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How soon can I get a dna test done on my child after the child is born.
klcdiane | Last answer
Well I have been trying to concieve for the past 6 months. And I notice that I have been having on and off for the past 6 months white thick discharge that is smelly and I changed my diet and it went away but comes back everytime I get m...
Gisellew22 | Last answer
I am a 48 year old relatively healthy woman. I have just been informed that I had endometral cells on a pap smear. The last day of my period was on Sunday and I had the pap perfomed on Monday. They want me to schedule to have an endom...
Pearlee118 | Last answer
So im thinking I dont have a std but what illness could be confused with this? I had unprotected sex and it was 3 weeks ago my ejaculate looks normal but when I pee it feels like I have a blockage at the tip and I dont have abdominal pai...
worrywart98 | Last answer
hI, I'm 16 and at about 5 pm last night I had lacroscopic ovarian cyst removal surgery. it's now 7 am. but I later I am scared to remove the bandages. I'm afraid I'll faint if I see the surgical area. and it scares me. any tips please pl...
lynbowman | Last answer
I had unprotected sex last night 9/28/13 a week after my period 9/20/13 my cycle is 28days long & my partner came in me a couple of times that whole night . I just realized 9/27/13& today9/29/13 white mucus have been coming out of my vag...
princess559 | Last answer
Hi there. My name is Allison. I am 23 years old and watching my life fall apart. I've been suffering from extreme fatigue since May. When I first noticed it, my doctors office told me I was anemic. I took iron and within a month, my HGB ...
AllisonM2290 | Last answer
I feel like I might have the flu, saw a doctor recently for unrelated things (anxiety/panic disorder issues) and asked about face pressure and stuff that started that morning while I was there, he told me it was a sinus infection and per...
ThirtySev3n | Last answer
My father has been very ill with cancer and is terminal. He has been in and out if hospital for the past 2 years and on his latest admission, picked up the super bug C Diff. The doctors were treating this for some time without informing ...
Kabbee | Last answer
So for the last 2-3 weeks, I've been checking my temp fairly regularly, and it has been consistently between 96.3-97.5 degrees. Only, all my life I've run a fairly normal temperature until now. The only reason I started checking my temp ...
rmholts | Last answer
Well a week ago tomorrow we went to Breakfast when I got home had a real bad stomach ache I had diarrhea real bad all of a sudden I got real sick stomach trembling whole upper stomach not right . So I been in the hospital all we...
TammyFraz | Last answer
I'm 9 weeks pregnant, work as well as starting go take care of my mother in law. Who has had a stroke. At the moment is completely unable to walk, speak ect. She is crying in pain all the time. The doctors are treating that. I can't help...
shaynatty08 | Last answer
I have been to the doctor for earache many times. First he said sinus, then a cold, then TMJ, then teeth, now on the 4th visit, am told maybe it is from like sinus problems? Please help.
cmcmc7 | Last answer
I am a Male in my mid 40s now. For the many years I used to have a family female PCP. I have gone to her for General Check Up once a while - not yearly though. The way the check up went was that there was weight, cholesterol, BP, Blood S...
anonimus70 | Last answer
I think I possibly broke, fractured or severely sprained my thumb. I hurt my thumb two nights ago during a volleyball game while setting a ball, I played through the game and did not tell my coach. I have moderate to severe pain but can ...
VBJoeman | Last answer
a few months ago my five year old child began to cross her eyes, she will not see anyone and seems to be lost in some sort of spasm, her body tenses up and her hands involuntarily closes and open as her entire body tenses up. it seems to...
nacha1108 | Last answer
I have a cyst on my head for years, it has gotten larger thru the years, been to doctor they said nothing to worry about. It does not hurt but when touched it is a little sensitive. It moved when I touched it was never hard like a rock. ...
Dcent730 | Last answer
Hello ,I am a 18 year old male and on Saturday around 3:00 pm I noticed that my testicles had a dull ache in them , and about 7:00 that night I got a head ache, but it w...
jarrod45 | Last answer
Hello, I have been extremely tired for the last.month. Sometimes I can't stay awake. I am so tired, I haven't bern to work for a month. Not myself at all. I have been running a low grade fever everyday for over 3 weeks. A MRI of t...
cindyh61 | Last answer
I have been having abdominal pan for 5 weeks. It started out of the blue on a Wednesday morning. It started once a week but now is everyday. The pain begins in the middle of my stomach gently but within 1 1/2 hours my entire insides a...
Meg0104 | Last answer
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