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Hello lady's and gents. I've been a Fibro head as I like to call myself..lol!..for about four years now. The insomnia is getting really bad lately. There are times that I don't fall asleep until..well, let's just say I could watch t...
buzzy73 | Last answer
I am a 34 year old and mom of 4 children. I have been to different doctors during my life. I have been dealing with symptoms since I was 8 years old. I was just diagnosed in October. I was so relieved to finally know the reason behind al...
Teppsmccall | Posted
My mum recently stumbled upon this diagnoses after she attended a pain clinic for herself and was in the booklet received from it. I was just wondering what has happened to others after they have been diagnosed . As I am in constant pain...
shakira_awesome | Posted
To all FM friends, I m a female 40yrs a mother of two suffering from complete body pain. One neurologist in India has diagosed it as fibromyalgia but has not prescribed any medication. As per him it needs to be treated by a rheumatologi...
bhartidas | Posted
Hey Guys I'm 28 years old I'v also been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia by 3 diffrent doctors and my Phishio . I live in South Africa and @ the moment they don't know anything about Fibro and treat it like the pain comes and goes.... My...
Pampoentjie | Posted
I'm 17, and they told me I have fibro.. It's so bad they took me out of high school and work. Is there anything anyone does with out taking more medications that helps them greatly?
Pandaxo | Last answer
Has anyone found anything that really helps with the pain with fybromyalgia? I have tried celebrex, Lyrica, Cymbalta and Savella and none of these provide me with any relief. The only thing that helps is Oxycontin, but drs. are reluncta...
fluffy215 | Last answer
OK, so I'm having another day when my body and brain are moving in slow motion. I can't put a thought together in my brain or a proper sentence together and my body feels as though it's moving through quicksand. I can't function like thi...
chippi1 | Last answer
Was looking for support group and i see no conversations lol
BoHager | Last answer
Hello, Does anyone have any good strategies for dealing/coping with fibro that want to share?
k9helper | Posted
As most of you could probably testify, getting a Fibromyalgia diagnosis is a long and tiring road to travel. My story could go on for hours, but basically in the past year and a half I have been to numerous doctors (internal, neurology,...
mshepard | Posted
I see no post but 1 and am looking for a support group for Fibro. Anyone read this?
mchance003 | Last answer
I hear the term a lot, and my friend has just been diagnosed with it. she just all feels that her doctor is labelling a bunch of symptoms she has, simply because the various doctors have given up on finding the real problem. Is that h...
Maloulapalooza | Last answer
Not sure if I have Fibro but I was told I do have symptoms. I recently had 2 spine surgeries (December and then corrective spine surgery in April) I had a 2 level fusion with lots of hardware and a cage. The reason I bring this up is bec...
Jolie217 | Last answer
Hi, Those of you who are taking Lamictal for fibro., like I am. Should now that the FDA has linked Lamictal with aseptic MENINGITIS. Here is the link to the warning I received. http://www.drugs.com/fda/lamictal-lamotrigine-label...
ellis9600 | Posted
I also am hoping to develop support for the diagnosis of Fibromyalgia. It is such a catch all diagnosis that often we don't want the dx. We need to start supporting each other while waiting for more people. I was dx over 10 years ago....
stubby226 | Last answer
I was just diagnosed with fibromyalgia today. My doctor is putting me on Cymbalta. Has anyone had any experiences with this medication? Good? Bad?
jessie12707 | Last answer
Hello all! Just wanted to check in and give a friendly hello to everyone in the support group. Botanical Wisdom is here to listen, learn, and educate about symptoms and treatments for fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome. ...
botanicalwisdom | Posted
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