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This group is for women that are 40+ and that are NATURALLY pregnant (without IVF or other treatments) for the FIRST time (excluding tubal pregnancies, DNC, etc...) Other members are welcome to give feedback about their first natural pregnancies. :) *NOTE* Please keep in mind that the FOCUS in this group is: women over 40 that are pregnant for the first time and without fertility treatment. I am bringing attention to this because we all know that pregnancy threads can easily get off subject and mostly turn into conversations about infertility and treatments when women over 40 are involved. :)
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I'm 45 and almost 12 weeks pregnant. It was a total shock since I thought i was going thru premenapause. So far all is well and baby is...
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I am 40 years old, and it will be a month before my 41st birthday that my son will be born. This will be my first living baby. Last year...
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Both breasts have been sore for about 3 weeks...and I mean VERY SORE! AF is due tomorrow, so I guess I'll see what happens...I'm going t...
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