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This patient support community is for discussions relating to genetic testing, in-vitro fertilization (IVF), ovulation, pregnancy reduction post-IVF, relationship issues, and sperm count and quality.

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By LeeAnnon
Ok so this is my first question an it is iv been trying to conceive for almost 3 years now an I would told by my obgy...
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LeeAnnon1 hour
beebirdAug 21
beebirdAug 21
NRH123Aug 18
By beebird
Hi I'm ttc using clomid for my 3rd pregnancy. 1st pregnancy I conceived 2nd round of 50mg, 2nd pregnancy on 1st round...
Avatar f tn
By ulaanah
I was diognised with PCOS 10yrs ago and ttc in the last 2 yrs. Tried 2 cycles of Gonal-f and IUI without success. Eac...
Avatar m tn
By dakotagray
Hi! I am 45 trying to have another baby. My daughter is 20mths and still breastfeeds when she goes to bed, about 5-1...
Avatar f tn
By Shakia1987
What has the doctor prescribed those of you who are ttc but have pcos ? I've been technology for over 2 years now I h...
Avatar n tn
By Umma21
Hi I did my ovarian drilling on 18/8/16 and i got my period on 20/8/16.But i have stopped bleeding on 22/08/16(is i...
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Umma21Aug 21
texasangel343Nov 20, 2009
By blondie2329 Blank
im 33 and was dx with pcos when i was 24.for some reason i have to be under a certia weight to ovulate like 170 or be...
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jaqulanAug 21
Rythm1816Mar 07
roxjoJan 08
LaurenCrookMay 02, 2014
By harley333 Blank
I was suppose to get my period on friday and on tueday i woke up and went pee in the morning and had blood that whole...
Avatar n tn
Marn007May 17
vicky1616May 11
vicky1616Apr 13
By sleepyone73 Blank
Hello, I had my first egg transfer on Friday and I am wonderfing how long I need to wait for a HPT to be accurate?? ...
Avatar f tn
Belle313BlankAug 19
wisdom34Aug 13
By anikky
Hello everyone,goodevening,am afraid of loosing this IVF cycle though this is my first time of trying IVF,they collec...
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Belle313BlankAug 19
bbmcgeeAug 17
AmbalouAug 12
By chinadollD Blank
My husband was diagnosed with a zero sperm count. We really want a baby. Can this diagnosis be reversed, with meds or...
Avatar n tn
By mercyfola47
I'm trying to get pregnant and has been taking clomid pills for the past four months as prescribed by my gynaecologis...
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GsrhaAug 18
mucajaMay 29
hamineJul 18, 2015
kikalyn1978Oct 21, 2014
BBG12Dec 23, 2012
By wendy1976864 Blank
on my 10th day of embryo transfer found blood when i wiped myself on an off is this just implanting of the embryo or ...
Avatar n tn
j3ssicareneeJun 12, 2015
pandora2002Jan 02, 2015
Sweetheart81Aug 31, 2014
khadra89Oct 24, 2013
By Allycat2 Blank
Just wanted some feeback on anyone who has hypothyroidism or knows someone who has it and was trying to get pregnan...
Avatar n tn
sarah2638Aug 17
beebirdAug 17
sarah2638Aug 17
beebirdAug 17
By sarah2638
I already have a son of my own and i was struggling to get pregnant wich the dr prescribed me clomid and i was wonder...
Avatar n tn
By Anna1992
If I'm taking metformin 500mg twice daily(which I just started august 12,2016) and my period came on 4 days after,whe...
Avatar m tn
Belle313BlankAug 17
By saugup12
I am a 34 year old male and recently went for a Semen Analysis which showed zero or Nil sperm in my ejaculate. The D...
Avatar f tn
Belle313BlankAug 17
By Saras99
My husband did a SA analysis two weeks ago and the results were shocking to us he has zero sperm count. We could not ...
Avatar f tn
sarahmaieAug 14, 2015
smag0615Jun 22, 2015
MiztinMay 13, 2015
Purplerain117Apr 02, 2015
By okasia Blank
Hello I am new here because i ran accrss your question.....I had my copper IUD removed on Monday November 23 and its ...
385161 tn?1270084818
linzyluluMay 24
abufamiNov 07, 2015
Phoenix103Nov 05, 2014
tenpetSep 29, 2014
emschic1May 23, 2014
By jennyfer976 Blank
I had IUI today they said I had 2 follicles mature on my rt. ovary. Doc says they were like 23 and 25mm so they were ...
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