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This patient support community is for discussions relating to genetic testing, in-vitro fertilization (IVF), ovulation, pregnancy reduction post-IVF, relationship issues, and sperm count and quality.

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By Dinaghanim
Does anyone have a retroverted (backward uterus) and wanna conceive ? My husbend and i are trying for a year with n...
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Costa1982Jun 07
pol79princessJun 11, 2010
seattleviewJun 11, 2010
Super_sally888Jun 11, 2010
Kricket212Jun 11, 2010
By ladyjhorton Blank
How long after a confirmed pregnancy are you suppose to continue taking Estradiol? Just read on the internet that it ...
Avatar n tn
PreethssJun 07
jacquibresonJun 06, 2013
marie84Oct 30, 2010
FORSICAMar 13, 2009
Sri83Jul 27, 2008
By akapoor Blank
Hello All, I have a question abt follicle size. I had taken clomid 50mg, and I had one follicle, with size 17mm. T...
18467139 tn?1465862963
mhvBlankJun 05
By Kristy_lynn
Hi everyone, I'm 39 and just had a 3day embryo transfer and assisted hatching. Doctor and staff was happy I had 3 8...
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By Chapie25
Hi dearies, I have been TTC for 2years with PCOS and a perfect DH, one failed IUI last year and so this year we decid...
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By Abishekchowdhry
I got pregnant three times, have a child and aborted two ( mtp by taking unwanted kit) , two years back. I m not able...
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By axe18 Blank
Hello) 3 years ago i had hysterectomy and i am not able to get pregnant....My husband and i want to have a child, so ...
117065 tn?1280878007
FearsomeKittyAug 07, 2011
Babysat46Aug 07, 2011
kahlua141Apr 18, 2010
mysty2001Apr 18, 2010
Mikeal'smomApr 18, 2010
By Mikeal'smom Blank
I was supposed to go for my next IVF this coming week, and the doctor just called to tell me I only have one follicle...
Avatar n tn
starshDec 09, 2007
hitzDec 06, 2007
twoscompanyDec 05, 2007
starshDec 04, 2007
SDScientistDec 04, 2007
By starsh Blank
I've gone done 6IVF cycles aready with no pregnancy. My doctor told me that there's nothing he can do for me anymore...
591324 tn?1224259458
PositivesamApr 14, 2011
Celeste9Feb 21, 2011
Celeste9Feb 21, 2011
mhvBlankFeb 04, 2011
ashavakiFeb 04, 2011
By ashavaki Blank
Hello all Last time I posted here I just finished my 4th cycle with IVF all alone with donor sperm wich resulted in ...
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By Shah877
Hi all , I am married from last seven years , trying to conceive but no success , I am 27 years old and have ovalatio...
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By mariibelle
Can hyper thyroid cause you to be infertile
Avatar f tn
mamom15Oct 09, 2009
epohOct 07, 2009
adgalSep 12, 2009
lynda544Sep 11, 2009
By redbird5 Blank
Has anyone out there used an egg donor? I am 39, have had 1 frozen embyro failed transfer & most recently a fresh IVF...
1386655 tn?1452100656
angell777Jul 14, 2015
mhvBlankAug 17, 2010
journey2motherhoodJul 22, 2010
mysty2001Jul 21, 2010
usukJul 21, 2010
By journey2motherhood Blank
Hello everyone - I'm looking for anyone out there who has exhausted their ability to use their own eggs and have now ...
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AnnieBrookeOct 31, 2014
K12enOct 31, 2014
AnnieBrookeOct 30, 2014
LoveCake98Oct 30, 2014
Newmummy657Oct 30, 2014
By K12en Blank
I'm considering using an egg donor. I'm 34 I've had 3 IUI, 2 Failed attempts at IVF. My ovaries work but no good eggs...
Avatar f tn
By pcj_angel07
Hi.M 33 (F). M trying to conceive since 8 months.but no success. Is age an issue?? Is IVF as only option left? Plz a...
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mkanjuJun 04
Blasian1121Jul 17, 2015
ruchidikJul 11, 2015
Shruti11111Jul 02, 2015
LaxmiSitaJul 30, 2014
By Nicki19 Blank
Hi Gals..regards to all...i m a new member in this forum. Totally broken and dishearten..given up due to idiot doc...
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By kendra40
I was wondering if anyone had any information on insurance plans that cover infertility treatments over the age of 44...
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WasibaMay 31
KellyG2015Nov 25, 2015
babyjuju86Aug 25, 2015
babyjuju86Aug 05, 2015
By jessie_t_1988 Blank
I'm just looking for some advice really and some re-assurance that i shouldn't be worrying. 8 weeks ago i had a D&c....
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TatiRioJun 01
By Stacky_80
Hey Ladies New to the post... I have been trying for 16yrs. Two successful pregnancies which sadly miscarried at ...
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