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hindi me we call (keele).whats the solution woh itni bad gayi hai ki chla bhi nahi jata.
rekha1975 | Last answer
I am a 30 year old male. My left toe has been turning inward more with the years. I'm pretty sure it is genetic since my father, 52 years old, has the same problem. I want to do everything I can to prevent my bunion from getting worse...
confused549 | Last answer
I've had a problem for the last 3 years which no has been able to definitively diagnose. After meniscus repair surgery on my right knee, I developed a cramping or spasming sensation in my right foot, mostly near the second and third toe...
Packerbacker418 | Last answer
I am just ending my 5th week in a cast after fracturing my ankle. However, today I have noticed a sharp scratching/stinging sensation at the back of the cast on my heel. When I move my ankle round inside the cast whatever it is that's ...
emma10956 | Last answer
Earlier this year, I was diagnosed with plantar fasciitis, but I have also, in the past, been diagnosed with gout. I have varying degrees of pain in the bottoms of my feet, mostly from the heel forward.I rarely just have pain in my heels...
jimbar | Last answer
For about a year now, I have been experiencing daily bouts of pain in my feet. The pain originally was minor and I thought ihad stepped on a rock (stone bruise) or had some other small injury. Since then I have had reoccurring knots in t...
Brandi7919 | Last answer
I have very bad painful instep, feels tight all the time no swelling or reason for this pain is worse without shoes
corinne860 | Last answer
I have been experiencing a recurrent gout attack that repeats in my big toe and surrounding area,but this time, I have experienced severe pain in my heel, too. It hurts a great deal when I first begin walking, then improves as I continu...
Shaleen55 | Last answer
i have rash on feet i use anbotic cram and rash goes but goes on other side feet and goes and comes back it itceys alot
brendaltah | Last answer
A about 10 days ago a sewing machine fell on my foot. Although very painful at the time, nothing else happened to my foot. About a week later while drive i noticed a big knot where my foot was hurt and pain and swelling started. I wen...
joal1116 | Last answer
diagnosed with meningitis , while being hospitalized, there was total body swelling and red blotches all over the body. after the swelling went down there was severe burns over the entire body. I have numbness and tingling in both hands ...
ronday40 | Last answer
Well last night i was playing soccer, and i got kick directly on my inner part of my ankle ( in between my heel and my ankle bone.) When it first occur, my foot got extremely hot, and it was tingling badly. Today it's bruise, and my foot...
gurl18k | Last answer
I'll try to make a long story short.I fractured my tib/fib 22 months ago.I had ORIF w/tibial nail inserted 2 days after accident.5 months after accident I had a bone graft done on my fibula.Had all harware removed 6 wks. ago.Still having...
PedroH | Last answer
I just received my MRI results and I don't understand them. PLS HELP ME..... Findings: There is abnormal marrow signal in the navicular, medial and intermediate cuneiforms, base and proximal shaft's of the first and second metatarsal ...
sehunt | Last answer
I like ot go power walking daily, 1-3hours each. I got a little what seems like callus on the 3rd toe (counting from the big one) and soon got one of the 4th. It's about 1/4 in size and hard .. The strange thing is that the 1st one co...
Satvic | Last answer
ive had multiple problems with my skin. I have eczema on my body ive had warts and athletes foot and fungus on toes and on side of fingers (just want to tell you about skin conditions). Both my big toes on inner side have been getting th...
luishogie | Last answer
the skin on the bottom of my feet turns white when wet. its only the skin on my heel, ball, instep and beneath my toes that does this. i use a pumice stone and moisturize, but no doctor has been able to help. i have not idea what this co...
AJ8888 | Last answer
Hello - I just had a few questions regarding nail fungus. I hope someone can help me!!! Everyone talks about how artificial nails can cause nail fungus. What about the ones from the drugstore that you glue on yourself? Also, I have...
HoneyBFly81 | Last answer
I've recently noticed a bright green SPOT that seems like a vein on my right index toe, should I be concerned?
koala505 | Last answer
I am a 48 year old female and I've been diagnosed with Hallux Rigidus on my left hand big toe. Am currently on Cortisone injections for pain relief but this only temperarly relieves the pain. My Orthopadic Surgeon has suggested the fol...
possum62 | Last answer
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