011
Houman Vosoghi, MD Jun 16, 2011
By gigi29768 Blank
My daughter is 6 months old and has a dermoid cyst on her left eye could tell me what procedure should be used to hav...
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GarrryMay 26, 2015
Michelle_txMay 11, 2009
Michael J Kutryb, MD May 11, 2009
By Michelle_tx Blank
Hello, Could you please give me some information about the importance of axis in astigmatism? How many degrees ma...
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bobodog71May 23, 2015
By Judy__0__0 Blank
Posted By Judy on August 21, 1999 at 11:59:37 I have had three detachments, after I experienced a large flash of ...
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Jenny8802May 17, 2015
AdiAdi123Feb 24, 2015
jackthedog1aJan 11, 2015
nelson53May 20, 2011
TerriLynn52Aug 28, 2010
By TerriLynn52 Blank
Hi! I had cataract surgery on my left eye 2 1/2 weeks ago. We put in the IOL lens AcrySof IQ Model: SN60WF Power...
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Val5May 01, 2015
jd426Sep 11, 2014
cdocMay 12, 2010
londonbridgeMay 11, 2010
cbnyMay 10, 2010
By cbny Blank
I am a 45 year old male with moderate to severe myopia pretty much dependent on glasses to see anything far or near. ...
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Rachelh1986Apr 07, 2015
peregrinusOct 27, 2014
Houman Vosoghi, MD Mar 14, 2011
julissa716Mar 14, 2011
pritzzyMar 08, 2011
By Ardems Blank
Approximately five months ago I woke up with my left eye being red and irritated. It looked like pink eye without th...
626425 tn?1297536575
lailak3Mar 31, 2015
Michael J Kutryb, MD Sep 21, 2008
By skinypig Blank
Implantable Collamer Lens ICL, should I ? by skinypig Leave a Note Send Message Add as Friend skinypig...
1324553 tn?1274746867
sandychiMar 01, 2015
Sandy Feldman, MD, MS May 28, 2010
By ltcoopsmom Blank
Why are my eyes always red and burning? I have used some things the Dr had given me, but the red and burning are stil...
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maattFeb 28, 2015
AldikaMar 27, 2012
pepperbrookMar 26, 2012
By Aldika Blank
Ever since I can remember I have had what apparently is called visual snow. My eyes are very sensitive to light. It i...
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By mujahid Blank
i can ' t see computer screen or T.V . when i see it i feel headpain
6115635 tn?1379222595
Shahnaz_ukJan 25, 2015
redbedhead629Sep 21, 2013
Doreen Fazio, M.D. Sep 21, 2013
By redbedhead629 Blank
Age: 22. Female. 6 days ago, I was getting over a small reaction to antibiotics that I had to take for 5 days for inf...
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kluccielJan 22, 2015
ElyaDJan 06, 2014
By ElyaD Blank
Hi, I bought new frame and was sent to update my prescription (by state law has to be done once a year). So, I was...
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mikemandymasonJan 21, 2015
donnad21Jul 08, 2008
michelleb78Sep 03, 2007
By michelleb78 Blank
I went to my eye doctor and he has sent me to a specialist. He said that my optic nerve appeared very pale in color. ...
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twiggyblackcatJan 17, 2015
WilmaflinstoneOct 11, 2009
deebrown30Oct 10, 2009
smaerOct 09, 2009
Sandy Feldman, MD, MS Sep 15, 2009
By leamca Blank
Posted by: florescent lights by llacey, Sep 03, 2008 03:33PM In recent months, maybe even over a year I have develo...
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Tony_ThailandJan 09, 2015
tak0514Sep 02, 2013
TurtleJoeOct 05, 2012
TurtleJoeOct 05, 2012
MsLNOct 03, 2012
By MsLN Blank
Please help me try to make the next better decision, I’m blaming myself for my stupidity, & trying to keep story sho...
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76leighJan 08, 2015
Houman Vosoghi, MD May 28, 2014
By paulr29 Blank
Had an eye test a couple of months ago and the optician noticed what he said was like a pinprick sized build up of de...
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JennimolDec 29, 2014
moeundergroundDec 09, 2014
fahimloneJul 04, 2011
Houman Vosoghi, MD Jun 30, 2011
By fahimlone Blank
Hi doctor, I was never too serious to find out a solution for my left eye until now, as I am a professional trainer...
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cecogaidevNov 15, 2014
kjelltpNov 27, 2010
Michael J Kutryb, MD Nov 27, 2010
By Spera01 Blank
Hi, recently I've been noticing problems with my vision and its really beginning to scare me. About a month ago, I be...
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