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i have been diagnosed with Plantar fasciitis a couple of weeks back & doctor asked me to have medicine for 15 days but the pain still persists & there is no difference. the medicines are Rabeprazole tablets IP 20mg & signoflam (aceclofen...
amri1984 | Last answer
Hello I have a four yr old daughter and she has her left foot slightly turned in. it was not like this at birth when she used to crawl she sat up on her left foot she favored it. I tried to stop her from doing that. but now she's very cl...
njames | Last answer
I am a diabetic and had my right great toe removed 8 months ago. Since then I have contracted Ecoli in the unhealed wound area. I have gone to a wound care doctor, only to find out that his idea of healing is to cut the wound down to the...
wolfen55 | Last answer
Last night I stubbed my big toe so bad it lifted from the skin and is now wiggly , there is discharge and blood that is oozing from underneath , and its very painful . i wraped it and soaked it in epson salt but i was wondering if i sho...
jennifer645 | Last answer
hello- a few months ago, around april or march, i developed a large dark red/wine colored splotch underneath my nail of my right big toe. another smaller red blotch has formed below that one. and another one has appeared under the edg...
Nycurious2222 | Last answer
I am 27yrs old and have had severe foot pain in my right foot for two years. I have had an MRI and many xrays and they still can't find wahts wrong. The pain goes down the outside of my right foot. It starts at the little toe and goes to...
sarahbeth83 | Last answer
bottom of the feet sorta the arch and the part by the toes and the ankles and it makes me off balance then it goes to my back lower . then i start to wobble on the right side thats where all my pain is
APE861 | Last answer
I sprained my ankle 6 weeks ago. I could walk on it and continue to work but several times a day the ligament in my ankle "pops" and moves over the ankle bone, which is very painful. A locum at my surgery said It will heal in time, but I...
redcaz | Last answer
Hi, I have recently noticed that one of my feet has swollen to a bigger size than the other. I also have a dark red coloured rash on the inside of the foot quite close to the sole. During the week I had a boil on the same leg, which o...
phil670 | Last answer
8 months ago I went off of an icy curb and landed with my foot under me. I had swelling immediatley on the inside of my foot by the arch. I assumed I sprained it. I have had 2 MRI and a EMG and multiple X-rays taken. The only thing that ...
need2beme | Last answer
I wore leather sandles and across the top of my foot I have a red rash. I put athletesfoot cream on it but I don't think its working what else can I do?
jammy1b | Last answer
Big toe injury diagnosed as gout. A month ago, I was on a business trip wearing uncomfortable shoes and stubbed my toe. This instance triggered a lot of pain which became progressively worse over a couple days. When I went to my docto...
soroko | Last answer
am going for bunion surgery in the next week or so. am scared. was told am needed to get a pin in foot. should i be scared . i have never had surgery
paul0617 | Last answer
i have an injury since 5 months when i kicked my friend's foot while playing football(soccer) an ihave tried all ways with doctors finally the doctor orderred an MRI scan which showed that i have a bone marrow contusion in the first meta...
moff | Last answer
what is kenacomb used for? can it be used for nail fungus if not what would be the best treatment?
fattacat | Last answer
I have Cellulitis on my big toe it's been there for about 5 days. I've seen a doctor meds were prescribed, the doc said in a few days if it don't get better we have to cut it open. My question is what would be the reason for cutting my t...
mizzteriouz | Last answer
My big toe and to a lesser extent toe immediately adjacent have all the symptoms of the unsightly onychomycosis. The skin next to my big toe has for some time had a reddish appearance, but has just recently starting eroding and has rapid...
somnamblst | Last answer
one doctor said have the plantar facisitas and regular doctor says she dont know whatit is she is specialist in pedietry have contiuously pain in left foot by the arch near the ankel what can help?
sweetjane408 | Last answer
For the last several months been having pain in my feet. Im a 51 yr.old female with no diabetes just high blood pressure. .well controlled. The pain started in my right foot mostly at the base of the big toe in the joint. No redness or...
Donnatucker | Last answer
I was diagnosed with cellulitis a month ago and have had two medications, Keflex & another I'm not sure of. I'm allergic to penicillin as well. I've already been to the emergency room ten days ago and had IV antibiotics distributed into ...
katietat | Last answer
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