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This forum is for questions regarding Gastroenterology issues such as Acid Reflux (GERD), Barretts Esophagus, Colitis, Colon/Bowel Disorders, Crohn's Disease, Diverticulitis/ Diverticulosis, Digestive Disorders and Stomach Pain.

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By hellstar1
My doc didn't really go into the details of my procedure, but she took 42 biopsies and I called the hospital for my r...
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Pw48Apr 20
Pw48Apr 20
Jillyd1012Nov 27, 2015
Cas59Apr 07, 2014
jacknalfiesmumDec 22, 2013
By suziem45 Blank
I had a colonaoscopy yesterday and i had sedation/pethidine and buscapan all i.v. This procedure was the most painful...
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dan6412Apr 20
fntnApr 19
By dan6412
Hi, I am a 25 year old male and for the past 4 years I've had a pain behind the right corner of my rib. It hurts whi...
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Liz1331Apr 20
kac78Apr 13
MelissaLRNov 08, 2015
meleibfriedFeb 10, 2015
MargiepargieAug 12, 2014
By lindacarol Blank
Pyloric stenosis surgery at age 6 weeks. Now, as an adult, (age 42) severe gastro problems. Cramping, vomiting, extre...
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OulieApr 20
OulieApr 06
OulieMar 24
OulieMar 09
cnoevl21Mar 07
By Oulie Blank
I have, the last to years, had mysterious issues with my stomach/gut-brain system. It all started for about 2 years a...
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By alex_nalwing
Med student here so don't be afraid to use medical terminologies. Age: 23 Male, caucasian So I've had this ques...
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augustus28Dec 16, 2014
MisschickaMay 29, 2014
By Chicago28 Blank
Help! I have been experiencing very foul-smelling gas that has gotten increasingly worse over the past year. I now ...
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By boxersHarley
I recently had gastric bypass reversal because of bleeding ulcers. After this surgery I stay sick because my sugar dr...
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cc6889Apr 19
TGC1980Apr 11
DeliahCMar 19
happyfrog517Aug 06, 2015
By Ras 07 Blank
Has anyone had a chronic fissure that was treated by surgery. Please tell me your experiences (good or bad) after sur...
Avatar m tn
By cc6889
I tried everything !!! The only relief I got was from solarcaine-spray on your hand and wipe where it's sore....make...
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By freespirit83
I just had an abdominal CT Scan and Colonoscopy done...biopsies as well; but everything came back normal and negative...
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FuzzzSep 25, 2008
dewdrop8Sep 25, 2008
conorconanSep 24, 2008
By dewdrop8 Blank
I've had trouble with IBS for a long time now. I've had colonoscopy done several times over a period of years. Also...
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saral2012Apr 19
margypopsJan 19
RyfarehamJul 30, 2015
RyfarehamJul 30, 2015
By shaila Blank
Whatever I eat and whenever I eat, after evry eating I go for toilet.Its a kind of loose motion.I am really fed up o...
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By aross123 Blank
This discussion is related to Problems after bowel resection. In February 2006 I had an emergency bowel resection. ...
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gus161Oct 20, 2015
john226Aug 04, 2013
toourlady89Jul 29, 2013
By john226 Blank
My question is what's causing my small intestinal bacterial overgrowth? For years I've suffered from terrible flatule...
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EwraithApr 19
1QueeniemeApr 15, 2013
raven_usAug 12, 2012
amcken3Mar 07, 2012
Suffered4YEARSOct 12, 2011
By Bjarnehaus Blank
Hello, I am a 41 year old female. Long medical history. I have Lupus, my meds are Dilantin 200mg BID, Neuront...
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Claudia747Jul 31, 2008
wangelApr 02, 2008
By wickerbill Blank
My husband's stomach gets bloated and very hard after eating. When he lies down, gerd starts and needs to sleep in o...
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ggregSep 03, 2012
Kiki7777Sep 02, 2012
ggregAug 29, 2012
Kiki7777Aug 28, 2012
By Kiki7777 Blank
I been having bloating but in the upper part of my stomach, sometimes it's so bad I cant bend over and it puffs out a...
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By Pleaze
I have had constipation all my life. Eventually I had my large intestines removed 5 years ago, and still suffer from...
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By kowalski0506
I am a 31 year old white female who has a rich family history in medical issues.... FINAL PATHOLOGIC DIAGNOSIS: A...
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