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This patient support community is for discussions relating to fibromyalgia and related pain management.

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loulouzionDec 06, 2015
PALMOSep 05, 2008
john4321Sep 05, 2008
PALMOSep 04, 2008
john4321Sep 03, 2008
By PALMO Blank
My doctor wanted me to try Cymbalta again because I am extremely depressed, extreme pain and fatigue. Has anyone had...
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TheLightSeekerDec 03, 2015
By FaithforHealing Blank
I am supposed to take two 100mg capsules at bedtime and am wondering what to expect.
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Moocow2Nov 30, 2015
VaBreezeMay 30, 2009
pelonisMay 30, 2009
VaBreezeMay 24, 2009
pelonisMay 23, 2009
By pelonis Blank
Hi, I have constant head pressure and chest tightness 24/7/365 atleast for the last 15 years. I went to Cardi...
529159 tn?1224994626
Koonthe1738Nov 27, 2015
inpainalot1Nov 15, 2015
keanugirlNov 04, 2015
Diane2159Sep 09, 2015
beckilm75Jul 29, 2015
By Sweetgirl53 Blank
I have had Fibromyalgia and CFS for 20 years. Has anyone had any problems with SEVERE muscle cramps and is it from t...
307897 tn?1242422860
mls3077Nov 23, 2015
Gigi48Jul 12, 2010
butterscotch23Jun 16, 2008
By jlc5155 Blank
Is there anyone taking the Lyrica that it is causing major lower back pain? This pain is different from the fibro pa...
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JanuaryBNov 17, 2015
JanuaryBNov 17, 2015
JanuaryBNov 17, 2015
joannemuiseSep 29, 2015
lbland4099Aug 05, 2014
By sislevi Blank
Hi I'm interested to know if there are many FMS sufferers who have a RH Neg blood type. I have seen quite a few p...
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By Conscious_Living Blank
1mg qid Risperidone with 500mg each of Rhodiola and Ashwagandha.
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TheLightSeekerNov 15, 2015
LindaTXOct 31, 2009
By LindaTX Blank
Is it possible for fibromyalgia to "settle" in your knees? Over the last 10-15 yrs I first had severe elbow pain, th...
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By inpainalot1 Blank
Do any fibromyalgia sufferers have a problem with severe fluid retention? I need to spend the majority of my life i...
216278 tn?1308864682
Seriously373Nov 10, 2015
DPNY1Aug 28, 2015
DPNY1Aug 28, 2015
deedee332Feb 25, 2009
FurballsMomFeb 24, 2009
By wanting4#1 Blank
Good Morning - I was wondering if anyone has unusual issues with anger/irritability as a result of their fibromyalgia...
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By Catlover2503 Blank
I'm 17, and ever since I can remember I've had muscle spasms in my body. I've had it checked by the doctors who said ...
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Muralgirl1010Nov 03, 2015
DeeDeeSmilesOct 27, 2014
Smiles58Jul 16, 2014
KatherineKAApr 08, 2014
Mamie1890Feb 04, 2014
By lvfrogs Blank
Ok, I have heard of all of these medications and I realize that everyone is different. I am currently being tested fo...
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By theotherserena Blank
Hi, I am new here and am not sure where to start.... did anyone here who was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia start with d...
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TheLightSeekerOct 31, 2015
By Dreadnought Blank
How severely does the fog get. I can't remember any thing .I can't remember my child hood ,my children growing up . F...
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TheLightSeekerOct 28, 2015
By daniixoxoo Blank
I have an endocrine doctor, for my Addison's Disease, (My pituitary gland near kidneys) and for my Hypothyroidism (Th...
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DeercandiOct 22, 2015
bamabredFeb 03, 2013
starrlynnJan 20, 2013
starrlynnJan 20, 2013
Rapture123Jan 23, 2012
By sammycung Blank
Hi, i just would like to hear from people who actually have this disorder, not what people have read off the internet...
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TheLightSeekerOct 19, 2015
By Cahrie Blank
I have Fibromyalgia and CFS. I found posts on the internet that said Mucinex worked to stop Fibro pain. I had noth...
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missyrieOct 14, 2015
SusannaSailsJul 05, 2015
silverfox67Apr 12, 2014
Bdowns1761Apr 11, 2014
OldFatChickOct 11, 2010
By tlcha Blank
I heard original limu which has fucoidan in it helps fybromyalgia. Has anyone tried it. I want to know if it helps. I...
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BassladyOct 14, 2015
TheLightSeekerSep 06, 2015
terri540Sep 06, 2015
TheLightSeekerSep 06, 2015
terri540Sep 06, 2015
By terri540 Blank
Hi, all First post on here. Just wanted to share my experience with a disease/disorder which at this stage I feel...
602157 tn?1443565954
BassladyOct 14, 2015
By adampopov Blank
No doubt you must see a lot of these questions, however id like to ask a few questions if I possibly have fibro. I...
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