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Ask questions on Gastroenterology issues: Acid Reflux (GERD), Barretts Esophagus, Colitis, Colon/Bowel Disorders, Crohn's Disease, Diverticulitis/ Diverticulosis, Digestive Disorders and Stomach Pain.

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By millynessultra
For the past several days there has been a squeezing mild pain in the upper middle part of my abdomen. I recently dev...
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By sandy3737
Hello sir/mam M a 24year old boy. Actully problem is that when i eat any heavy food like any fruit, uncooked veget...
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rahdog13 hours
HmarthersJan 17
Margot49Jan 02
Helix333Nov 20, 2015
Phymel59May 05, 2015
By jenquad Blank
I am 35 yr old female history of gerd symptoms: 1.lots of thick saliva after I eat/drink 2.sticky gelatin like mu...
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By har21
It has been 8 months since the initial diagnosis of fissure. I Started off with topical creams and colace and flax se...
18406202 tn?1464630243
By Mandysmurtle
I'm 24 years old, I just found a hard like sHape thing in my stools, and it's powdery on inside. Kinda puts u in mind...
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fntnMay 30
CalGalJun 14, 2009
By EchoLisa Blank
I am in my late 20's and I had my gallbladder removed 5 yrs ago. Since then I have had chronic elevated liver enzymes...
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Fckup1May 29
Fckup1May 29
TruceTOPMay 16
By zmzl23 Blank
For the past year, I have suffered from a mysterious condition that is really messing up my life. people near me cov...
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CHMDMay 29
CHMDMay 29
CHMDMay 29
CHMDMay 29
helyannaMay 08
By worried826 Blank
I have been having white foamy saliva for over a month now and my throat has a slight burning sensation in it sometim...
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cobrapupApr 25
1cackJan 16
Muppet1971Apr 06, 2013
Tim_AFeb 08, 2012
By marcol08 Blank
I have been noticing with every bowel movement, there is a rectangular, light yellow piece of matter about an inch lo...
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PojoaqueMay 28
EmaG72Apr 05
fraup44Feb 26
TinyDkFeb 10
nextgrafJan 17
By lizzie416 Blank
I am a 56-year old woman and have had problems with constipation since I was a child. I have been addicted to laxativ...
1222076 tn?1423031349
pkp822Apr 06, 2015
Sach014Oct 12, 2014
Curly03Apr 13, 2014
By Curly03 Blank
Well to start off I’m only 21 years old. I have been having stomach problems since 2006. I would get these really bad...
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TeaCultJan 08
stomachnogood59Nov 15, 2015
8823524Jun 15, 2015
txkwglJun 04, 2015
By alicat123 Blank
I am a moderately heatlhy 32 year old female. Within the last year I have noticed everytime I eat raw veggies of any...
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By PalmLeaves
Hello, 25 years, female here. It started in September of 2015. I actually noticed the start of some symptoms right a...
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By rmurthy
For the last two weeks, I have been burping all day long, except when I sleep. Just drinking a glass of water will m...
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By brendadianne
I have had my mind set up on the Gastric sleeve for a while. I had a scope about 2 months ago and now I have been tol...
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marysunshine27Mar 25, 2012
cathy6253Jun 22, 2010
Jarusha30Jun 03, 2010
By Sherry564 Blank
I had gastric bypass almost four years ago. A few months after surgery I had some complications with pain, heart bur...
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By jeffs_appendix
8 weeks ago I felt like I had a bad case of gas and my stomach was bothersome. I developed a fever and more abdominal...
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Str8SkillsDec 12, 2015
By headphone Blank
Hi everyone, I'm a young teen and this is my first post. I made an account here for mainly one reason. About five...
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By terriblefart Blank
This problem is ruining my life. My fart stinks like omg, and when I am not farting, I release gases involuntarily wh...
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By giacoman
Hello, So for about five weeks I've had this pain in my upper right chest; almost feels like it's in the middle. ...
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