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Hi. My name is Rachel and I am 33. I have been diagnosed within the past month with fibromyalgia... Well... They cannot find anything e...
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For two years now, I have suffered from a rash on my chest. It looks like a sunburn, and it burns and itches. The rash comes and goes. Co...
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My doc just prescribed Lyrica to me b/c he thinks it's possible I have Fibro....I have all the symptoms....I'm also on Vicodin from anoth...
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For years now I have suffered from what the drs say is unexplained pain. It began in my shoulders, then eventually spread across my upper...
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Can you list me the symptoms please of Fibro, I am having some severe pain in my arms and legs ..I am seeing a Doc on Wed
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After reading many articles and blogs, I am wondering just how many woman are affected with painful intercourse do to fibro? I have had ...
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Hello all, Just have to vent here for a moment. I am fairly new on this site and I do want to thank everyone for all their support. I we...
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Hi, I have not yet been formally diagnosed with FM. I am still trying to figure out what I have. This has been a long frustrating and ...
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I was diagnosed with M.E. 15 years ago and unfortunately didnt take the rest needed at the time and so now still very ill and got all the...
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this is not a question but an answer to all the questions about pain with fibromyalgia ... the pain is not specific but changes from pe...
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I've been having these weird pains for a long time, a couple years or so. It started in my right arm and fingers. I'll be holding somethi...
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I wanted to know if anyone else with fibro has pain in their feet. I have severe pain in my feet which is brought on by walking. Can't wa...
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Im taking Lyrica for neuropathy feet pain my Dr says i can only take 300mg ...anything stronger is for people with shingles...is anyone o...
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For about the last year to year and a half, I have had pain in my joints and muscles. It occurs about once every week and a half to two ...
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I have had FMS since april 2009. I have this unexplained ear pain, that comes and goes. It feels like I have an ear infection, but I have...
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Hi all I've just joined your community tonight. I wondered if anyone has the same problem that I have with a burning touch. Whenever (u...
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I have FM and other issues.... My question is....does anyone else get the HOT spots on the head like I do? It drives me crazy! I've...
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I have been having allover body pain for two weeks straight now with dizzy when lying down,vibrating eyesight,falling when standing still...
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I'm going to be undergoing surgery to remove my radial head because it's not healed properly and the orthopaedic surgeon thinks that is t...
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Ok im 29 I broke my neck when I was 22 anyways idk if these pains have anything to do with that but here's what's going on.. I get diffre...
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