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My triger Oscar is just floating on its side on top of the water its breathing and moving its fins but it seems limp can u suggest what i should try and do the other oscar in the tank is fine i have a gallon tank
Maaps | Posted
My pleco, Paco, has a darkened area on his underbelly. It seems as though it's near his liver. He seems happy and healthy. I am not sure what is causing the darkening in that spot?? No, he isn't an avid drinker, so I know it's not cirroh...
Sicko123 | Posted
So I just got a new 125 gal tank. This tank came with two large plecos about ten tetras three swordtail, 3 platys, 1 pictus catcatfish and an Angelfish also a Chinese already eater. I added all these fish to my 110 gal tank which already...
Kara22peace | Posted
My Oscar has been sick for about a month now, it first started with his not swimming around as much and loosing his color. He had 3 little cuts on his head that have grown from being reopened by him hitting the top of the tank so often, ...
LindseyJ13 | Posted
In the past week we have lost five fish. Do need to keep a heater a fresh water fish tank?
AKLG1789 | Last answer
whyb is my oscar smiming up side down and bledding from the gills
lonelyfish | Posted
finally!! someone who can hopefully help me!!my name is kota, i have had my two female bettas for a while now. when i first bought them they were quite young and housed them together for about 3 weeks and seperated them out of anxiety ...
kota873 | Posted
how difficult is it to switch to salt water. what is the difference and how do you maintain it? is there a minimum tank size? i have a freshwater tank 16 gallon would that be ok for salt water fish?
mary607 | Posted
Hi friends.Its the first time I post here in a fish community, my place was always at the cat's one. I never had a fish,and now I have 3 cats But I 'd been reading a veterinarian magazine and there they relate many cases and procedures...
AppleBr | Last answer
Thought this would be a fun poll to do~!
ChitChatNine | Last answer
I recently bought a small koi fish from my local Petco. Everything has been fine but I've noticed at night that I hear clanking noises. I watched him and saw that he's swallowing the tank gravel and spitting it back out repeatedly. He ...
Meggs128 | Last answer
I have had my Oscar fish for a month. He was eating when I got him now he wont eat and is swimming up and down in his tank running into the gravel. what can i do?
pingel4 | Last answer
I've been having problems with my betta pretty much since I got him. I've done quarantines with salt water, and than I've also used maracyn, I've tried fresh water changes daily. This really only helped a little for his fin rot. Than I p...
JD3P | Last answer
i have 5 oscar fish. we had 3 in one tank and 2 in another. the 3 that we have look a little pale and look as if they have some green coating over them can you tell me what this is
lulu2388 | Last answer
RSKORDAS | Last answer
Where I work at they have a 6 year old Tiger Oscar in a 55 gallon tank. He is about 13 inches long also is the only fish in the tank. He has started in the last six weeks floating perpendicular in his tank, will not swim left or right at...
meleameow | Last answer
I have a Mississipi map turtle and for a while now his shell has been going dark green and it looks like he has algae growing on his shell. Could it be some type of camoflauge or do i need to take action. Should I brush it off, or leave...
Nirabeth | Last answer
I had 2 calico faintail fish and recently one of them died, we think it had swimbladder. So we cleaned the water completely (I know your not meant to but we didn't want the other fish in the dirty water) now the remaining fish sits, some...
lO_Ol | Last answer
just reading other comments/questions regarding their sick? Osca and my fish has the same symptoms except he is an older osca and has been on his own all the time so I guess he is not lonely but he is also remaining at the bottom of the ...
osca9 | Last answer
Hi, I have a Female Rainbow Platy that I got 6 months ago she is about 8 months old right now and she is losing wieght. She still has all her color and all her scales, but she is getting much, much smaller and I'm worried about her I've...
Vanna108 | Last answer
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