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This patient support community is for discussions relating to fibromyalgia and related pain management.

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grumskiMar 06
katgoodJul 11, 2011
mindlinkJul 11, 2011
peacheslarueJul 11, 2011
painbrainJul 10, 2010
By mindlink Blank
Hi folks! Have any of you used Diclofenac or Voltarin Gel for relief from general pain on thighs, etc.(and other lar...
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aoskdMar 03
daviboyMar 04, 2012
Shu_KeiMar 30, 2010
jac618Mar 12, 2010
heart2heartJul 15, 2007
By tyco Blank
My son is only a teenager and he suffers from frequent urination, dizzy spells, and lack of sleep. He tells me he has...
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SonflowerNov 13, 2008
flo206Nov 11, 2008
selmaSNov 10, 2008
VaBreezeNov 10, 2008
By George787 Blank
Have burning muscles and fatigue every morning. biceps, thighs, calfs. Is it Fibromyalgia? Doctors have run many b...
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angel406Feb 29
LLWBOct 26, 2007
By Smiles22 Blank
After testing everything else.. they have told me that I suffer from Fibromyalgia... I have 75 % of all the trigger p...
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desertgirlApr 08, 2007
TeacherMom1Mar 16, 2007
tamlloydMar 11, 2007
anacydeMar 11, 2007
By Nissigus Blank
I am kinda new to all this fibro stuff, although I've suspected I've had for a while. (Not depression or anxiety as w...
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adashaFeb 24
By Egamble1990
I have numbness from fibromyalgia, there are times when I will be driving and my hands will go numb. My concern is wh...
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Daisy53Feb 23
carisajo5963Mar 27, 2009
karajoMar 25, 2009
carisajo5963Mar 25, 2009
karajoMar 24, 2009
By carisajo5963 Blank
I have recently been showing symptoms of Fibromyalgia and was wondering what helps the Fatigue and flu-like feeling t...
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CW01Feb 22
pdmorrisNov 30, 2010
Cathy122169Jan 16, 2010
patsy10Jan 16, 2010
Cathy122169Jan 16, 2010
By Cathy122169 Blank
Hello, I have had fibro for approx 20 years, which I have managed mostly by diet and excercise and Elavil/Ativan. ...
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We are trying to get my mother into a different PCP but they were brief about her meds & the possibility of their int...
358304 tn?1409713092
cnoteFeb 12
cnoteFeb 10
By cnote
I'm 32 male. Have suffered with Generalized Anxiety Disorder on and off for about 8 years now. I don't always feel an...
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keviebDec 05, 2012
colleenmarie537Dec 03, 2012
Millermp8181Dec 01, 2012
Lynne472Apr 19, 2012
By sinead Blank
hi everyone, i am REALLY hoping someone can help me with this... i have had fibro for 6 years & have seen many str...
4942618 tn?1361335384
Dr. Kokil Mathur Feb 27, 2013
By Dana91964 Blank
I'm wondering if there is a connection between the symptoms of Fibromyalgia/Chronic Fatique with the Human Herpes Vir...
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TheLightSeekerMay 12, 2015
By dtmi Blank
We are considering GA, anyone have suggestions?Hi I have fibro as well, and we are trying to find a state that will...
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weeziex1Mar 29, 2014
dirtyelf1Aug 05, 2010
jellylegsAug 04, 2010
Joni686Aug 04, 2010
By crazygowing Blank
I wanted to know if anyone else with fibro has pain in their feet. I have severe pain in my feet which is brought on ...
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By Nooshaka
I just started low dose naltrexone . Anyone else?
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VaBreezeApr 15, 2009
ladygeegeeApr 15, 2009
By cmjohn Blank
I hae been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, and all that my doctor tells me to do is Exercise. Nothing is working and I w...
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hopeful4answersNov 26, 2014
tlc1111Sep 25, 2014
wilmadSep 23, 2014
diaphragmJan 19, 2009
By diaphragm Blank
I have a tight band below my rib cage around the diaphragm area. I also have heart disease but the cardiologist said...
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By kittyvaughn
Is this part of fibro...the inside of my right elbow just below the bend...where blood is drawn actually hurts and bu...
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By NikkiDWilliams
I had the gastric sleeve in 2004. After my first fill I began throwing up no matter what or portion I ate. I threw up...
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By kittyvaughn
Not really a question but...when I have a flare up, my husband of 41 years is very impatient with me. He gets mad bec...
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